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Alright, well, you remember what happened last quiz, right? Well, I have a big surprise for you in this one! It's your first day of school! Yea right?

Well, let's just say things heat up a bit in this quiz. Just a little mix up in Defense Against the Dark Arts... You did miss the Feast the night before, remember?

Created by: funniebunnie01

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  1. Alrighty, hi! Well, whenever I get free time off of homework and everything I'll be working on this quiz. xD I haven't gotten a quiz out for you guys in a long time, and I'm really sorry about that. My mind has just been out in space I guess and I just wasn't getting any inspiration at all for anything for these quizzes and... yeah. But, I hope this quiz will make up for it, and for the results I have a little surprise, and I'd really like it if you guys were to comment on your thoughts on that ^~^ I hope I'll get this out soon ^~^
  2. The dorm room was somewhat quiet when you woke up. You could hear the girls whispering to each other, whispering so quiet that you couldn't hear what they were saying. Slowly, you sit up in your bed and you stretch out your arms as best as you could, and then you reach your arms out and you pull your canopy back so you are able to peer around the room and as soon as you did that the room fell silent. Cautiously, you flip the covers off of you and you put your feet on the ground, looking at all of the girls wondering why they weren't taunting you with harsh and mean words. You didn't say anything about that subject though and you started to get dressed in the nice silence that the other girls provided for you.
  3. A thought then occurred to you that maybe the reason why everyone was being quiet was because of everything that happened last year. You were supposed to die after all, weren't you? What if they thought that you couldn't die? What if they thought you were some new sort of powerful person to be reckoned with? Everyone knows that you're Angelic now, so it wasn't really a surprise that people were treating you differently. But still, the silence was something odd and new, and you didn't know why you missed the stupid things the girls would say to you. They were like demons; once you grew up with them and once you got to know them, you missed them once they left. Soon, your demons become the only thing you know, and when the only thing you know is gone, then who are you?
  4. After dressing in the silence, you made your way towards the Great Hall where breakfast was being held. You had your bag with you since you didn't feel like going back down there later and getting it, so you just had it slung over one of your shoulders. You couldn't help but notice that there was charms tickling your wrist and you looked down at your hand. There you saw the bracelet that Tonks gave you, and suddenly you were back on the platform again with her. You could hear all the words she was saying to you about how things are changing. No, you wouldn't let that thought get to you. If you thought about that too much, you were afraid that you were going to burst into tears because of all the pressure. The smell of the Great Hall was able to pull you out of your thoughts. The sweet smell of sugar, strawberries, and pancakes filled your nose as you walked through the doors to the Great Hall. It was loud and filled with the busy chatter of hundreds of kids. There was the noise you were used to! You made your way over to the Slytherin table, which wasn't very full, and you sat down at the edge like you normally do. Something didn't feel very normal though once you sat down. Viktor. He wasn't there anymore. He was back at his school, and he wasn't going to be there to stand up for you if someone else picked on you. You sighed at that thought and started to get some food on your plate, though you weren't very hungry.
  5. The day seemed to drag on slowly after breakfast. You found that smiling was hard and exhausting, and you only smiled when any of your friends caught your eye. "Come on ______," you thought to yourself as you slowly made your way to Defense Against the Dark Arts. "Pull yourself out of it. This year is a special year; things aren't going to be so easy anymore." You took a deep breath as you approached the doors to the classroom, and then you walked in...
  6. Something horrible happened to the room over break, and it was obvious that other students had noticed the same thing. The room was oddly light, so, so light, and there wasn't some sort of closet with boggarts, or jars with spiders in the room. There was a chalk board, a desk for the teacher at the front of the room, and desks lined up in pretty neat rows for the students. As soon as you walked into the room, you stopped dead in your tracks to take in the horror you were witnessing. Everything had changed, just like Tonks had said. "Bloody Hell," Ron muttered as he walked into the classroom and stopped right next to you. "Professor's changed everything..." You nodded your head in agreement. "No kidding," you muttered as the two of you actually walked into the room so you weren't blocking the doorway. The two of you took your seats side by side each other; he was on your left. As you sat there, you were wondering why everything was so changed up and horrible and different, but as the thoughts raced through your mind you realized the Professor Moody wasn't going to be teaching anymore, and that you missed the feast last night. You had no idea who was your new professor.
