Hogwarts Love Story Pt 25.4 {A New Year}

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Well, what can I say? Welcome Home! Seems like this year is going to be an interesting one and what better way to be welcomed home by a hallucination? Don't worry, everything will be okay...right?

Will you get the Hogwarts guy of your dreams? Who knows, starting from year 3 till 8 (Because year 1 & 2 are still too young to date)you will get your chance from being friends to lovers by the end of the year?

Created by: natuhleegayle

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  1. That night was indeed rough, for many reasons; for the obvious reason that voices were in your head and the second reason, the mattress was incredibly uncomfortable. You put on some sweats over your pyjama shorts and a grey baggy sweater and headed downstairs. You tied up your hair before entering the kitchen where everyone was “Good Morning!” You smiled brightly; you received a dozen of “Mornings” and etc. You took a seat at the table and grabbed a piece of toast and took a bite “Harry left already?” You asked as you eyed the seat Harry had occupied last night. “He left in the morning with Arthur.” Mrs. Weasley smiled, Ron was eating his cereal while he read the paper, Fred and George were discussing something in secret, Professor Lupin and Cedric was discussing something that had to deal with last night and Hermione, Ginny and Tonks were laughing at some of Tonks changes. “I expect that all of you will start helping me clean today?” Mrs. Weasley announced; the room suddenly became very quiet. “Look at the time, Fred, I think we have somewhere to go” “I just realized I have months of summer homework to catch up on” “Mrs. Weasley, Professor Lupin wanted-“All the boys tried to find a way out of it, Mrs. Weasley slammed her hands on the table making everyone flinch. With no words spoken, everyone agreed, you let out a silent laugh and continued to eat.
  2. Breakfast was rushed as Mrs. Weasley was eager to start working on the house. Your first impression of cleaning would be harmless dusting, airing out the room and polishing the furniture. You didn’t expect it would turn out like this “KILL IT RON, KILL IT!” “STUPEFY!” “THEY’RE COMING BACK! RUN!” “GET OUT OF MY WAY!” You, Hermione and Ron were paired to clean the family room, your clothes were filled with dust and grime as well as your face, and your hair was now out of place and everywhere. You closed the door behind you as the three of you were panting for your breath in the hallway. “Did you see those spiders!?” Ron yelled out a scream, you rolled up your sleeve “I think a Doxy bit me…thank God there was no venom…” You sighed as you stared at the bite marks from a Doxy, which is similar to a Cornish Pixie. “I HOPE YOU’RE ALL DONE OVER THERE!” Mrs. Weasley yelled out from the main floor, you all gave each other stares and slowly opened the door. A doxy flew at the door and all three of you let out a scream, you held onto Hermione who pushed Ron forward to enter the room.
  3. After the scratches, bites and screams, the three of you managed within an hour’s time to get rid of all the spiders and doxies. You let out a sigh as you rubbed your forehead as you were getting rid of the spider webs along the curtains. Hermione was repairing the furniture that was damaged as you were trying to get rid of the pest problem; Ron was removing dust off the furniture and corners in the room. There was a dresser in the room that no of you dared to open but it was the last thing that was needed to be cleaned. “I’m not opening it.” You blurted out as you finished removing the spider webs and stood beside Hermione. “I practically cleaned the whole room!” Ron rebuttal and stared at Hermione “Well, don’t look at me!” She yelled. This was going nowhere but in the end, you all agreed to face whatever was in there together “Ready?” Hermione asked standing between you and Ron, you both nodded and all your wands were pointed at the dresser. “Alohamora.” She said and there was a click, you and Ron reached for the handles on both side and counted to three before opening it. When you reached three, you opened it revealing its contents; inside were Doxy eggs. It was a revolting sight, there were white with black spots; they were huddled together like spider eggs but they looked more like spores, there were probably 30 at the least. “Well, at least these aren’t hatched.” Ron said; you and Hermione both stared at him “Thank you Ronald for words of enlightenment” Hermione sarcastically said. “So, how do you get rid of them?” You said as you crouched down to meet eye level with them “Leave that to us!” The twins said as apparated behind you.
  4. The three of you turned around and looked at the twins “That’s a first…they never offered to do anything that will help me before…” Ron blurted out which made you and Hermione giggle, they mocked Ron and asked for you and Hermione to step aside. “We’re not doing it for you, dear brother” George smiled as he crouched down and took out his wand “No; we’re doing it for supply and demand.” Fred added as he joined George “Supply and demand?” Hermione repeated as she took a step closer to see that the twins were carefully taking the Doxy eggs and placing them into a bag. “They’re an essential ingredient for our latest invention.” They said in unisons, you were curious as you too, also took a step forward “And what would that be?” You asked and saw another Doxy egg enter the bag. Once they were done, they stood up and smiled “You’ll find out sooner or later.” And with that, they apparated out of the room, Hermione shook her head in disappointment “Well, at least the room is clean.” Ron said.
