The Rose of Hogwarts [Part 4]

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Your ride to Hogwarts was most certainly an interesting one! However, all that excitement could only last so long. You've already managed to make new, unexpected friends at the beginning of your journey.

But now, join us as we follow you through your first time on Hogwarts grounds. With it being your first year at Hogwarts, there are many things that need to be taken care of before you can fully integrate yourself into the school.

Created by: funniebunnie01
  1. By the time the train arrived at Hogwarts, the rain had come to a complete stop. Still, the scent of it was strong in the air, and puddles formed in the stone bath under your feet. You felt a little odd leaving all your belongings by the station for it to be taken to your room, but you trusted Hermione, and left your case as you accompanied the three students to a horseless carriage. It was odd how their conversation had turned to normal, especially after Harry's encounter with the Dementor. Yet, you found yourself not entirely taking part in their conversation, and let your mind drift in the sea of questions inside your head.
  2. "I'm just excited for the welcoming feast," you heard Ron pipe up. "Don't get me wrong, the food is always good, but there's something about the food in the first feast that just tastes even better than I remember." The carriage lurched slightly as it slowly came to a stop. Everyone on the carriage began to slide their way out, and you followed quickly, your feet landing in a mix of stone and mud. "I always find the sorting to be the most exciting part," Hermione said while leading the group toward the castle. You had heard stories about the castle from Esme, but her words couldn't do it justice. It was a large stone castle, with high, towering turrets, and lanterns that cast beautiful shadows that contoured the stone. However, you weren't able to take in the beauty of the castle for too long before anxiety began to settle in your stomach. "The sorting?" you repeated.
  3. "Oh, right," Harry spoke up, "you said you had done your schooling at home, so you haven't gone through the sorting ceremony yet." The sorting ceremony. Why were you so nervous about it? Esme had told you about it, how it was just a hat that decided where you would be rooming throughout your time at Hogwarts. However, you had still put this secret expectation on yourself. A part of you wanted to be sorted into either of the houses your parents had been in, even though you knew it was stupid of you to try and force that on yourself. "I suppose that means I'll be part of the ceremony this year, then?" you asked. Hermione nodded. "Yes, I think so," she said. "We should take you to Professor McGonagall just to be sure."
  4. The inside of the castle is warm, much different from the cool, rainy atmosphere from outside. Candles light the hallways which seem to span forever, and you can hear the grand echoing of many voices from not too far away. However, you're lead a different direction, away from the loud chatter, and you're directed down a hallway where you see a large group of children a few years younger than you. They're gathered around a woman, who has a roll of parchment that she's looking over. She's dressed in dark green robes, and her glasses sat far down on her nose. "Professor," Hermione speaks up, catching the woman's attention. She turns her eyes to the four of you, and when her eyes land upon you, she greets you with a smile. "Ah," the woman greets you, "you must be ______ ______! I was wondering where you were. We should have done a better job at guiding you here for the sorting."
  5. "It's alright," you said. "I was lucky to have these guys to help me find my way." Professor McGonagall chuckles and she ends up dismissing the three, leaving you to stand alone in the large group of children. Many of them were talking and laughing as if they had been life long friends. Most of them probably sat with one another on the train, but with you sitting with other third years, you weren't able to create that kind of bond with them as they had created with one another. "Right, ______, stick close to me as we enter the Great Hall. Normally we would go down the list in alphabetical order, but seeing as how you're a few years older than the rest of the group, you will be sorted first in the group," McGonagall informed you as she rolled up the parchment and stored it closely by her side.
  6. A pit formed in your stomach. You were going to go first? You were worried about what the other students would think about you, as it was going to be even more obvious that you were different if Professor McGonagall was going to be announcing you out of order. Would the students think you were stupid for being unable to attend Hogwarts like everyone else? It was too late to keep thinking about it; soon, you, along with the first years, were being lead down the hall. The chatting you had heard from when you first entered the castle started to grow louder and louder, and soon became overwhelming once two large doors opened. Through the doors you caught sight of five large tables. Four of the tables were filled with students from various years, sitting vertically to where you were standing. Above them you saw the various banners that represented the four houses, with colors forest green, sapphire, burgundy, and bright yellow.
  7. Once everyone had caught sight of the large group, the chatter began to quiet down, and Professor McGonagall then started to lead everyone through the room. Whispering erupted, and you watched students point and speak in hushed tones. Realistically, you knew they were probably carrying on the conversations they were having before they were interrupted, but you couldn't help but feel as if all eyes were on you; that they were whispering about you. Your throat felt tight as the group made their way towards a stool that sat in front of a fifth table, that sat horizontally to the room. On top of the stool sat an old, beaten down, brown hat.
  8. Professor McGonagall began to fiddle with the parchment once again, and everyone in the room fell silent. A tight smile appeared on her lips as she addressed everyone in the room. "Good evening everyone!" her voice echoed throughout the room. "It is my great pleasure to assist with the sorting ceremony. Each student shall take turns wearing the sorting hat where they will be sorted into one of four houses. We have Gryffindor, which values bravery and chivalry, Ravencalw, that values intelligence and wit, Hufflepuff, that values loyalty and friendship, and Slytherin, which values ambition and resourcefulness." As each house was mentioned, you heard small cheers come from their respective house, breaking the quiet tension within the hall. "You should all be excited for this years sorting, as there are many capable and brilliant witches and wizards to join you!"
  9. "Now, without further ado..." Air hitched in your throat for a short moment as Professor McGonagall began to unroll the parchment. You already knew that your name was going to be called first, and you were absolutely terrified for what lied ahead for you. A part of you knew that there was nothing to be worried about, that the house that you would be sorted in wouldn't matter, but at the same time you couldn't help but feel like it was one of the most important things you would face in your life. "Third year, ______ ______!" Professor McGonagall called.
  10. Already the whispering had already started. There was no use in trying to quell the curiosity of children, though, so you did your best to put it out of your mind as you slowly made your way to the stool. Professor McGonagall lifted the hat up, creating room for you to sit, where you promptly sat yourself down. In that moment you were face to face with all of your peers. All eyes were on you, waiting to see where you would end up.
  11. "Ah," the hat said in a low, scratchy voice that only you could hear. "Interesting, interesting. Your mother, a powerful witch, and great Seer. She did many amazing things in her time at Hogwarts, as any true Ravenclaw would, and it appears that some of her greatness has rubbed off on you." You fidgeted uncomfortably on the stool. It seemed to know an extensive amount of your family's history, and you found it amazing that it was able to tell you all of that just by sitting on your head! However, it wasn't getting you any closer to finding out what house you were to be sorted in.
  12. "And your father, a hot headed boy destined for adventure and excitement, where he would later prove himself to be one of the most powerful Aurors the wold has ever seen. One of the most brave Gryffindors I ever sorted." The hat paused for a moment, and you could feel it begin to shift around on your head. What was taking it so long? Why couldn't it just get to the point? "Then what of you, dear ______? Hmm... let's see, let's see... I know where you should go, where you belong... but it's not what you need."
  13. Your blood ran cold and you could feel your hands start to become so covered in sweat that it felt like you were gripping onto nothing but water. Not what you need? The sorting hat was speaking nonsense. Suddenly, the hat stiffened and stopped moving around so much. "It's settled, then!" the hat shouted. Your body went rigid, waiting for what was to come next. "Hufflepuff!"

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