Lets blame witchcraft

Hi guys so on top of the Naruto quizzes, my thirteenth year of living I’m doing another love at hogwarts series called let’s blame witchcraft. Enjoy!😀

Intro: You are in your third year at hogwarts but things are different this year. You used to go unnoticed but it seems every boy in hogwarts is after you. Who will you choose?

Created by: PeculiarGirl1
  1. Ok please read the top two paragraph for further information for the quiz series. BTW I’m still doing the naruto qizzesy
  2. You counted down the days until you started your third year at hogwarts. Your bleach white hair was pulled back into a messy bun showing your one green eye and your one blue eye. It was raining outside. You were perched on your bed waiting for the owl to arrive with the hogwarts list of requirements. “____! Your letter is here!” You almost hit your head on the roof as you jumped to get your slippers. You sped down stairs and grabbed your letter. “I’ll neey to go to Diagon Alley” you said out loud. At that exact moment another owl came on with another letter.
  3. You opened the letter “ Dear ____, I’m going down to Diagon Alley tomorrow and staying at the Leaky Couldron with my friends. I was wondering if you’d like to join us? Please reply soon. -Hermione PS don’t go alone with Sirius Black out there!” You showed your grandma the letter. “ I see nothing wrong going there dear” You hugged you grandmother and packed everything in your wooden trunk
  4. The next day dawned quicker than expected. Your grandma took you to the leaky couldron via the night bus. “ Bye Granny” You said hugging her then walking into the pub. You looked for your bushy haired friend. You weren’t looking where you were going and collided with someone. You fell back breaking your trunk with ease. “ Bloody hell! You alright?” There was an outstretched hands and you took it. You turned around and muttered reparo causing the trunk to fix itself. You turned around facing a tall boy with ginger hair, freckles and pale skin. “ Now do you know where I can find an Hermione granger?” “ Why?” “ I’m her friend. _____, ______ ______” “ I’m not sure. I’m Ron by the way.” You caught him staring at your different coloured eyes. “Weird aren’t they?” “ I-um-uh” you laughed. “ don’t worry about it Ron” “____!”
  5. “________!” You turned around. “Hermione!” You tan and hugged her
  6. “Ron this is my Ravenclaw friend that I invited! I see you’ve already met each other?” You nodded. “Harry’ll Come later” you nodded. You walked to the bartender and asked for a room. He walked you upstairs and to the left. He gave you a key and left you there. You went back downstairs to go shopping. “I’ll be back guys!” You said walking out the door and once again collided into someone else. “Well this is my lucky day isn’t it” you mumbled and looked up. There were two identical boys about in they were in their fifth years. “Sorry” You said getting up. One was blushing.
  7. You finally got all your books. You had difficulty closing the monster book of monsters. “ geese what are we learning about this year?” You muttered. You walked past the quidditch shop there was s huge crowd. You squeezed through it to take a look. It was just a broomstick. “ this is what everyone is fussed about?” You thought. “With this Gryffindor would always win!” Said a thick Scottish accent
  8. The same person nudged you in the ribs. You gasped. “Ooops. Sorry.” You looked up and saw a seventh year with brown hair and brown eyes gaping at you. You felt colour coming to your cheeks. “ it’s ok” you said and walked away.
  9. You finally arrived at the leaky couldron. You were walking up the stairs when someone banged into you. You gasped, You were about to fall when the same person grabbed your hand and pulled you up. “Thanks” You said looking up. It was a boy, he had forest green eyes, jet black hair and a lightning shape scar. “I’m ____,______ _____” “ Harry, Harry Potter”
  10. You soon were well acquainted with Ron and Harry. They were like your older brothers. You found out that the identical twins were Ron’s older brothers. The month went quickly and you were soon boarding the train for hogwarts. You played exploding snap for the remainder of the train ride. You tried to keep as quiet as possible to not wake the sleeping man next to you. Every thing went dark and cold. Ron who was sitting next to you froze up. Someone shouted “ Traitor!” And everything went black

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