Lets blame witchcraft pt4

I'm baaaaackkkkk! Hear me hear me lend me your O_o......eyes? EYES! Ok so heads up there are two lets blame witchcraft but if you go on my profile the one closer to the bottom is pt1 the one closer too the top is pt3 etc etc

Yes ive been gone for a while and youve probs given up hope but i stick to my word and I will finish this and the pokemon one......still thats no excuse for going away unexplained.

Created by: Peculiargirl1
  1. You sat down at the desk facing Dumbeldore. "____, You know how your father became a death eater." You cringed but nodded. "He forced his mother with him" You looked down. "The ministry of magic have found her" you looked up tears were streaming down your face. "She is in saint mungos hospital but she has left her sanity..........Your grandmother has decieded for you to visit every second weekend as the rest of the students go to Hogesmade." "thank you professor" you said and ran out of the room.
  2. You ran down the hallway a few heads turned but you kept running and the tears kept coming. (lol) BAM! You crashed into someone. You looked up. It was Malfoy.
  3. He looked like he was about to make a snarky comment but he looked at your tears. His face soften."Are you al..." "Malfoy! What did you do to her!" You turned around it was Harry and Ron. Ron pulled you into a side hug. "Didnt do anything Potter!" That softness of his face turned into digust.
  4. "He didnt do anything....." you muttered but Harry didnt hear you. "Harry stop!" You said he turned around. "He didnt do anything you said wiping away you tears. And you took off to the Ravenclaw tower.
  5. A few minutes later Padma Patil came up with Hermoine. "___ you have visitor" Hermoine came and next to you. "Hey ___" "Hi" you whispered. "Whats wrong" After a few minutes of explaining....."___! Thats wonderful!" She said. "I didnt mean to cause any trouble." you said playing with the brim of a cushion. "You didnt it was just boys being boys." "I wonder why?"
  6. Hermoine started laughing. "What?" "Your in ravenclaw isnt it obvious?" "....No" You said. "They like you" "Me?" "Who else?" "Jesus did the twins give them a potion?" "Nope cause im pretty sure George likes you too" "Are we talking about the same people?" Hermoine nodded. "This cannot be happening!"
  7. You and Hermone kept on talking about studies. "I cant believe Hagrid is the new magical creature teacher" Hermoine sighed. "I know its his dream job" Something caught your eye. "Hemoine whats that around your neck?" She shoved whatever it was under her cloak. You grabbed it. "What are you doing with a time turner?" Hermoine went pale. "Hmmmm.....Let me guess you signed up for everything and Mcgonagal gave you a time turner?" "How did you..." "It sounds like something you would do I wont tell" She smiled
  8. You kept talking as you made your way to dinner. "see ya!" you said and sat at the ravenclaw table. After your little gossip session you felt 4 pairs of eyes staring at you. You looked up and caught draco. You turned around. George looked down while Harry and Ron pretended to be interested in a spoon. "boys" you muttered
  9. the end
  10. bye

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