  7. You weren't sitting there for long in the awkward silence of the room. Soon enough, a woman in pink (a lot of pink) walked into the room from her office. The woman was short, and had a face that resembled much of a toad. A sort of brownish and redish hair sat on her head in frizzy curls that moved and bounced as she walked. An all to happy smile was curved on her lips, and her eyes peered around the class as if she was actually interested in teaching everyone; you knew that there was something going on; something you missed last night. "Hello everyone!" the woman spoke in a happy voice. "My name is Professor Umbridge, and I am your new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher!" At those words, you knew the next few months for you was going to be Hell.
  8. "This year students," Professor Umbridge goes on. "I'm going to teach you all different things. I am from the Ministry, and I will be teaching you all the standardized magic that you should have been learning ever since your first year. Now, wands away please, and I'd like you to get your quills out." You sighed and put your wand back into your bag and searched for you quill. You were expecting something exciting to happen, like the first day of your third year, or even last year! But no, you had to write out dumb notes; probably one's you'd just forget later. After you had finally found your quill and parchment, you looked up and on the chalk board were the words "Returning to the Basics." And under that were the three highlights you were supposed to go over for that days lesson. After you and everyone else had written down everything that Umbridge had told you to, she gave you a reading assignment and you began to read. To your horror, you realized that everything you were reading, you already knew! The lesson became more boring and boring by the second.
  9. After a while, you got really tired of reading the book, as did everyone else, and you tore your eyes away from the book after the second paragraph. You quickly glanced around at everyone to see that they were doing the same. Your eyes found Hermione, and you noticed that she wasn't even reading anymore. She probably had read the whole book by the time you had finished skimming through the first two paragraphs. Her hand was high up in the air, trying to get the Professors attention. One by one, all students from around the room began to just stare at Hermione, wondering what she was trying to accomplish with Umbridge. After a few minutes, Umbridge decided to ask Hermione what her deal was, and you listened very carefully, wondering what Hermione had to say. "Well, your points for this class aren't about USING defensive spells Professor. You're teaching us things that we already know, instead of teaching us something that we NEED to know," Hermione stated.
  10. Umbridge let out a laugh after Hermione was done speaking, and you found that her laugh made you hate her even more. "Using defensive magic? Do you ever think that there would be a time where you would NEED to use defensive magic in my class?" she questioned. "Well, no-" Hermione started. "Well then you won't be using any magic in my classroom," Umbridge cut in. A bit of murmuring and whispering broke out in the class, and you found your hate for Umbridge growing more and more by the second. You wanted to practice the things you were taught, you practically needed to with everything that happened last year. "Yes, Mr. Potter?" Umbridge spoke up. "Well, if we're going to be attacked-" Harry started. "Do any of you think you're going to be attacked here at Hogwarts?" Umbridge broke in again. Your heart started racing as everyone muttered a sad "no." Along with your heart, your mind was racing with things to say. The classroom was silent as Umbridge took in the glory thinking that she was right, and you wanted to change it. And you spoke up, "yes."
  11. Everyone's attention was directed to you, and all eyes were on you. Umbridge looked towards your way instead of Harry's, and the classroom was dead silent as the fake smile Umbridge had on seemed to spread wider. "And what is your name, dear?" Umbridge questioned with an all too sweet voice. "______ _______," you answered. Sweat began to make your hands slippery and you rubbed them off on your uniform, but you tried to not show Umbridge that you were scared. She was just a teacher after all. "Well, Miss. ______," Umbridge said. "Do you not feel safe here at Hogwarts? Do you not think that that professors here in this school are capable of protecting you?" You took a deep breath and shook your head. "No, not anymore," you said.