  5. The rooms were all tidied up and everyone was exhausted especially Sirius after being partnered with Mrs. Weasley and receiving a lecture at the same time. Mrs. Weasley gave a satisfying smile as she inhaled the fresh clean air, Kreacher walked past and snarled at everyone before vanishing into a room. “Well, it’s almost time to head for the train, go on, all of you.” Mrs. Weasley shooed you and everyone else. As she did, Harry walked through the door by himself “Harry!” Ginny cried out and Mrs. Weasley turned around swiftly “Oh! Harry, dear! How did it go?” Mrs. Weasley asked trying to hide how eager she was “Fine, the charges were dropped.” He said, forcing an upbeat attitude; she smiled and hugged him and asked him politely to go get things ready. You waited for Harry at the bottom of the staircase “Everything all right?” You asked as Harry was standing at the foot of the staircase beside you. “Yeah…Why are you standing around here for? We’re going home.” Harry smiled and walked up to his bedroom to pack. You smiled as you heard the word “Home” Hogwarts is on its way.
  6. Everyone was speed walking to the train after waiting for Harry and Sirius’ to bid farewell to each other, you were happy to feel the rush of getting to the train on time and saying good-bye to everyone. When you hopped onto the train, you inhaled the scent of leather and fabric which all trains smell like, Hermione and Ron had to go to a different cart for the time being as they were appointed as Prefects. The twins went to go find their friends and potential customers, Cedric also had to go with Hermione and Ron to the Prefect cart and Ginny left to go see her friends which left you and Harry. The both of you were in searching for a cart which seemed very hard to find since most of the carts were occupied by a majority of first years; you eventually found a cart and a smile rose to your face. “Neville!” You cheered as you saw Neville sitting in an empty cart holding a cactus-like plant, he didn’t change one bit but he did grow a few inches taller than you. “______! Harry! Check it out!” He said as he extended the plant to the both of you as you took a seat. Your eyes widened and you just squinted. “What is that?” You asked as you feared as the spines looked rather like boils and would pop “It’s a Mumbulus Mimbletonia. It was a present from my great-Uncle Algie!” He smiled as he was overjoyed with the plant “I’m going straight to Professor Sprout once we’re back at Hogwarts!”
  7. “Well, it seems like you had a good summer after all.” Harry smiled as Neville was going on and on about his Mumbulus Mimbletonia. Neville turned to Harry and smiled “I did and don’t worry Harry, Gran’ and I don’t believe two words what the Daily Prophet says about you. We stopped subscribing to the paper, Gran’ was furious.” Neville’s words made Harry blush and smile. It was nice to see that someone else believed Harry. “Thanks Neville…that really means a lot to me.” He said and ending off with a smile. “So, how was your summer _____?” Neville asked, you turned stiff and Harry eyed you but trying not to make it so obvious to Neville. “It was fine. It’s nothing worth sharing.” You said with a fake upbeat tone, you cut it short and made it dull so Neville wouldn’t ask you to elaborate on the subject. Hermione and Ron joined seconds after. “So, how did it go?” You asked as they took a seat. “I’m in for it this year, a lot of work and all…” Ron said sounding depressed “Well, we do have Cedric to give us a hand.” Hermione said trying to sound positive “Oh, and guess who the Slytherin Prefects are? Pansy Parkinson and Draco Malfoy.” Hermione added, your eyes widen when she mentioned Draco’s name, it was the first time anyone has mentioned Draco this year. “Malfoy? Why would Dumbledore ever pick Malfoy as a Prefect?” Harry said in disgust, Hermione shrugged but you knew the answer to that, most likely because of his father, Lucius Malfoy, one of the Death Eaters who tried to give you a slow and painful death.
  8. You stayed with the gang and talked for a while, after a minute or two you left the compartment to go use the washroom. You forgot how difficult it was walking in the train as it wasn’t the smoothest ride; as you made your way to the washroom, you saw the Sweet Trolley and your heart stopped as you saw Draco paying the sweet gentle lady. You didn’t want to seem too excited, it will probably just weird him out; during your fourth year, it didn’t end so well because Draco knew without being there what you saw and he feared that you wouldn’t want to face him again. When Draco turned, he was heading into your direction. His head was down as he was trying to open a packet of sour gummy worms that he purchased, when he removed the ribbon he took a gummy worm and let it hang from his mouth. He picked up his head and when his eyes met yours, the gummy worm dropped onto the floor. “________...” He said softly, you smiled and gave him a small wave. He grew over the summer, like most guys, his hair didn’t grow as much except you questioned if it was possible that his hair became more of a blinding bleached blond. He was dressed in his casual black attire which made him look very sophisticated. “Hi Draco, I heard you’re a Prefect, congrats!” You said, he gave a head bob and tried to make his way past but you grabbed his arm to stop him. He had a strong scent of Green Apples that invigorated your senses. “You’re not going to walk away again, are you? I thought you didn’t want to hurt me…Draco…if you walk away without saying anything, you’ll just hurt me.” You said in the most upsetting tone, Draco inhaled a breath and turned around. “I can see that you worked on being more assertive.” Draco said giving a faint but gentle smile.
