going to Hogwarts with a twist (girls only) part 12

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HHHHEEEEYYYY!!! So, I've been working on this quiz for like eeeeeevvvvvvveeeeeeeerrrrrrr. Well, two days, but you know what I mean. :) Hope you enjoy

It! I've worked very, very, very, very, hard!!!! And here's a hit. "Roses are red.... violets wont die.... just take the quiz.... and you'll know why!!" I know. Kind of cheesy.

Created by: funniebunnie01
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  1. "What happened to River? Is she okay?" you hear Harry ask. "Dementors started to swarm around her," Hermione answers. "Why?" Harry asks. "We don't know... no one does," Ron answers. You groan and tilt your head to the other side. You feel horrible, and cold, like you have hypothermia. "I-I think she's waking up!" you hear one of the twins say. The next thing you know you feel pressure all around your bed. You groan again and open up your eyes to see the twins staring right at you. "Hello," they say in unison.
  2. You can't help but smile as they move their heads away from you. "Someone's feeling better," Fred says. "More or less," you answer. you sit up in the bed, adjusting your pillows so you can sit comfy. You look over to your right and you see Harry with Ron, and Hermione around him. "How are you feeling?" Hermione asks. "Cold," you answer. "You should have seen Dumbledore, he got so mad at the Dementors," Ron says. "Don't doubt it," you say. "How'd I get here?" "Oh, Cedric carried you in," Hermione answers.
  3. "Cedric?" you ask. "Yeah, he looked like he was about to rip the Dementors heads off when he saw you laying on the ground like that," George says, sitting on the edge of your bed. "We were too," Fred added. "Aw, I feel loved," you say. "I'd say," Fred says. "If you two-!" Hermione starts. "We're not!" the two say in unison while putting up their hands. "If you what?" you ask. "Nothing," Hermione and the twins say.
  4. You shake off what they said. So, later Madam Pomphrey kicked out everyone except for you and Harry and ordered that you two spend the night. "Was it scary?" Harry asked you as you two were suppose to be asleep. "Kind of... do you hear... voices when you're knocked out?" you ask. "Yeah... and a scream?" he asks. "Yeah... I keep on hearing 'I'm going to get you,' or something like that," you say. "I hear my mum dying..." Harry says.
  5. You hardly talk after that, and you let the heavy curse of sleep take you. When you wake up you're aloud to be set out of the Hospital wing. You and Harry both walk together to class. Of course people stare when you two walk in to DADA but Lupin welcomes you. "Ah, nice to see that you two are feeling better," he says. So that's how your classes went until lunch. You sat at the Slytherin table and you listened to the rumors spread around you table as you ate alone. You catch sight of Draco, you haven't talked to him in a while. he looks at you and mouths, 'are you okay?' You smile and nod. he smiles back but quickly looks away.
  6. After lunch, you head out to free break and you head outside with Harry, Ron and Hermione. "Don't mind what they say, River," Ron says. "They're just jealous that they're not getting that much attention." You smile and laugh as you come to a tree on the school ground. You three sit down and you start talking about nothing and everything. "River! Harry!" you hear Cedric shout.
  7. You watch as Cedric comes over to you and your 'group' and he sits down in front of everyone. "How are you two feeling?" he asks. "Good," you and Harry say in unison. "Thanks for carrying me in, by the way," you add. "Oh," Cedric says, his face turning a little red. "Yeah, you're welcome." "Hello lovelies," you hear the twins say.
  8. "Go away you two," Ron says. "Not in a million years," Fred says. "We have a trick for the ladies," George adds. Cedric laughs. "This is gonna be good," he says. You and Hermione look at each other and smile. "Why not?" she asks. You both stand up and face the twins. "Okay, do your worst," you say.
  9. The twins smile. "Well, you see," Fred starts. "We've made a new spell, and we'd like to test it out," George goes on. "So close your eyes," they say in unison. "I don't know about this," Hermione says. "Just do it!" they yell in unison. You and Hermione shrug and close your eyes. "Hold your hands out," Fred says. "Ready Fred?" George asks. "Ready George," Fred says. "One, two, Rosidious!" they say in unison. "Open your eyes!"
  10. You open your eyes and look down at your hands and see roses. And that's when it hit you, you're not suppose to touch roses, Rob and Gala always tell you, but never tell you WHY. And then you find out. Blood starts pouring out of the red roses, getting over your hands and pouring onto the ground. You scream and drop the roses. "BLOODY HELL!" Ron shouts. (LOL Literally) you back away and you start freaking out and crying. "River! We're sorry! It worked perfectly the first time!" Fred says. You look at them. "No! It's not your fault!" you say. "I- it- An-" You stop and turn around and run to the first place you can think of: Sirius.
  11. You're running and running, even though you hear everyone calling after you. You're blinded by tears and that's when you run into someone. You look up at them and you notice that it's the Gryffindor Quidditch Captain: Oliver Wood. "Are you a-" he starts, but you just run away from him, and past Draco who just stares at you. You make it near Hagrids house and then you run into the forest until you get to the meeting place. "SIRIUS!!!" you shout.
  12. Not to long later, Sirius comes out and dog form and you fall to your knees on the ground. He changes back into his human form and rushes towards you. "What happened?" he demanded. "I-I," you stop. You don't know if he knows that you're an Angelic or not. "You didn't touch roses, did you?" he asked. Well, you guess he does know. "It was a trick the twins did..." you say. "Let's get you cleaned up," he says. He leads you into the thick foliage and you come to a puddle. You quickly put your hands in there and watch as the water turns pink. "There, that's better."
  13. "I don't mean to rush you," Sirius says. "But you need to get back to class, you can't stay too long during the school hours." You nod. "They'll come looking, and if they find you-" you start. "Yes," he confirms. You nod and rub your eyes. "Okay," you say. "You know your mother did the same thing, when she was younger," Sirius says. You don't know why, but that makes you smile. "Well, it's a long story," he says. "But here, I'll walk you back." He goes into dog form again and you walk to the edge of the forest. He barks a goodbye and then you head to the castle.

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