  12. Umbridge's smile wavered a little at your words. It was obvious that she was a little mad that she was losing the debate to a fifteen year old student when she "worked for the Ministry and has years of experience." Umbridge cleared her throat in a high pitched tone that sent chills up your spine. "Well, why ever not?" she questioned. For some reason, that question really irritated you. Why ever not? Why EVER not? What kind of question was that? "Perhaps you don't remember what happened last year. The fact that Voldemort-" As soon as you said his name, everyone in the class gasped, including Umbridge. Umbridge tried to get you to shut up, but you kept going. "Has come back. Do you know how many of my friends could have died last year because of him? How I almost died last year because of him? Now you're trying to teach us that the Ministry is going to take care of everything? Well, they're doing a 'WONDERFUL' job at doing that, aren't they?" Umbridge's smile had flew straight off of her lips and she looked at you shocked and irritated that her class, on the first day of her teaching, was going out of control. "Young lady!" Umbridge shouted, but that wasn't the end of it.
  13. "She's right," Harry spoke up, seeming to take some of your anger into his words. "And it's because of people like you, the blind, who think everything is going to be okay. It's not. Voldemort has come back and we can't ignore it. We have to learn to defend ourselves before-" But again, Umbridge cut him off. Her face was turning red with anger, and she looked like a scary, red toad woman. "Detention!" she shouted while slamming her hand down on her desk. "For the two of you! Mr. Potter, Miss. _______. A weeks worth of detention, in my office, starting today after dinner!" The whole class fell silent, and everyone was looking around at each other with worry. No one seemed to like their new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher. "Now," Umbridge said. Her regular color was returning to her face and soon enough that twisted smile of hers was back as well. "Can we PLEASE get on with our lesson?"
  14. Soon enough, Defense Against the Dark Arts was over and everyone was slowly filing out of the class room and into the halls to head to lunch. Before you were able to get too far, you heard someone calling your name and someone grab your arm. "______," someone said. You turned around and you saw Harry, Hermione, and Ron standing there with the word "Sorry" written all over their faces. "Sorry about getting you into detention ______," Harry said. "I pushed her over the edge." You were about to say something, but before you could Hermione spoke up. "And sorry for even getting the subject started. It's really all my fault," she stated. You shook your head at the three of them. "No, guys, it's fine. Really," you said. "I needed to get that out. I could have kept quiet if I wanted to. It's none of your guys' fault." The three offered you a sympathetic smile, and you gave one back. "Come on, let's get to lunch," Ron said while pushing all of you guys towards the Great Hall. "I'm starving."
  15. Soon enough, free period came along, and you decide to head outside with your schoolwork in your bag, which is slung over your shoulder. The outside air fills your lungs with the cold smell of fall. The clouds over head made it look like it was about to rain, and you knew that was probably because of your gloomy mood. You walked aimlessly around the school grounds until you finally came to a tree by the Black Lake. You sat down at the base of the tree and looked out at the glum lake. Memories from last year came rushing through your mind and you remembered everything that had happened. How you had a vision and fell off of the docks into the lake, and how Cedric had saved you. A smile crossed your face at the memories, the good ones, but your smile soon faded as you remembered all of the bad ones. A sigh escaped your lips as you tossed your bag away from you. You didn't feel like doing work anyway. "Promise me you wont go falling into the lake again ______," you heard someone speak up from behind you.
  16. You quickly turn your head around to take a peak at who had spoken to you and you see him. Cedric. He stood there with a tired smile painted on his face and with his schoolwork slung over his shoulder, just like you had done before. "Hey Cedric," you said softly with a smile making its way across your face. "Mind if I sit with you?" Cedric questioned. You cleared your throat a little as a wave of sadness hit you. Tears suddenly threatened to spill over you cheeks and you didn't even know why. "Cedric, you know that's a stupid question. Of course you can," you said while forcing your voice to stay strong. A laugh escaped Cedric's throat and he walked over towards you with the rocks moving under his feet. He sat next to you with his back against the tree trunk and he looked out at the Black Lake like you were doing.