  9. You let go of Draco’s arm and smiled. “I try my best. I just didn’t want you to walk out on me again.” You said as you had your hands behind your back. Draco took out another gummy worm and popped it into his mouth; it was the green and yellow one that was usually the flavour of sour green apples. “I don’t walk out on you.” He said making a sour face, you laughed and shook your head “Sure you don’t.” “I don’t! I bet you can’t name one time that I ever walked out on you!” Draco protested to prove that he was right, you made a face “Last year, when you past by my on the train. You just walked away.” Draco’s face flushed with color “I bet you can’t name another time…” He said more softly, you smiled and laughed and eventually Draco did too. “You’re not still upset are you…?” You asked softly, his face quickly dropped “I should be…but look, I’m talking to you aren’t I? I talked with my…Father about it, he won’t touch you anymore. I made sure of that.” Color rose to your cheeks and you couldn’t help but to smile. “I-I should be heading back now. I’ll see you around school, Draco!” You smiled and took a gummy worm before you left. “I hope so.” He smiled and popped another one into his mouth, from a distance you can hear him grunt “Ah, sour…” You couldn’t help but laugh
  10. You entered the cart and Ron was the first to raise his voice “That was a long washroom break!” You blinked hard for a second until you realized why you left the cart for. Crap. “You know us girls and washrooms…” You laughed and sat beside Harry and Hermione, you crossed your legs as thoughts of the washroom made it worst. “That’s true, well, looks like we’re arriving at Hogwarts soon.” Harry said as he looked out the window. “Can that soon be now…?” You squirmed in your seat; everyone looked at you “What’s wrong?” Hermione asked and you were a loss for words “I’m just…really excited to…be back at Hogwarts…yep! Y…yay!” You said as you covered up the urge to pee as you continued to squirm in your seat. “Well, you got your wish. I see the Castle.” Neville added
  11. You finally arrived at the station, where you were the first one to leave the train. The rest followed behind you and you heard Harry make a side comment “She’s cute when she’s excited.” You didn’t want to focus on that at this very second, so you told everyone you’d meet them at the Castle. When you arrived at the carriages you heard Harry shout “JUST STAY AWAY FROM ME!” You stopped and looked back with concern but your bladder told you not to stop. You hopped onto a carriage and sitting in front of you was a blond hair girl, similar to Draco’s, who you’ve seen in your House a few times, you knew as much she was your age and her name was “Oh, hi Luna.” You smiled as you crossed your legs once again hoping the carriage would move faster. She was holding a magazine that she was reading upside down; the other thing you knew about Luna was that she was called “Looney Luna Lovegood” She smiled “_______, did you have a good summer? I did, but those nargles really gave me a hard time over the summer.” She replied in her dreamy like voice. You stared at her for a second and you realized there was a reason you didn’t talk to Luna. Finally, the carriage started to move. “I had a good summer” You lied and hope the tone of your voice wasn’t obvious. “It’s fine if it wasn’t, I can see it in your eyes that it wasn’t.” She said and placed the magazine on her lap. She was good. “Well, it wasn’t all that terrible. I mean-““its fine,” She interrupted, she turned her head to the direction the carriage was heading “Do you think they have pudding in the castle?” She asked ignoring your previous topic, you stared at her with amazement and awe “…Probably…?” You said giving her false hope.
  12. At times, where you would usually avoid Luna, you looked at her and saw admiration in her. She reminded you of yourself where people would pick on you and make fun, the only difference was, she simply didn't care. The carriage stopped and made a run for the castle gates "See you around _______." She said, you smiled and waved good-bye before running into the castle and heading straight for the first floor washroom. You were in the stalls relieved, you let out a sigh and you were about to leave the stalls when you watched a familiar figure with brown hair enter the washroom. It was Ambrosia. "Stupid step-father, it's always _______. "Amber, why don't you be more of ______?" "How's ______?" "I would never have dealt with this if it was _______."" Ambrosia mumbled to herself as she fixed her appearance in the washroom mirror "He didn't even bother saying Good-bye, he just had to go off and find his most precious daughter...I can't blame him, you would do the same...right, dad?" She said as she looked up and took a breath. After moments of silence, she finally left leaving you with new information; your Dad still thinks and cares about you, it's just Mum. You unlocked the bathroom stall and walked over to the mirror Ambrosia was standing in front of. You took one look at your reflection and pictures of the past two days flashed in your head. "Everything is fine; it's going to be fine." You mumbled to yourself and force a smile but as you stared at your reflection, you swore you went insane "You sure? Because if I were you, I wouldn't be so sure of anything." Your reflection said and smiled, beads of sweat formed along your hair line, your heart dropped "What the hell was that!?"
  13. Ta-dah! Thus ending the introduction of Year 5! It's time for the action to begin, I'm quite fond of this chapter, it has a bit of everything; humour, small romance and drama. Haha, well, I hope that I introduced everyone; you'll meet Umbridge in the next release, I didn't bother with her. She drives me insane but hey, it'll be interesting to write about her. Thank you for all your support and love, you guys don't know how much you mean to me; seriously, I'm being 100% honest! You guys are unbelievable and amazing! These quizzes are just part of my way of saying Thank You! Well, thanks again and please get your applications in before March 18th!

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