Going to Hogwarts with a twist (New Year) part 22

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Hello lovelies! So, here's the new school year! How are you feeling? Sad that summers over? Still scared from the World Cup? Excited to go back? (for some reason I don't think you would be!)

So, what happens this year? You've all read the books, but I have something else in mind. Something more exciting and that will unlock the past of your life, and more about your parents...

Created by: funniebunnie01
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  1. It was hard to get the events of the World Cup out of your mind. The visions are the strangest things that you remember. Everyone was talking about it while you were waiting at Platform Nine and Three Quarters. You look around, everyone is buzzing around like crazy, trying to get onto the train before it leaves. Mrs. Weasly gives you a hug and kiss on the cheeks before you board the train. "Have fun darling," she says. "I will Mrs. Weasly," you say.
  2. Everyone loads up onto the train. It's as crowded as ever and there are many first years running around, chasing each other. You laugh and you have to squish up against the wall for them to pass you. You feel a tap on your shoulder as you begin to walk again and you turn around to see Blake. "BLAKE!!!" you shout at the top of your lugs. You both hug each other. "Blake can come sit with all of us," Harry says. You and Blake smile at each other as you all find a compartment to sit in. "Did you hear what happened at the World Cup?" Blake asks as you're all settled in and the train starts to move. "We were there actually," Ron says. "Are you all, alright?" Blake asks, all of a sudden worried. "Yeah, we all fine," you say, even though you knew you were lying about you being fine. "What all happened?" Blake asks.
  3. So, you all explain to Blake what happened and she looks at you. "Why I outta find him and rip his head off!" she shouts. You smile and laugh a little at Blake's protectiveness. So that's how your ride to school went, you talked about the World Cup, and then the conversation just wandered, to pranks and the twins. Finally, a few hours later the train stops. For a few seconds, you think that the Dementors are about to board the train, but you have to remind yourself that the Dementors went back to Azkaban. You smile and grab your trunk and then head off the train with everyone else. You finally get to the castle and you set your stuff away to be magically taken to your dorm. You get inside of the hall and you sit at the Slytherin table. Horrible glances are thrown at you by Pansy and her group. You ignore them and you watch the sorting for the first years take place.
  4. When the sorting ends, everyone claps just like the good kids they are and Dumbledore walks up to say his "New Year Speech." Everyone quiet's down and pays attention. "Welcome, to a new year of learning!" Dumbledore begins.
  5. "This year's new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher w-" Dumbledore was cut off. The hex put on the ceiling to mirror the weather was acting up. Lightning started to flash and thunder started roar inside of the school. Then lighting struck inside of the school and caught one of the banners on fire. People started to scream, but the fire, and the ceiling was then put under control by a spell. You look over to see a man with a missing leg, and an overly large eye limping towards the teachers table. "Ah, and here is your new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher, Professor Moody!" Dumbledore says. There was hardly any clapping at all for Professor Moody as he sat down at the teachers table.
  6. "Now," Dumbledore says, calming everyone down. "This year, Hogwarts has the wonderful opportunity, to be the host of a tournament called the Tri-Wizard Tournament!" Everyone began to whisper in awe. "We will be hosting home to two schools, and those two schools we will be competing against the French school called Beauxbatons and the Bulgarian school of Durmstrang. Now please give a warm welcome to Beauxbatons and their head, Madam Maxmine!"
  7. The next thing you know the doors burst open and beautiful girls in blue silk uniforms float into the room. They do a great round of gymnastics and magic. The Beauxbatons head then walks in. She's more of a giant lady, like Hagrid, but she's quite taller than him. Dumbledore Greets her with a kiss on the hand and then the Beauxbatons then sit at the Ravenclaw table. There was something that you noticed, most of the boys were staring at them, as if they were angles from heaven or something. You shake your head and look back over to Dumbledore.
  8. "Now, please welcome, the Durmstrang school!" Dumbledore says. The door bursts open again, and boys dressed in dark red uniforms come out. Some breath fire, and others make sparks with staffs, and at the end you see someone unexpected. "IT'S VIKOR KRUM!!!" you hear Ron shout at the Gryffindor's table. You turn to the end of the line but you don't see Krum, instead you see their head, and their head triggers a vision some how.
  9. A bubbling black cauldron sits before you, with smoke coming out of it. Then, a flash and you see a silver hand, glinting under the moonlight. And then, the next and last flash for that vision, you see the stars. twinkling and shining as if there wasn't a care in the world. Shouting brings you back out of your vision. "BUT THAT'S NOT FAIR! WHY DO WE HAVE TO BE SEVENTEEN?" People shout. Dumbledore quiets everyone down. "It's just a safety precaution. Now, no more word of this until further notice! Let the feast, begin!"
  10. Food appears on the table by magic as always and you begin to reach for everything in reach. "Could you pass the potatoes?" you hear someone in a Bulgarian accent ask to your right. You look up. Across the table from you, a little to your right is the famous Quidditch player Viktor Krum, and he's looking right at you. You nod. "Sure thing," you say. You grab the potatoes to your left and you hand it to him. He nods in appreciation and then you go back to eating. It's quiet for a while between you and him as you begin to eat and drink alone. "OI!" you hear someone shout. You look over to see some Slytherin boy looking at you. "What?" you snap. "What are you doing over at this table?" he asks. "The Mudbloods sit over at Gryffindor!" You roll your eyes and go back to eating as they start laughing like it was the funniest joke in the whole freaking world, but then something cuts them off. You look up to see that Viktor is not sitting right across from you, and that seemed to shut the other Slythern's up. "It's a cheep shot," he says in his accent. "Picking on a little girl like you."
  11. "Oh they make cheep shots everyday," you say. "But that blow to the face at the World Cup, now that was a cheep shot and they needed to call that." Krum smiles a little as he begins to eat again. You clear your throat. "So, uh, are you going to try for the Tournament?" you ask. Krum shrugs. "Why not?" he asks. You shrug too. "Do they always call you that filthy word?" Krum asks. You nod. "They're all from rich families, and they're all pure or half bloods. They're racist," you answer. He nods, but doesn't say anything.
  12. So, that's how the rest of your Welcome Back Feast went, and when you were done eating you and Viktor said goodbye and you headed to your Dorm. You quickly go into your dorm before Pansy and the other girls have a chance to torment you. You lay down and pull the canopy close so when the girls walk in they don't see you. "Wonder where the Mudblood is," you here Tracy say. You roll your eyes as you see the lights go out. You look up at the ceiling and wonder: What's with all these visions? How will the Tri-Wizard Tournament go? Who will be chosen? Your stomach twists and turns as you think about all these things, and when you sleep, you dream of stars.
  13. HHHHEEEEYYYY!!!! Okay, so, I'm really board cause I want to get to the more exciting parts, like the first task, and the Yule Ball.... Stuff like that! But hey, as Devilsdaughter told me, "slow and steady wins the race," so that's what I plan to do a little, but not to slow! You and I will both get board! (No effect) Love ya! KIT>

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