  17. "So, how are you doing?" Cedric spoke up to break the silence between the two of you. You quickly blinked your eyes to get the tears to stay behind your eyes and you cleared your throat again. What where you going to tell him? You were falling apart because of everything that had happened? You couldn't. "I'm doing okay," you said quickly; a little too quickly. "What about you?" A sigh escaped Cedric's lips as he put his hand on the back of his neck. It looked like he was trying to get a knot out of it. "Tired. Really tired. First day of school and I'm piled with homework," Cedric said with a humorless laugh. "What about you? How's your first day going?" Now it was your turn to let out a humorless laugh. You weren't sure if he would be mad at you, or pat you on the back for how much trouble you had gotten in that day. "Well..." you said while biting your lip. "I got detention today." With that said, Cedric looked truly surprised. The shock clearly showed on his face. "What? Really? Whose class?" he questioned with the life slowly coming back in his voice. You sighed and turned away from him as you looked back towards the lake. "Umbridges," you stated simply as if it would explain everything. "Well what for?" he then questioned.
  18. Another humorless laugh escaped your throat at that question, but you weren't really smiling. "She pretended as if everything was going to be okay," you stated. "She told us she wasn't going to teach us real magic, and just expected us to know how to use it when the time came. She ignored everything that happened last year, and gave Harry and I detention over it." You weren't sure what you should have expected as a reaction from Cedric, but him just staring out at the lake wasn't one of them. A silence spread between you two for a short amount of time and you just looked at him, waiting for a reaction. "Things are going to be okay," Cedric finally said. You gave him an odd look. "Okay? Things are going to be okay? When? When will things be okay? I don't know if you noticed yet or not Cedric, but you could have died last year! You, Harry, Blake..." you said while looking down at your hands. "Yeah, well, I don't know if YOU'VE noticed yet or not ______, but you DID die last year!"
  19. "I didn't die," you protested. "I almost did, but so did the rest of you, and we're all okay." Cedric quickly turned towards you and looked you right in the eye, making sure he got your attention. "You did die ______. Your heart stopped for the longest time! You were hit by the spell, I saw it. Your eyes... they were like glass. You died. I-I don't know how you're here right now, but you did die. I saw you," Cedric explained with some heat to his words. "But we're going to be okay. You were okay. Things are going to be okay, and I'm going to protect you. Nothing's going to change that." You couldn't find the words to say to him, and you were wondering that maybe it would be better if you said nothing at all. The look in his eyes, the heat to his voice; he meant what he said. This was Cedric after all; of course he did.
  20. So you nodded your head, because that was the only thing you could really think to do. Hardly any words came to mind, and you didn't know what to say to him. You felt your eyes begin to sting and the percent of you crying was dangerously high. "Okay," you said softly. "Okay." Cedric's eyes quickly glanced down at the ground and his fingers brushed your hand as if asking permission to hold it. "I'm here for you ______," Cedric said. "I've always been here for you." Again, you nodded your head and wiped at your eyes before the tears got a chance to spill over. "I-I'm going to head back inside," you stated while grabbing your bag again. Cedric sighed and nodded his head as he took his hand away from yours. "Okay," Cedric said. He tried to manage a smile but he failed at it. A pang of guilt shot through you at how heartbroken Cedric sounded. Your heart began to race and your palms became sweaty again. You felt your cheeks begin to heat up, and you quickly leaned forward and planted a small kiss on Cedric's cheek.
  21. Cedric quickly snapped his head your way, obviously surprised at what you did. His cheeks seemed tinted with pink, so was his ears. A confused look crossed his face as he watched you stand up and walk back towards the castle. "See you later Cedric," you called, as you quickly made your way to your next class.
  22. I DON'T CARE. I DON'T CARE IF YOU DON'T LIKE CEDRIC, THIS IS WHAT I'M DOING. Okay, sorry xD Welcome to the end of the quiz by the way ^~^ I just randomly decided that I was going to work on it today, and I feel really happy that I completed it ^~^ Now that I've finished this quiz, I have lots of idea's planned for the rest of this year (especially the end hehehe~) Please comment and rate! KIT!

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