going to Hogwarts with a twist (girls only) part 13

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Okay, so I have a surprise for all of you in this one! I hope you all like it, and I'll talk more about it in the last question just to let you all know

about how you could possible do it too! Again, it will all be in the last question, and the only reason why I said that again is because I need some words for this!!!

Created by: funniebunnie01
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  1. You quickly walk into Hogwarts where you know that you're already late for your next class. You turn a hall and you run smack dab into another girl and you make her drop all of her books.
  2. "I'm so sorry," you say helping the girl with her books. "It's fine," she says. You both stand up and you look at her. She has stunning silver eyes which clashes surprisingly well with her red hair. You can tell she's Ravenclaw from the sapphire scarf she's wearing and the Ravenclaw symbol on her uniform. "I'm Blake Lionheart, by the way," she says. Then she looks at you and her eyes go wide. "Why do you have blood on your uniform?"
  3. "Oh, you're that girl who had the prank on by the Weasly twins, aren't you?" Blake asks. You weren't about to tell her that you were Angelic, but how else were you going to explain it wasn't the twins fault? "Yeah..." you say. "Here," Blake says. "I'll help you clean up."
  4. So, you and Blake walk into the girls bathroom and you walk over towards the sinks. "Okay, so, I'm only in my third year so I don't know too many spells," Blake states. "But here, Aguamenti!" A jet of freezing cold water comes out of Blake's wand and onto your robes. "COLD!!! COLD!!" you shout.
  5. "Sorry," Blake says, while stopping. Now under you is a pinkish puddle of water. "Well, at least you got most of it out," you say. "Yeah," Blake agrees. "I can hardly tell." Blake looks at you and smile, and you smile back. "Thanks a lot," you say. "Yeah, anytime," Blake says. "Now, we should get to class, I'm already late," Blake says.
  6. So, of course you were late for you next class, and professor Binns didn't give you a free pass because of what happened, which you were very mad about. So that night, you decided to write to Gala and Rob about what happened that day with the roses. You didn't mention about running to Sirius though, Lord knows what they'd do if you told them about that! You also delt with Pansy, and the other girls harassing you, but you just ignored them and they finally became board with you.
  7. So, though out a few days, the twins have pleaded over and over and over and over again to forgive you, even though you already forgave them the first time they said it. You also hung out with Blake Lionheart quite a bit too. You found out that she's brave, a good fighter when it comes to Pansy, and very protective over you. So, it's nearing Christmas, and this is now your last Hogmeade visit until break. You agree to go with Ron and Hermione, and you invite Blake to go with you too. You four sadly left Harry behind since he didn't get permission. "Okay," Ron says to Blake. "I can't look at you, with out thinking that you're my sister, Ginny." You laugh along with everyone else as you head to Hogmeade. So, you head to the Three Broomsticks and you all buy some butterbeer and joke around for a few hours.
  8. So, after that, you four decide to head to the candy shop. You four are walking out side, when something catches your attention. You see footprints in the snow, just appearing out of no where! You have a confused look on your face when you walk towards the oddly appearing footprints. "River, where are you going?" Blake asks you. "Excuse me?" you say when you catch up to the prints. The footprints stop and you run into something that you can't see. "River," you hear a voice whisper. "Harry?" you ask. "Harry?" Ron, Hermione, and Blake ask. "Why can't I see you?" you ask, hoping your Angelic powers aren't acting up again and you don't sound and look crazy. "It's his invisibility cloak," Hermione answers. "Yeah, he got it for Christmas about two years ago," Ron adds. "I feel left out of this conversation," Blake states. "Sorry," you say.
  9. "Harry, how did you get past the Dementors?" Hermione ask. "Those things are creepy," you and Blake say in unison. "I'll have to tell you later, I'll be right back," Harry says. "Harry, where are you going?" Ron asks. Harry doesn't answer, and you watch as his footprints fallow someone else into a store. "What was that about?" Blake asks. "I don't know, but we'll wait for him I guess," Hermione says. So you four find someplace to wait for Harry and you and Blake thumb wrestle for a while. "I WIN!" Blake says. "Dang it!" you say. "Why do your thumbs have to be so freaking strong?"
