Year One at Hogwarts

So we all know about Harry Potter, heck if you don't leave look up the unforgivable curse Avada Kadavra, find a wizard or witch and tell them to preform it on you.

That was a long sentence. Okay well your name it Katelynn Zala and you have gotten your letter to go to Hogwarts! YAY! Okay its you first year and its going to be an awesome ride.

Created by: booklover411

  1. I've been waiting for this letter forever. And once it arrived I felt immediately releaved, even with all the magic I've been making around me, the thought of being a squib terrified me. Being raised in a magical family and not having magic would scare anyone. I don't know how muggles can do it.
  2. After the sad and rather embarrasing good bye with my parents, I went on to the train. I found my sister Frey but I know she won't want me sitting with her and her 7th year friends. I went and found an empty comparment and brought out my newset Gilderoy Lockhart book.
  3. The opening of the car door startled me. A skinny blond hair followed by two brown haired boys, entered. The blond haired one sat right next to me leaving the others across from me. I felt him leaning into my space. "May I help you?" I snapped at him. before he could get any closer. He eyed me before he responded "I was just wondering what you were reading. No need to talk to me like that,"
  4. I rolled my eyes at him and finally made the connection. White blond hair, snotty attitude, he's a Malfoy. My parents told me about them, and I know plenty enough to stay away from him. They knew he was also going to school this year, and told me if he ever appraoched me to stand my ground. "There's no need to invade my personnal space. So scooch," I said and motioned down the bench.
  5. He looked at me with a quizzica brow and still didn't move. "Are you deaf? Either move or leave," He sat stunned for a second before he turned to his friends and snapped their attention. "Crabbe, Goyle, let's leave. There's something rotten in this car,' "It's your ego," I boomeranged. Growing up with Frey and Cam (my older brother out of Hogwarts) I learned how to start commenting fast.
  6. A few minutes later a girl with frizzy hair opened the door. She peaked her head through,"Have you seen a toad?" I looked around and shook my heaad, "No sorry," I said. "That's okay. You might want to change in to your robes, we're almost there," is all she said before she shut the door and moved on.
  7. When we finally arrived at the doors my stomach dropped with excitment. What house will I be in? The smart Ravenclaw, friendly Hufflepuff, brave Gryffindor, or pure-blood Slythrine? I don't know! And I'm probably going to die of suspense because my last name is Zala.
  8. I waited as the line started to dwindle, until it was just me and a boy with bright orange hair. I know I'm nervous, but compared to me, he's a nervous wreck. When the sorting hat finally yelled out Gryffindor, he relaxed. He ran to his table and got pats on the back from some guys that had the same orange hair. "Katelynn Zala,"
  9. Right as the hat touched my head it started talking to me. "Hmm, we have a pure-blood, should we go to Slythrine? Or how about Ravenclaw, you are rather inquisitive?" I muttered Ravenclaw to it. My whole family went through Ravenclaw, and I really wanted to also. "Ravenclaw?" it questioned. "Yes please,"
  10. "Ravenclaw!" I smiled and sat down next to a girl with blond hair and wide eyes. A feast came before us with the most wonderful food. I ate, talked, and laughed. If this is what's its going to be like, then I'm surely going to like this.
  11. Done of now wait for the next part it will just be Year One at Hogwarts (continued). Say your thoughts in the comments, you don't have to if you don't want to.

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