Going to Hogwarts with a twist (The Yule Ball) part 26

Sooo... how have ya been? The Yule Ball huh? Maybe you weren't so happy that you went with Harry, BUT. I have something B-I-G planned, that you, well,

may or may not enjoy, but saying that, fifty-six percent of you, well, I'll let you guess. :P XD. ANY WHO, hope you like it, and don't feel afraid to give me some feed back!

Created by: funniebunnie01
  1. Weeks later and it's now the day of the Yule Ball. More snow had fallen, and everything is more cold than it was before, but the roaring fires, and the happy talking of the kids about the ball made everything feel warm and welcoming. You're walking around with Blake though the halls. "So, you've got a dress?" She asks you. You smile and nod. "Yes, Rob and Gala sent me one. It was my mothers," you answer. (I'm just going to make the dress look like anything you want) "Cool," Blake states. "I can't wait for the ball to start, time really needs to hurry up." You laugh at her comment. "And when we're at the ball I'm guessing you'll want it to slow down?" you ask. She smiles and sticks her tongue out at you.
  2. Hours later, you and Blake decide to get ready for the ball and you head your separate ways to your dorms. When you come to the common room hardly anyone is paying attention to you. People are talking about the ball, and it's quite weird how excited the Slytherin's are. No one pays attention to you as you make it into your dorm, but when you get in how ever, this is a different story. Pansy, Millicent, Tracy, and Daphne all stare at you as you make your way to your trunk where you stowed away your dress. "You actually got a date, huh Mudblood?" Pansy speaks up. You look up and smirk at her as you close your trunk. "Yes, I did in fact. He's a champion. Who are you going with Pansy?" you ask, trying to see if you can bring her to he knees.
  3. Pansy just seems dumbfounded and the other girls give you death glares in their fancy snobby rich kid dresses. You shrug as if you didn't do anything wrong and then you start to undress on your bed so the girls wont see your corset. (did you forget about your corset? To be honest i did, AND IT PLAYS A BIG PART! well, not really, but ya know) You hear the girls mumble hateful words at you as you dress in your dress. Soon enough they leave as you start to brush your hair. You're kind of doing everything blind as you're doing your hair because there's no mirrors, but you look wonderful none the less.
  4. You look yourself over one more time and you make sure your dress is put on right and then you head down stairs to the common room. When you get in girls are dressed in their wonderful, flashy dresses, and they all have on fifty pounds of make up. The boys are dressed in dark suits and they combed their hair, people are getting ready to head towards the Entrance Hall. You make your way towards the exit, but that's when everyone falls silent. You can't help but look around as everyone slowly catches the sight of you. "The Mudblood?" someone whispers. You look around and then you catch sight of Draco who just stares at you with his mouth open. He manages to close his mouth in time before Pansy looks at him and smirk. You quickly turn away from everyone as you walk into the dungeon and make your way towards the ball.
  5. People are messing around in hall ways. Girls helping other girls with make up, boys messing around, and showing off to their dates. You just walk by and you feel kind of out of place. You're the only one walking with out a date, though you are by far the most pretty and graceful there. You finally come to the stairs that lead to the Entrance Hall where you see Hermione. She looks wonderful, dressed in a light purple dress with many ruffles, and she hardly has on any make up. Her hair is put in wonderful ringlets that seem to cascade like a waterfall. You two smile at each other and you two walk over to each other. "River, you look wonderful!" Hermione says. You smile and blush a little. "I could say the same to you," you say. She smiles and blushes back. "I guess we should be getting to the hall then," she says. You nod in agreement as you two slowly and gracefully make your way down the stairs.
  6. "So, who'd you end up going with?" you ask Hermione, looking down so you wont trip. How'd that be for an entrance? "Oh, uh... Viktor Krum..." You smile and automatically look up and smile at her. "River," Hermione says, before you can say something. "uh..." She's looking down at the stairs, smiling in embarrassment and you look down at the bottom of the stairs too. Everyone is looking at you and Hermione. EVERYONE. You see Cedric, his date Cho, Harry, Ron, you even see Blake and her date Leo stare at you. You smile in embarrassment too and you look down at your feet as you make your way to Harry. When you do Hermione waves goodbye as you smile at Harry who's still staring at you. You look at him and cock your head. "Uh... Harry..." you say, wondering why he's staring at you. "You look nice." Harry stutters for a second. "Oh, you do too, uh... River." You smile and laugh at him stuttering. "Harry, River, I need you two over here, you'll be the first ones to enter for the first dance," McGonagall speaks up. You nod as she whisks you and Harry away towards the Great Hall.
