Going to Hogwarts with a twist CHRISTMAS SPECIAL!

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Hey guys! Sorry I got this out late, but I was just really busy, caught up in some stuff back at home and school. I hope you all enjoy, and I'm comming

out with the sixteenth part soon so I hope you guys check that out too! Love you guys, (or gals, guys is just my thing) and enjoy! . .

Created by: funniebunnie01
  1. A warmth greets you when you wake up. The air is so soft and still, you can hear the snow fall on the ground out side. The birds take flight from trees, and their chirping. You slowly wake up and sit up and look around. You smile to yourself. "It's Christmas," you whisper.
  2. You get up and get dressed with something festive. You look down at the charm bracelet that Blake gave you and smile. You still have to give candy to everyone so you make sure and stuff it in your pocket. You head out to breakfast and sit alone at the Slytherin table while everyone else is laughing. The room looks wonderful, silver trees, magic snow falling from the ceiling. You feel kind of left out that they weren't talking with you, but you're sure that they'll talk with you after breakfast.
  3. After breakfast, you head back into the halls where Harry, Hermione, and Ron catch up to you. "Merry Christmas!" Ron cheers. You smile. "Merry Christmas!" you cheer back. "What should we do today? I mean, it's Christmas," Hermione says. "I don't know," you say. "We should just go out side or something." "Sounds good," Ron says. So, you four then slowly make your way outside to see the frozen snow on the ground.
  4. The next thing you know, you feel something cold hit you in the face. "SNOWBALL FIGHT!" you hear the twins shout in unison.
  5. Ron ditches you and leaves you with Harry and Hermione. "Uh... TO THE TREES!" Harry shouts, and you and Hermione run with him, laughing as you get to the tree. You and Hermione and Harry then begin to make more snowballs and you throw them at the twins and Ron. The snowball fight was so fun for you! You're sure that you nailed the twins twice each, and Ron at least fifty.
  6. So, you guys decide to end the fight for real and then you head back inside for lunch. "Come on," Fred says, putting his arm around you. "You can sit with the Gryffindor's today," George says, also putting his arm around you. You smile as you're led into the eating hall.
  7. So, you're lead over to the Gryffindor's table and you sit down with Ron's skeptical brother, Percy. "I don't think the rules allow this," he says. "Oh please Percy," Fred says. "It's just a stupid table," George adds on. "And besides, she doesn't need to sit alone," Ginny, Ron's sister says. You smile at Ginny and she smiles back.
  8. After lunch is done, something pops into your head: Sirius. You should go visit him, it's Christmas after all. "I- uh- have to do something real quick," you say. Ron, Harry, and Hermione groan. "You're not going off again, are you?" they ask. "It's important," you say quickly. Hermione sighs and shakes her head. "Alright then, but don't stay too long," she says.
  9. So, you head out side in the snow. You're smiling uncontrollably as you're heading into the forest. The snow is thinner here as the snow is mostly caught on the thick canopy of the trees. Finally you make it to the tree and you stop to catch your breath. You smile. "Merry Christmas Sirius," you say. You hear a laugh and some twigs snap behind you. You turn to see Sirius smiling. "Merry Christmas to you too River," he says. "Okay, I can't stay long, I promised Harry, Ron and Hermione, but I thought that I'd drop by and say hi," you say fast. Sirius smiles. "Well it's nice of you to say hi, and I also have a present for you," Sirius says.
  10. You smile as you both sit under the great tree with the names carved into them. Sirius hands you a small box and you take it in your hands. You open it up to find a silver necklace in it. It has a silver chain, adorned with diamonds and at the bottom is a moon stone heart. "Sirius, it's wonderful!" you say.
  11. "You think so?" Sirius asks. "Yes," you answer, imidetaly putting it on. Sirius laughs. "I'm glad you like it," he says. "Now you should be getting back then, don't want to keep your friends waiting on Christmas." You smile at him, and you hug him. "Merry Christmas," you say. Sirius hugs you back. "Merry Christmas," he says.
  12. So, you do as Sirius says and then you head back to Hogwarts grounds and spend the rest of Christmas with the twins, Ron, Harry, Hermione, and Ginny. You had fun though out the day, and had many snowball fights with everyone, and you usually ended up with Harry, Hermione and Ginny. After the long day, you decide to head to bed.
  13. You come into the Slytherin common room and you see Draco, sitting in one of the couches, actually reading. He looks up when you come in and you guys smile at each other. "Merry Christmas," you say. Draco nods. "Merry Christmas," he says back. "Have you just been reading all day?" you ask, walking over and sitting next to him. "More or less," he says. "What are you reading?" you ask. "Well, more of writing," he says. "What are you writing?" you ask. "Oh, uh, nothing really, y-you probably wouldn't like it."
  14. You watch as he puts the book away and he smiles at you. "Pretty necklace, who'd you get it from?" he asks. "Oh," you say, looking down. "No one really, uh, oh, um-" You stutter. "You don't have... a... boyfriend... do you?" Draco asks. You shoot your head up at him.
  15. "What? No. I don't, it's from my uncle," you lie. Draco nods. "Oh, okay, I was gonna say, If you had a boyfriend I had no clue," Draco says, but he looks like he wanted to punch himself. "I have a present for you," Draco says, and he hands you a box of chocolates. "I wasn't sure what you liked because of my stupid reputation, so I got you theses at the candy shop," he says. You smile. "Thank you Draco, it's wonderful!" you say. He nods and smiles even more. "Well, uh," you say. "I think I should head to bed then." Draco nods and smiles. "Oh, yeah, you're right, we should," he says. "So, uh, goodnight then," you say oddly. "Yeah, uh, see you tomorrow," Draco says. You smile at him and wave as you head to your dorm.
  16. When you get to your bed, the first thing that pops into your head is the present that Rob and Gala sent you. You pick the box up and you take the card off of the box and read it. "We hope you like the present River. It was your mothers. It will protect you. Rob and Gala." You open the box up.
  17. When you open up the box, you find a silver corset. Made with wonderful, hand crafted designs, it looks wonderful. (If you don't know what a corset is, look it up) You look down at it confused. "What the heck?" you ask. You pick it up and you decide to put it on, and when you do, it shrinks to your size. It fits nice, and doesn't choke you, so that's kind of a point for you, but you wonder, How will it protect you?
  18. So, you change into you PJ's and then you lay down for bed. Today has gone pretty good for you. Nothing bad happened (for once) and you've gotten so many presents. But soon you'll have school work to do, and Pansy and the other girls will be back, and everything will be difficult again. You hold onto the moment while it lasts. You look up at the ceiling. "Good night mum and dad," you whisper. "Merry Christmas."
  19. Hey guys! Sorry I got this out late! Just been really buys, and I got bit by a spider and so my hand hurt too. I hope you enjoyed the quiz!!! I'm fuzzy on part 16, but I think the end of your third year is nearing... Anyways, hope you like it, this doesn't count, and for you Cedric fans Cedric's coming back soon!

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