Lets blame Witchcraft pt 2

Hi guys so on top of the Naruto quizzes, my thirteenth year of living I’m doing another love at hogwarts series called let’s blame witchcraft. Enjoy!😀

Intro: You are in your third year at hogwarts but things are different this year. You used to go unnoticed but it seems every boy in hogwarts is after you. Who will you choose

Created by: PeculiarGirl1

  1. You slowly opened your eyes. You were on someone. You looked up and stared into Ron’s eyes. You sat up. Harry slowly opened his eyes. The man was standing over him.
  2. The man handed you and Harry chocolate. You felt warm. You stood up. “ I’m going to get in my robes” you said getting up. “You sure you’ll be ok?” Harry asked. You gave him a weak smile and walked to the bathroom. On the way there, there was an argument. “Pansey your not my girlfriend!”
  3. A girl you’ve never seen before went stalking off. You put your head around the corner. It was a boy with hair whiter than yours. His eyes met yours. “What are you looking at?” “S-Sorry. I didn’t mean too intrude. He smirked. “What’s your name?” “_____, ______ _______” you muttered. “Malfoy, Draco Malfoy” he said. “Malfoy stop bugging her!”
  4. You turned it was Oliver. “Wood I’m going to be sick. Bye _____,” and he walked away. “You alright?” “Yes why?” “He....nevermind” “Bye Oliver,” you said walking into the bathroom.
  5. You went back into the compartment. Harry, Hermione and Ron were dressed and were in a deep conversation. “Do you really think Sirius Black is after Harry?” “He’s Sade if he’s at hogwarts,” you stated matter in factly. They all whipped their heads around to face you. You sat down next to Harry. “Seriously Harry stay out of trouble this year.” You said opening your book. “What’s Romeo and Juliet?” “I’ll explain later Ron we are almost at school any way” you said looking out the window.
  6. It was raining but you finally got to the courtyard. Something hit you on the head and you were drenched. You screamed. “Peeves! Stop throwing water balloons at the children!” Professor McGonagall came shouting st the ghost. You finally got in soaking. You pointed your wand at you and gave it a flick. Hot air came out of it and dried you off. Ron was trying to copy you but failed. You giggled and summoned the hot air charm drying his shoes off. “Your bloody brilliant” you did a small courtesy and he laughed.
  7. You only listened to the important things on Dumbledore’s speech like about the dementors the thing that attcked you on the train here to protect you from Sirius Black. Then you were permitted to speak. After five plates of whatever you wanted, your prefect Penelope Clearwater sent all the Ravenclaw to the common room. The same question came out of the ravens mouth. “What came first Phoenix or ash?” “The circle has no beginning or end” Penelope answered and you went in. You could t sleep that night wondering who said traitor on the train. Could it be your father who betrayed your mother to the dark lord? But it was a man. You suddenly drift off too sleep dreaming about:
  8. You went to the grand hall the next morning and sat st your table. “You still haven’t told me what Romeo and Juliet is about” said a voice behind you. You turned around it was Ron. “Oh it’s about to people who families hate each other but Still fell in love” “ohh” he said and went to the Gryffindor table. “Hey Potter heard you feinted in the train” you turned around and saw Draco mimicking Harry. “Oh grow up Draco!” You said. He stopped. You turned to see Harry blushing.
  9. Ok that’s part two
  10. Up to fate

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