Going to Hogwarts with a twist part 19

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SSSSOOOO.... It's the end of your third year, how are you feeling? Scared? Happy for the summer? Sad? Can't wait for the fourth year? Well either can I!

So, this quiz isn't going to be the best I'm trying to keep it short and sweet so I don't get writers block and besides, not much happens anyways at the end, so if I made it long, I was afraid you'd just leave. So enjoy and I am coming out with the new year soon!

Created by: funniebunnie01
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  1. Of course rumor got around the Sirius Black was out on the loose again, and that you had something to do with him being caught the first time. Who didn't? But you walk down the halls as if nothing happened. You talk with your friends as if everything is the same, even if things have changed. But they were all for the better. You saved two innocent lives, and yet, no one knows that you did besides Harry, Ron, Hermione, Blake, Sirius, and Dumbledore.
  2. So, now it's the last day of school. You've learned from Harry that Lupin will no longer be your DADA teacher. "Why?" you ask. "Now that everyone know's he's a werewolf, no parents want him teaching," Harry answers. "Well that's stupid," Blake says. "No kidding," Ron agrees.
  3. Later, you go to breakfast and you sit at the table. You notice everyone in the Slytherin house is talking about you and how you worked with "filthy Gryffindor," and how much of a stupid "Mudblood" you are. You just smile, knowing that they're wrong. They're [b]always[/b] wrong. Minuets later, you hear squeals of joy from the Gryffindor table. you look over to see what it is.
  4. You say screw it and you walk over to the Gryffindor table where Harry has a new broom. A very fancy broom called the Firebolt. "Who's it from?" You ask excited. "We don't know," Hermione says. "But they left it with this..." Hermione holds up one of Buckbeaks feathers, smiling. You smile too. Blake then walks over to you. "What'd I miss?"
  5. Okay, sorry, but these questions are going to be short... (may effect depending on which one... JK)
  6. Finally, it's time to head home. You, Blake, Harry, Hermione, Ron, and Cedric even tagged along, walk towards the train station. "So, it's the end of the year already," Cedric says. "Yeah, guess so," you say as you and your friends walk into a compartment together. You sit next to Cedric and Blake and you all talk the whole way there. The weather was nice when you got out in the station.
  7. You look around the station, trying to see if you can spot Rob and Gala. Blonde hair, catches your eyes. You look over and see Draco, and his father. Draco watches as his father talks to someone else, but as if he feels your eyes on him, he looks at you. You smile a little and he smiles back and waves to you. You wave back. "River," you hear Blake say. You turn to her. "Yeah?" you ask. "I have to leave..." she says. "Oh..." you say. "I'll see you next year then," you say. She nods. "Yeah, see you next year." She gives you a hug. "I'm still inviting you over for Christmas," she says. You laugh as you let her go. "Of course," you say. "See you next year."
  8. "River!" you hear Rob shout for you. You look over and see Rob and Gala and you hold up one finger, meaning just a minuet. "I have to go guys," you say. They all smile at you. "Okay, bye River, see you next year," Ron says. "But hey, uh, we're heading to the Quidditch World Cup, I'll send you a letter, the money's on us." You smile and hug him. Thank you Ron. You give hugs to everyone else (including Cedric) and then you walk over to Rob and Gala.
  9. "Dumbledore told us about everything that happened," Rob said. "And you should have told us." "Well, how do you tell your care takers that you're seeing a guy that everyone thinks is a killer?" you ask. "River," Gala says though a laugh. "We were his friends," she says. You're stunned and you choke on your words. "O-Oh," you say.
  10. "You still have the gift we gave you on?" Rob asks. You reach under your shirt, knowing that you're not going to feel anything, but you do. You though that you lost it when you were attacked by Lupin. "Yeah," you say. You look up. "Always."
  11. "Let's get home then," Rob says. You nod as you drag your trunk behind you and then you go back into the muggle world. "So, how was your first year?" Gala asks. "Fun, and awesome," you answer. "Make any new friends?" Gala asks. "But they better not be boyfriends, or else I'm going to have a stern conversation with him," Rob says. You laugh. "Guy friends, but no boyfriends," you answer. "But a friend of mine invited me to the Quidditch World Cup with them, if that's okay." Rob and Gala nod. "Yeah, that's fine, who?" Gala asks. "Ron and Ginny Weasly," you say, so then Rob wont go on and on about how he's going to pound Ron into the ground.
  12. Gala then turns to you, pretending to hold up a microphone to you. "So, River, You just survived a new year at school, how do you feel?" she asks. You smile. You remember all the laughs, the cries, the scares, and the boring times you had at school, but most of all, you remember the new friends you've made. You smile again. "I can't wait to go back."
  13. YAY! It's the end of your third year! There are lots of promises for your fourth year, and sorry this quiz sucked, I just wanted to hurry and get to the new year!!! So, I'm going to try and get part 20 out as soon as I can!!! KIT (no effect)

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