Going to Hogwarts with a twist (The First Task) part 24

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hey! F-I-N-A-L-L-Y!!! I'VE GOTTEN PART TWENTY-FOUR OUT!!! Ug! I've been having horrible writers block and I'm sorry to the people who have been waiting

Like F-O-R-E-V-E-R for me to get my quizzes out. So, this one is going to suck, cause you know, writers block, but I felt as if I needed to give you guys something to hold you over, no matter how much it sucks.

Created by: funniebunnie01 of My Wattpad
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  1. Harry was scared to death until the first task. All you could do was comfort him as he tries to figure out what he's going to do for the task. "I know that we have to fight dragons, but how?" Harry asks. "Harry," you say. "You remember that you can use your wand, right?" You're sure if Ron was there he'd agree with you and tell Harry to slap some sense into himself, but Ron is mad at Harry. He thinks that Harry knew how to get in and was jealous that Harry didn't tell him.
  2. So you, Hermione, Ron, and Neville slowly make your way towards the Pitch where the first task will be held. People a buzzing around, excited that the first task is finally here. You and the others take seats closest to the arena, which has a whole bunch of rocks in them.
  3. So, when they start, Viktor makes it wonderfully with a score that puts him in second place. After he got his egg though it was crushed by the dragon, but they gave him a new one all the same. Fleur wasn't as graceful, her clothes were caught on fire so she wasted some time with that. She earned a score that put her in the last place. Cedric tried to use a dog to distract the dragon, but it didn't work too well, but he earned first place.
  4. now, it's Harry's turn. Everyone watches as he slowly makes his way out in the arena. The Dragon attacks him and Harry hardly misses it. "Does he not remember that he can use his wand?" Hermione asks, a little frustrated. "If he doesn't get his head in the game I'm going to jump down there myself!" you say.
  5. So, Harry at first just slowly tries to make his way towards the egg, but it's not working very well for him. You and Hermione become frustrated that he's not using any magic what so ever and so you both lean over the edge and you shout in unison, "YOUR WAND HARRY! USE YOUR WAND!" But as soon as you say it, a different thing happens.
  6. The dragon turns towards you, hearing your voice, and Harry takes that opportunity to reach for the egg. The dragon then starts to walk where you're sitting and it roars. Everyone around you begins to panic as it comes closer and closer and they start to run out of the pitch. You quickly turn around and stand up, but when you take your first step your foot gets stuck between two steps and you can't move. You're stuck.
  7. The dragon breaks it's chain as Harry grabs the egg and it flys above you, hovering. You take your wand out and you still try and get your foot out of the steps but it's stuck pretty good. "What's a charm that will fight off a dragon?" you whisper to yourself, but it's too late. The dragon roars fire at you, and you scream, thinking that you're going to burn. You don't.
  8. It seems as if there's like a force field around you, and the fire is going around and right past you, like river water and a rock. Finally the teachers get the dragon under control and they get your foot unstuck. "Very, very advanced magic there River," Professor Filtwick, your charms teacher, says. You're brought into the hospital that they set up for the competition and everyone's looking at you. "What happened?" Cedric asks, and Hermione and Ron go to him to explain the whole thing.
  9. So they bring you to Madam Promfrey to get your ankle checked and she says that you bruised it pretty bad but it should be fine. She gives you some discussing pain killer to take and she orders that you stay there for a while. A little later Harry, Ron, Hermione, and Cedric (who has a wrap around his head) comes over to visit you. "Are you okay?" Hermione asks.
  10. "What spell did you use?" Cedric asks. "And how did you even know what it was?" You shrug, knowing that it was actually your Angelic powers acting up. "I guess it kind of, happened and the shield charm came up," you say plainly. "Well that was amazing," Ron says, while leaning his arm on Harry's shoulder. You smile. "Seems like you two have made up," you say. The next thing you know, an out of breath Blake bursts into the hospital. "RIVER!" she shouts with rushing over to you. "Are you okay? Where'd it hurt you? Why aren't you moaning in pain? Where are your burns at?" she asks.
  11. "Blake," you say. "I'm fine." "Yeah, she used a shield charm," Harry says. Blake sighs in relief and then regains her cool. "Oh, and congrats Harry," Blake says. "For what?" Harry asks. "Didn't you see your score?" she asks. Harry shakes his head. "I was to busy being rushed to the hospital and wondering what was going on with the dragon," Harry answers. "Well, you and Cedric are both tied for first place."
  12. hey! Ug, so sorry. This quiz S-U-C-K-E-D. I've been having horrible writers block with these quizzes, and I don't know what to type!!! UG! and I'm getting to the good parts to, which sucks. But hey, I told you I'd still be sticking with the quizzes, as well as My Wattpad! (No effect) love you! KIT.

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