which harry potter character are you

This quiz shows whether you are smart kind bossy and more.You also get to show your knowledge abou harry potter. Hope you studied.You'll enjoy this a lot.

After taking this quiz/you'll know a lot about Harry potter.{hopefuly] show you friends come back again Have Fuuuuuuunnnnn and thanks for taking. you rule.

Created by: bethany

  1. Who was the defense against the dark arts teacher in the 3rd book?
  2. Which actor is older?
  3. How many pages is the 5th book?
  4. What is Dumbledores phoenix's name?
  5. What were harry's parents names?
  6. What is the name of the club Hermione starts for house elves?
  7. Who is the charms teacher?
  8. Who was supposed to win the house cup but didn't in the first book?
  9. Who is sirius' cousin?
  10. How old is Hermione in the chamber of secrets?
  11. Where is the first time you kind of see Hermione's parens?
  12. Who is the oldest character of these?

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