Which Harry Potter Charachter Are You?

If you want to know which Harry Potter Charachter you are, you're at the right place. Here, we take you through a "Trip" of your first year at Hogwarts, and along the way, we will learn which Charachter you are... Which is why you're here, right?

Do you have the traits of one of these people above all others? Do you have bravery, wit, humor, kindness, outgoingness, or creativity? Which character can "Lead you on your way to greatness"? Find out HERE.

Created by: Meghan247
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  1. You have been accepted to Hogwarts! What do you do first?
  2. On the train, a kid comes up to you asking if you've seen their toad. You:
  3. It's your sorting! As the hat is placed on your head, you think:
  4. It's your first Class, and the teacher asks a fairly difficult Question. What happens next?
  5. Its your first flying lesson. When you get your broom, what happens?
  6. On Christmas Vacation, you:
  7. You sudddenly have a Huge workload. What runs through your mind?
  8. The Exams are aproaching!
  9. O: Outstanding E: Exceeds Expectations A: Acceptable P: Poor D: Dreadful T: Troll ~~~ You get your Exam results, and See:
  10. Summer is Starting! You...

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Quiz topic: Which Harry Potter Charachter am I?