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Welcome to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry! It's time to put the sorting hat on your head - err, I mean it's time to take the house sorting quiz!

You will be asked a series of questions to get to know you, your values, and your character traits. These will help the sorting hat make its decision for which house you'll be sorted into! Have fun, don't stress! *Please know these questions and outcomes have been fan-made, this is in no way approved by the Wizarding World or JK Rowling.

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  1. You just arrived at Diagon Alley to pick up your school supplies! Where do you head first?
  2. Black or White?
  3. Which would you rather be?
  4. Which instrument is most pleasant to your ear?
  5. What would you hate to be called?
  6. Given the choice, would you rather invent a potion that would guarantee you:
  7. How would you like to be known to history?
  8. Four goblets are placed before you. Which would you choose to drink?
  9. What smell most appeases you?
  10. A troll has gone berserk in the Headmaster's study at Hogwarts. It is about to smash, crush and tear several irreplaceable items and treasures, including a cure for dragon pox, which the Headmaster has nearly perfected; student records going back 1000 years and a mysterious handwritten book full of strange runes, believed to have belonged to Merlin. In which order would you rescue these objects from the troll's club, if you could? (Select Order)
  11. Which of the following do you find most difficult to deal with?
  12. What are you most looking forward to learning at Hogwarts out of the following?
  13. If you could have any power, which would you choose?
  14. Which of the following magical creatures would you most like to study?
  15. Which of the following do you admire most in others?
  16. You and two friends need to cross a bridge guarded by a river troll who insists on fighting one of you before he will let all of you pass. Do you:
  17. Do you believe in loyalty over morals?
  18. Late at night, walking alone down the street, you hear a peculiar cry that you believe to have a magical source. Do you:
  19. Dawn or Dusk?
  20. Moon or Stars?
  21. Lastly, the sorting hat takes into account which house you'd like to be in. Which house would you love to be placed in?

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