Love at Hogwarts Pt6

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It's time for the Hogesmade trip and a special someone asks you to spend it with them. Sirius has broken into the castle how will Harry take it? Find out in Pt6

Hey guys I'm going to add some more Cedric and Ron time. I hope you will enjoy Pt6 of this quiz! I hope you have read some of my other quizzes! Enjoy!

Created by: PeculiarGirl1
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  3. Hermoine and Ginny had to wake you up again and they were wierdly excited for a trip to the village. "What do you want?" "Get dressed we'll show you!" They giglgled and you sighed. After getting dressed in a long sleeved black shirt and Black jeans. They dragged you outside the doors to the dinning room where Cedric was. "We'll leave you two alone." Hermoine giggled as she pulled Ginny into the room.
  4. "Hi Cedric. What's up?" "I...was....wondering...if." "If?" "You'dliketogototheHogesmadetripwithmeaslikeonadate?" You stared. "I knew this was a stupid idea." "No it's not. It's sweet. Sure I'll go." He blushed. "Great."
  5. You sat down at your table and the girls were firing questions. "What's going on?" Ron asked. "Cedric asked me out." "What did you say?"The girls were going balistic. "yes." The howled and hugged you. Harry went quiet and Ron's face turned as red as his hair.
  6. It was time for the Hogesmade trip and instead of walking you flew. You walked into the bar and found Cedric who was practising something. "Cedric?" He jolted upright. "You scared the living day lights out of me!" "Sorry.""It's alright. You wanna drink?" You nodded and he went to order two large butterbeers. You talked as old friends until you decided to walk to the outside of the shrieking shack.
  7. You stared out to the whiteness of the snow. Everything was peaceful until Cedric hit you with a snowball. "No fair I wasn't ready!" You said as you threw one at his head. You turned into a peregrine to get to a distance. You then grabbed a hole heap of snow and chucked it down his jacket he squealed and cracked up laughing.
  8. You both layed down trying to catch your breath. You sat up and he kissed you. You melted into it until you heard Hermoine. "Get away from us Malfoy!"
  9. "I'm truly sorry but I have to go." "It's alright. I get it."You smiled and kissed him on the cheek and left to see what was going on. "Draco."He stopped and turned. "Birdie..." "Just stop."Before he left someone or something invaded and ruined there attempt of bullying. They ran away screaming. "Harry. I know it's you.""Enjoyed the show?"You cracked up laughing and hugged him
  10. It was time to go back to Hogwarts and there was a line up to get to the singing fat lady. "Neville's probably forgotten the past word." "Ron, I'm right here!" "Whooops. Sorry." Dumbeldore had to come and check. "Sirius Black is in the castle. We need to take preportions. Mcgonagal take the children to the dining room we'll sleep there." when everyone was there they chose a sleeping bag next to Ginny and Hermoine. "I wonder how Harry's taking it." "What do you mean?" "Sirius was his godfather."
  11. Before you could answer Proffessor Dumbeldore came. "Sorry to interupt but Birdie can you do a check over the perimmeter."You nodded and flew around the school. Nothing. You went back. "Nothing.""Thankyou."You went to sleep straight away.

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