Going to Hogwarts with a twist part 31

So. Your fourth year is drawing to an end, and at the end of something that will continue there must always be some sort of... well... cliff hanger I guess

you could say. Here, you will find excitement, pain, sadness, laughs, and secrets that need to be filled and have light shined on them. The last day is coming.

Created by: funniebunnie01
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  1. Okay, so, before I begin this quiz, your fourth year is drawing to an end. I suggest that you listen "A Thousand Years" by Christina Perri, even if I did listen to "Jar of Hearts," by her while writing this. Haha. So, since my computer crashed a while ago, I lost the "I'm board as heck" fanfic of the Harry Potter stuff that I'm bacing this off of, and I forgot some of the stuff that I put for the fifth year... yay. So, It'll take me a little longer with the fifth year, but I do remember the BIG parts so, yay!
  2. The Great Hall feels different as you're eating the wonderful "Goodbye" feast meal. People look at you as if you're a new person. As if they never really knew you in the first place. You're now different, but you don't care. You are different, but you don't care. Maybe you've changed for a reason. You've changed for the better. Slowly, the Great Hall dims down to a few whispers as Dumbledore stands up and raises his hands.
  3. "Word has been going around the school," Dumbledore starts, and everyone is not silent. The room feels different, you see everything as something new, something you didn't see before. "The events at the Tri-Wizard Tournament was not what anyone was expecting. Word has gone around that a Slytherin Girl was brought back from the dead. Yes, she is special, but for reasons that none of you would understand. Though she is special, she is not to be treated any different than you did before, but treat her with respect." Dumbledore stops for a second and peers around the room, all eyes are on him. "Yes, Voldemort has risen once again," he goes on, and some people cringe at his name. "But there is nothing to fear, while you're at Hogwarts you are home. When you're home, you're with your friends who will all ways be here to welcome you home, and you'll always be safe here. But though you'll be safe, remember, dark times are lying ahead."
  4. People stare at you all the same, just waiting to pull you in for some juicy questions on how you're not dead, as you're walking down the halls, back to the Slytherin common room. You're not sure why you're not dead yourself, and the question is lingering every where. But you walk down the halls, head high, waving back to the random people who you don't know, and saying hi as some people that you don't know say hi to you. You're different now. You're not the person you were before. And wither you changed for the greater good? you don't know.
  5. It's the next day. You're walking down the halls with your bags in your hand. It's your second year here, but for some reason everything is different, though nothing has changed. "Hey there," you hear Cedric say, walking by your side. "There's our angel," the Twins say in unison as they push Cedric out of the way an hang their arms on you. You smile and laugh as Ron pushes them off of you and now Harry, Hermione, and Ron are also by your side. "How are you?" Harry asks. You smile and laugh as all of you walk towards the Hogwarts express. "I'm fine," you say though a laugh. "Of course she is!" Fred says. "She's our angel," the Twins say in unison. You smile, laugh, and then look up at them. "I'm your angel now, huh?" you ask. "Well of course you are," Fred says. You smile and shake your head as you and everyone climb up onto the carriage that will take you all to the train.
  6. Minuets later, you're finally on the train. (Why do I think it's raining?) People walk around on the train, and you and everyone else finally find a compartment. You were about to go in with everyone else when something catches your eyes. You turn your head and you see someone with platinum blonde hair, walking towards the end of the train. "Draco," you whisper. "Riv- uh- _____," Cedric speaks up. You look to Cedric to see that he's standing right in front of you. "Yeah?" you ask. "Are you okay?" he asks you. You nod your head and then look back over to Draco. "Yeah, I just have to do something... really quick," you add, to make it seem as if you wont be gone long. Cedric gives you a weird look, but he takes your trunk from your hand. You look at him and he's looking down at you. "Go ahead," he says. "Yell at him for what ever reason you have."
  7. You nod at Cedric as he walks into the compartment and shuts the door. You turn so that your body is facing the way that Draco went, and you go against the crowd and you follow him. You finally get close enough to him that you grab his wrist. He twists around instantly and looks at you, his eyes looking into yours, and for a minuet, neither of you say anything. "Can we find some place quiet?" you ask. He gives you an odd look, something that you've never seen before. Finally he nods his head and you let go of him. Draco leads you into a compartment that's empty and he shuts the doors. He turns to you, his blue eyes looking into yours. You just notice how tall he is. Taller than you, and your heart is beating so fast that you think it's going to burst out of your chest. "What do you want to talk about?" he asks simply.
  8. You think over the words you're about to say, and it makes your heart flutter. You take in a deep breath and you feel small now. "I saw your father at the Third Task," you start. Draco's eyes go wide, but for some reason, you already know that he knows. "And... they said that you had feelings for me." A flush appears in Draco's face, something that you've never seen him do before. "I'm sorry I never told you before, I-" Draco starts. "This isn't what I wanted to talk about though," you break in. Draco stops and looks at you. You shake your head, look down, but then look back up. You have to at least look at him while you're saying this. "I don't think we should talk to each other anymore."
