Lets Blame Witchcraft pt 3

Ok I’m sorry to all the Oliver Wood fans but he’s out I just find it weird about being in love with a person 4 years older than you and is also leaving next year.

Intro: You are in your third year at hogwarts but things are different this year. You used to go unnoticed but it seems every boy in hogwarts is after you. Who will you choose?

Created by: PeculiarGirl1

  1. You were the first person waiting in front of Snapes classroom when the last person you wanted to have an encounter with came. “Sticking up for the blood traitor are you?” “What?” You heard that Draco was a bully but you thought not on the first day on the train. This proved your thoughts wrong.
  2. You were originally sitting next to a Gryffindor called Neville but he melted his couldron in 0.5 seconds. “Me Malfoy can you change positions with Mr Longbottom.” “This cannot be happening” you sighed. In the first 40 minutes of potions was individual work then the unexpected happened. Partner Work. The last minute ms of class seemed to drag on and on. When you were finally dismissed you tried to run out of the classroom but someone grabbed your arm. “Can I talk to you?” You turned around it was Draco. You sighed and nodded your head.
  3. “Look I’m sorry for getting mad it’s just.....” “It’s ok it’s just not right to call my friends that....” you said and walked away. “Hey! _____!” You turned around it was Ron.
  4. “Hey ____!” “Oh hi Ron” “What do you have?” “Charms My grandmother said not to do divination and it’s a waste of time” “bloody hell I have that next! Do you know where the north towers are?” “Well we are heading east now so go west and then up” He looked confused you saw Harry and Hermoine following a portrait. “Or you could follow harry and Hermione?” “Oh ok... save me a spot in Transfiguration!” He said running. You were outside the charms class. Did Ron just walk you goo charms?
  5. Charms went quickly you were learning petrificus totalus. You were soon dismissed to go to Transfiguration. Everyone who you assumed went to divination looked tired. This did not make professors McGonagall impressed. Before you were dismissed McGonagall brought up hogwarts. “You will all hand your slip into me no slip no trip.” You never got a slip. You nudged Ron “did you get one?@ he nodded. The class was dismissed for lunch but you stayed behind. “Professor?” “Yes ms ____?” “I never got a slip” “oh yes your grandmother requested you stayed here she needs to talk to you. Professor Dumbledore said to meet her during DADA” “Oh ok.” You said smiling.
  6. You sat down and helped yourself to a turkey sandwich. You soon stood up and left to see professor Dumbledore. You had an argument with the stone gargoyles that wouldn’t let you go in. “The gargoyles never let anyone in without the password” you turned around it was Fred and George.
  7. Before you could reply the professor Dumbledore came through. “Ah miss ____. I’ll need to talk to you on a very urgent matter.” You followed him up the stairs looking over your shoulder at Fred and George.
  8. Cliffhanger
  9. Bye
  10. .....

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