  10. "Just that awesome," Blake says. You laugh and roll your eyes. The next thing you know, the door that Harry went though bursts open and footprints in the snow fallow the invisible Harry. "Harry!" you shout, but he doesn't stop. "Come one then," Ron says, and you all go and run after him. People stare at you as you all run by, but you honestly don't care about them, you're the fastest to run after him. Finally, after you guys head to someplace where no one else is Harry sits on a rock and takes his cloak off. "Harry," you say out of breath, and you notice that he's crying. "He was their best friend," he says. "And he killed them." The others catch up and you all stand around Harry. "Who?" Ron asks. "Sirius Black, he helped killed my parents," Harry says.
  11. "No, Harry," you say. "They'r-" you stop. You don't know if you should tell him or not. Would Sirius want you to tell him? What if you told him, but he didn't want you to tell him. You shake your head. Harry will more than likely never know that Sirius never killed his parents. A tear streams down your face. "River?" Hermione and Blake ask. You shake your head and put a hand to your face. "I'm sorry," you whisper, and then you too, run off.
  12. You run back into Hogmeade, where you run into Cedric, and Oliver Wood. "How come these two times I've seen you, you've been crying?" Oliver asks. You shake your head and wipe away a tear. "Is everything okay?" Cedric asks you. "Yes?" you say unsure. "Doesn't seem like it," Oliver says. "RIVER _____! GET BACK HERE YOUNG LADY!!!" Blake calls after you. Blake catches up to you and stands by your side. "W.T.H dude?" she asks. "I'm sorry," you say. "I just- never mind." "Wait, what happened?" Cedric asks. "Nothing," Blake says. "Well then," Oliver says. "And no, you don't just 'never mind' me. What's up?" Blake asks. You love Blake, and you would trust her with anything, but not this, this you know you can't tell. "I promised I wouldn't tell," you say, beginning to stop crying. Blake knew that this must have been really personal, so she didn't go on. "But you're sure you're okay?" she asks. "Yeah, I'm okay," you say. "I swear, if I see you crying when I run into you again, I'm going to jump off a cliff," Oliver says.
  13. "Okay, come on," Blake says. "Everyone else is worried about you." You nod and then walk back to the others with Blake. "What was that?" Ron asked. "Nothing," you say quickly. You clear your throat and then say more slowly, "nothing." Hermione lifts up an eye brow but Blake shakes a hand at her. "Let's just get back to Hogwarts," Harry says. So that's what you all do. You all head back to Hogwarts together, and even Oliver and Cedric catch up with you five. "So, you guys got everything worked out?" Oliver asks. "Yeah, and you wont have to throw yourself off a cliff, because River's not crying," Blake says. Oliver nods. "Yeah, guess so," he says.
  14. When you guys get into Hogwarts Harry suggests that you guys should get to supper. "Uh, not now," you say. "I've gotta write to someone." You notice how stupid you sound. "To who?" Cedric asks. "Uh, Rob and Gala," you answer. They all shrug. "Okay, see you later I guess," Cedric says with a smile.
  15. You say bye and then head to you common room, where you quickly grab everything and begin to write a letter to Sirius. "Dear..." You leave out his name. "He's found out. I need to tell you, but I can't meet you now, too late. He hates you even more than he did when he knew you escaped. Apparently he didn't know about you before, but now he does. I broke down, and he hates you... a lot. I'm sorry." You don't answer this time. You'll drop off the letter tomorrow. Harry hates his godfather, and everything else that's happened to you with the Dementors, and the roses. You just never have a happy day.
  16. Okay, so I've been up like really late making this. REALLY LATE. So, I hope you noticed the new character I added. She's a friend of mine (and yes I do call you a friend :) ) and I'm sure I'll have her through out the rest of the quizzes! So, Personally I asked her, but everytime something special happens, I'll tell you guys in the quiz and then I'll make a thread so then we can all talk about it. But I don't think that will happen for a while, but I'll let you know! KIT. (No effect)

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