  7. You and Harry are then lined up, side by side, waiting to be brought into the Great Hall. Your stomach is doing flips and flops as the time is drawing nearer to the first dance. "Are you nervous?" Harry asks. You look up at him and smile and nod. "Yeah, a little," you answer with a bigger smile. "Thank you for asking to go with me," Harry says. "I don't know who else I would go with." You nod at Harry. "Ye-" you start, but that's when McGonagall opens the doors.
  8. You enter the hall with Harry and everything is different. Everything is bright with Christmas decorations, and wonderful music and clapping as you, Harry, and the other Champions enter. People are surprised that you and Harry come in together, also that Hermione and Viktor came in together as well. As you and Harry make it onto the dancing floor the music slowly dies away and so does the talking as you and Harry get into position, which you had to help him put his hand on your waste. "River," he whispers. "I don't dance." You smile. "I'll help you," you say, and that's when the music starts. Harry wasn't all that well of a dancer, and you had to guide him quite a bit. "Do you still wish that you would have gone with Cho?" you ask. He smiles a little. "What? And totally embarrass myself with my horrible dancing?" he asks. You smile and laugh too. The Dance finally comes to an end and Harry quickly gets off the floor, taking you with him. "I think that's enough dancing for one night, what about you?" he asks. You smile as you look to the dancing area again and you see Cedric and Cho go on for another dance. You think why not? "Na, let's have another go," you say, grabbing onto Harry's arm and dragging him towards Cedric and Cho.
  9. "River! What are you doing?" Harry says as you come up to Cedric and Cho. Cedric catches your eyes and smiles, and Cho follows his gaze and smiles when he sees you two. "Hey River," Cedric says. You smile and look at Harry who seems petrified. "Harry was just wondering if he could steal your dance," you say, really fast. "What? No I wasn't," Harry says, faster than you did. Cedric smiles and laughs. "Sure thing, if that's fine with you Cho?" Cedric asks. Cho nods as she walks over to Harry. Harry looks at you, but he can't help but smile at you a little as he takes her away. "Well then," Cedric speaks up. "May I have this dance?" You smile and nod as you give him your hand and he leads you out onto the dance floor.
  10. You and Cedric start off the dance with an odd silence at first. you just listen to the music and feel Cedric's hands guide you on the floor. "So, how are you liking the ball?" Cedric breaks the ice. "Oh, it's wonderful. I know how much Harry like Cho, so I kind of made him steal your date, sorry about that," you say. Cedric laughs a heart warming laugh. "No, that's fine," he says. "So, you have a crush on Harry or something that you were good at keeping away from everyone." You smile and laugh at him and shake your head. "No, no. I didn't know who else to go with, and I knew that he had no one to go with. We just came as friends," you say. He smiles and laughs. "Sorry, my mistake," he says though a laugh. "So, you have a crush on Cho?" you ask. He smiles and laughs again. "No, I was just to embarrassed to ask my real crush," he says. "Well, who was it?" you ask.
  11. "Well," Cedric says. "She's nice, pretty, makes me laugh constantly." You smile and laugh. "Oh, and smart," Cedric adds. You laugh again. "Uh... don't tell me it's Hermione," you say. "Because if it is, I think Viktor beat ya to it." He smiles and laughs. "No, no, I hardly know her, not as well as you do anyways," he says. You smile and cock your head. "Uh... Ginny?" You say, unsure. Cedric gives you a weird look. "What? I'm just pulling names off of the top of my head!" you say, though a laugh, which makes Cedric laugh too. "No, no," he says. "None of them." You give him a weird look. "Well, who is it then?" you ask. "I hope I'm friend enough that you'll tell me." He smiles and laughs at you, which gets you to laugh too. "Well..."
  12. "I'm looking at her right now."
  13. So, Cedric Lovers I hope you're all happy! I know, I got this out an hour and thirty minuets later than I thought I would, but hey, at least I got it out! though it is 12:21 here... Eh, I had sleeping problems anyways. So, how'd you like it? I guess I am making it into parts then! Kind of an awkward moment there, huh? I personally wanted to go with Cedric in the first place so I'm happy, some of you are happy, win, win, possible lose? I don't know, I'm not good at that weird, win, win, lose, lose, win, lose- I'm just going to shut up now. :P XD So, anyways, I'll come out with the next part tomorrow probably, eh, I don't know. Just go against the wind I guess. Love ya! KIT

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