Year One at Hogwarts (continued)

This is the continuation of Year One at Hogwarts. Your names Katelynn, you have an older sister Frey who's a 7th year and an older brother named Cam that doesn't go to Hogwarts anymore (only because he's too old). This is your first year of course and it's kinda off to a good start. Maybe...

I'm watching Jennifer's Body, its the first time I've seen it and it's kinda freakin' me out! Creepy vans and shiz, this girl should know to turn on all the lights when something creepy is going on!! WEIRD SMILE!!!!

Created by: booklover411
  1. I lay in bed, trying to fall asleep, but the excitment of today kept me awake. Well, it also doesn't help that I'm an insomniac. The girl that I sat next to, the one with blond hair and big eyes, her name is Luna and she's also one of my roomates. I guess that was a lucky shot for me.
  2. I kept replaying in my head over and over again, "Ravenclaw!" My family will be so proud of me, carrying on the legacy. Granted, Frey will probably ignore me so she can have her perfect last year, and so far I only have one friend and one enemy... Okay now its not looking so good.
  3. Distraction! I need a distraction before I can get too depressed. I went to my trunk and pulled out a piece of parchment and a quill with everlasting ink, that I was saving for tomorrow. And I began to write...
  4. Dear Mom and Dad, I'm officially in Ravenclaw! I'm excited for this year I know its going to be amazing, I can feel it. I've already made a friend, her name is Luna and she's one of my bunkmates. I hope you guys aren't missing me that much, it's only been a day. I love you guys very much, Katelynn
  5. I fold up my note and put it in an envelope. I haven't gotten an owl yet, I have to share Gernwich with Frey and then next year I'm going to inherit him while she gets a new owl. That's one of the disadvantages of having older sibilings, hand-me-downs.
  6. A yawn escapes me, finally, I'm getting tired. Tomorrow I'll ask Frey for Gernwich to send my letter. Tomorrow... It'll be a very exciting day. Professors, kids, and infromation. Very exciting. I thought as I fell asleep.
  7. "Katelynn, wake up its time for breakfast," Luna woke me up. Slowly I sat up and mulled my dream over. It was pretty awful. Someone was following me asking me for a stone. I had one in my pocket but for some reason I told him I didn't have one, but he could tell I was lying. He put his wand on me and told me I had one more chance before I die.
  8. Luna was nice enough to stay behind with me and rush to the great hall for breakfast, making us both late. No one notice us entering late, so we snuck to our seats. Almost to the end of the table where vacant seats sat, and my robes catch my foot making me fall to the ground face first. The room went silent with the sound my body made against the ground. I laid still on the ground and asked Luna "Did anyone see that?" Before she could even answer a voice rang out, "I hope that little fall does't injure your face any further, then I wouldn't be able to stand having such an ugly face near me!" laughs rang out. I looked up and saw that it was Draco who made the comment.
  9. I wanted to glare but my face hurt from slamming into the floor. So I did the only thing that I could, get back up and act like it didn't effect me. "Oh look she got a red mark on her face, are you going to cry? I think she just might. H-" "Does it look like I'm crying or do you need your eyes checked?" I cut him off. I got some laughter from behind me at the Gryffindor table. I must not be the only one with a bad experience with Draco.
  10. I sat down and started getting my breakfast together. Draco started to insult me again but I cut him off. "Can you just not get over the fact that you got told by a girl? I don't think so if your continuing this," Was all I said as I scrapped butter on my toast. Applause and shouts went off after I told him off.
  11. And finito for today. Thanks for reading, I enjoy making these for those few people that read. if you have any thoughts write 'um down in the comments good or bad, I can take it!! Thanks :D

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