Which Harry Potter Character Are You?

What Harry Potter Charachter are YOU? Take this quiz to find out. I took all the "Muggle" qualities in the characters and put them into situations in the regular world.

Please try to answer truthfully. All but the age question will affect your score. Do your best and be happy with your result. None of the answers are mean and show you who you are in the land of wizrds and magic

Created by: lola

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  1. When with a group of friends you...
  2. When headed to class you realize that you forgot your homework at home! You..
  3. You are walking down the hall when you notice that everyone is staring at you. You notice you are wearing mismatched shoes! You
  4. You are thinking of starting a club. It is...
  5. You really hate a teacher and wish they would get fired. You
  6. You are crushing on this kid in your class. The dance is coming up. You...
  7. You really want to go to a dance camp this summer. The problem is, everyone else thinks it's dorky. You...
  8. You wish that the school would add a theater class to the schedule. You...
  9. It's the first weekend in January and your friends all have a different idea of what to do. You...
  10. Graduation time! Everyone has to do something for the ceremony. You

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Quiz topic: Which Harry Potter Character am I?