  9. Draco is stunned, and his eyes are filled with an emotion that you've never seen in him before. You feel your chest slowly collapsing on itself and your heart is wrenching for something. "W-What?" Draco asks you, taking a step towards you. "Your father hates me Draco," you start. "If he finds out that we're still talking to each other, and being friends... He'll kill both of us." Draco shakes his head and takes another step towards you. You're now so close to him that there's hardly five or six inches between you to. "River no," he says. "I'm not River," you say instantly. "_____," Draco says softly, putting his hands on your shoulders. "Who cares what he thinks? I don't," he says. "You said it yourself," you say back. "In the third year, how if he were to find out that you were hanging out with someone like me..." You drift off. You feel the tears in your eyes build up, and you think the dam that's holding them will break soon.
  10. "Yeah, well I don't care anymore," Draco says, firmly. "But if he hurts you because of me-" you start. "I can take it _______," he says. "But I couldn't," you say, as soon as he's done saying that. Draco shakes his head and he moves and inch towards you. "_______," Draco says softly.
  11. It was faster than you though he could ever move. The next thing you know, Draco closed the space between you to, and now his lips are pressed against yours. You're frozen in time, and you don't know what to think, or do. He finally pulls away and you open your eyes and you look into his blue eyes. A tear streams down your face as he lets go of you and turns towards the door. He puts his hands on it but before he opens it, he turns his head to the right a little. "If we can't be together, or friends, I at least had to do that," he says. He looks forward and then opens up the doors and walks into the hall, turning right.
  12. You slowly walk into the hall, stunned, and you had just noticed that the train was moving. You turn left, wiping a tear away from your eye as you come to your compartment and you open up the door to find that Blake had joined your group too. "Well someone forgot to say goodbye," Blake says. You manage a fake smile as you sit next to Blake. As you and everyone else start to talk you can't get the events between you and Draco out of your mind. Did he really mean that? That was on your mind too as you step off of the train and look around at the station. "Are you okay?" you hear Cedric ask to your right. You look at him and smile a little. "Yeah, it's just going to be... Hard," you answer. Cedric gives you a sympathetic smile and nods. "Come on!" Ron shouts. You look at Ron and smile as you and Cedric catch up with the rest.
  13. When you and Cedric get back to the group, you notice that everyone has stopped. You notice that they're all looking at someone, staring them down, and when you catch sight of them, your blood turns cold. Lucius, Mrs. Malfoy, and Draco. They're standing there, looking back at you and everyone else. "What do you want?" Cedric asks heated. You look at him and whisper shout, "are you crazy?" Cedric doesn't look away from them. "No, just angry," he answers. "Well, I was just wondering if your beloved River, oh, excuse me, you go by ______ now? Yes? How are you dear?" Lucius asks. "She'd be better off if you'd just jump off a cliff," Blake speaks up. Lucius glares at Blake, but she stands strong. "Hmm, is that so?" Lucius asks. Then he turns to you. "Risen from the dead I hear?" he asks you. "Yes, which is more than you could do," you spit at him. He smiles at you. "Touchy," he answers.
  14. "You're wasting your own time Malfoy," Cedric speaks up. "Why don't you just go back to your own self centered home?" Lucius smiles and laughs a little. "Is that so?" he asks. "You know, _______, you might want to watch out. We have something planned." The Twins laugh. "Well then," Fred says. "You better watch your back," George goes on. "Because we'll be there behind her every step of the way," Ron speaks up, and everyone gets the idea. "And this isn't anything you can do to stop us," Harry finishes. Lucius looks around at you and the group. "Quite," he says.
  15. The three quickly walk away after that, and you try not to look at Draco while they do, so instead you look down at your trunk. That's when everyone's parents decide to come. Cedric promises that he'll write to you as Amos takes him away, and you smile as he gives you one last wave. "Angel!" you hear the twins shout to you. You look away from Cedric to see that Mr. and Mrs. Weasely have come to take their kids back home too. You smile and give them all goodbye hugs. "We'll make sure to send you our latest invention!" Fred promises. You smile and give him a little punch in the arm. "Haha, just make sure it wont explode," you say, as they're walking away. "No promises!" they shout at you in unison. You smile and laugh as Blake puts her arm around you. "Well," she says. You look at her and smile. "Your room will be filled with letters from Cedric, the Twins, and I," she says. You smile and you give her a hug. "And us too," Hermione and Harry promise. You smile as you let Blake go, and behind her you see Rob and Gala. "Well, I'll talk to you guys later," you say. "Always," Blake agrees. "Yeah, always," you say.
  16. You and Rob and Gala are now in the car, Driving back to Little Whining. "Well River," Gala says. "We heard about what happened." Your stomach drops, remembering the hole thing. "Yeah..." you say kind of softly. "River, that was very dangerous of you, and I don't know how you're NOT dead, but next time you might not still be alive," Rob says. "But I had to," you say. "I had dreams and these... visions about it. I think my Angelic powers were telling me to save them." Rob sighs. "But You-Know-Who could have gotten you River, you need to be more careful," he orders. "So was I suppose to let them die?" you ask. "Because of me, no one was killed." Gala sighs. "River it was a job for the grown ups to do," she says. "Well I'm going up now, you can stop treating me like I need attention twenty-four seven," you argue back. "River, now is not the time to talk about this," Rob says. "We'll talk about this when we get home." You sigh, thinking it was stupid because they were the ones that brought the whole thing up in the first place. You sigh, remembering all the things they say, and you decide to make a change. “You can call me ____ now.” You say. “Because I’m not River anymore.”
  17. Oh I just get shivers up my back from those last words!!!! How'd you like that seen with you and Draco? Personally, it kind of sucked, but had something good with it. So, your fourth year has finally drawn to an end, what will happen in your fifth year? Here's a few hints: Secrets will be reviled, fights will be fought, and grudges will break and will be held. Things are changing, some for the best, other's not so much. But hey! Love ya all! and I'll try to get the next part out sooner! KIT! Oh, and remember: Dark times are lying ahead.

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