Going to Hogwarts with a twist (The First Task) Revised

I'VE DONE IT! THE BETTER VERSION OF THE FIRST TASK IS NOW COMPLETE! Ha got a new laptop. Stupid virus crashed it or something. Personally, viruses can

go screw themselves. THEY HAVE NO USE IN THIS WORLD BESIDES MAKEING PEOPLE MAD! Ha, almost put made. LOLz. So... here is the revised part, hope you love it!

Created by: funniebunnie01 of My Wattpad
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  1. Harry was shocked and scared to death when they told him that he had to play in the games no matter what. They say he was bound in a powerful contract, and he can't get out no matter what. "It's stupid," you say, while you're walking with Harry and Hermione during break the next day. "I mean, he's under age! They can't make him do it, can they?" Hermione sighs. "It's bound by a powerful contract, he HAS to, even if he didn't put his name in." Hermione looks at Harry, and it seems as if he's not even paying attention to you guys. Ever since he was chosen to play in the tournament, Ron became mad at him and the two stopped talking after that.
  2. You're walking around a few days later by yourself on a weekend, just looking at the courtyard, the trees and the colors that are slowly begging to change. "What are you going to do about it?" you hear Pansy speak up. You turn towards her voice and you see, of course, Pansy. She's holding a silk, light blue bag high over her head and there's a pretty little girl, no more than eight, looking up, reaching for the bag. "You've gotta reach higher than that," Pansy says, as the little girl reaches for it. You can tell the girl is from Beauxbatons because she's still wearing her blue uniform. The girl says something in rapid French. "Sorry, I don't speak stupid," Pansy says. You quickly walk over to Pansy and you cross your arms and look at her. Pansy sees you out of the side of her eyes and looks over at you. "What are you looking at Mudblood?" she spits at you. "Give her the bloody bag back, will you?" you suggest. The young girl looks at you, and she seems as if she's about to cry. "Why should I?" Pansy asks, leaning to one side.
  3. "Because what you're doing isn't right," you say. Pansy smirks at you. "It isn't right, huh?" she asks. She turns towards a near by tree and tosses the bag at it, getting it caught in it's branches. The girl screams at her and Pansy just smiles and with out a word, walks away.
  4. The little girl turns towards you and rushes to you. "You 'ave to get my bag down!" she says in English. You smile a little bit down at her worried face and you walk over towards the tree with your wand out. You use the windgardum leveosa (I know, I spelt that wrong but I don't feel like looking it up. (; ) and the bag slowly floats down and the girl grabs it. The girl turns to you and smiles as she turns to you. "T'ank you," she says. "Vhat is your name?" You smile. "River ____," you answer. "Gabrielle Delacour," Gabrielle introduces herself. You hold out your hand but she pushes it away and pulls you down. She kisses both of your cheeks and you smile and laugh a little bit. "T'ank you," she says again. "'Opefully I vill, see you again?" she says. You smile and nod. "Sure thing," you say, as you wave to her as she walks away.
  5. "French people are weird," Blake says, a few days after that, as you two are walking to your next class together. "I guess that's just what they're used to," you say, as you pull your books closer to your chest. Blake shrugs. "I guess," she says, watching as a group of Durmstrang students walk by. "So, what do you think the thing with Harry and all is about. Did he really put his name in? And how'd he do it?" Blake asks all of a sudden. "I don't think he did it," you say quickly. "Why?" Blake asks. "How would he get past the age, mark, thingy that Hermione was talking about?" you ask. "I hear the twins did it and they grew beards and stuff like that." Blake starts to laugh. "Oh yeah, I was there watching them. They started to wrestle around like a bunch of idiots!" You start to laugh as you imagine on how that would look like. You shake your head, remembering on what you were talking about a few seconds ago. "Blake. Listen!" you say at a whispering shout. "I don't think Harry did it! Someone else must have! If the twins failed at it, I don't think Harry who's much younger, could have done it." Blake takes this in and shrugs. "I don't know... None of this seems right." You sigh and look around. "You've got that right."
  6. A long time later, you, Blake, Hermione, and Ron are walking towards the Quidditch field. It was now time for the first task and everyone from all three schools were making it towards the pitch. People were talking, and people were laughing, but all you could think about how scared Harry must be. "I still think he should hav-" Ron starts. "Ronald Weasley!" you shout, finally sick and tired of him talking smack about Harry. "He was your best friend for Lord knows how long, and you're now mad at him for something that you DON'T have proof of?!" Everyone in the group stops and looks at you. Though they're all looking at you, you only look at Ron. "Well," you ask, folding your arms at him. Ron stutters, but no words come out. You throw a Death calling glare at him. "When this is over," you state firmly. "You're saying sorry to him." Ron doesn't say anything, he just dumbly nods as you walk away from him.
  7. "Whoa," Blake says, as you two make it into the Pitch. "Kind of harsh, don't ya think?" You shrug. "I was sick and tired of them fighting. Anyone else can believe what ever they want, but Harry didn't put his name in," you say firmly. You and Blake don't talk for a while as you find a seat and you sit down. The Pitch is now replaced with something new. There are huge rocks every where, and there's some sort of cave which is where you're guessing the champions come in though. Hermione and Ron catch up to you two and they take the seats next to you and Blake. People are talking and it seems as if it might rain today because of the darkening clouds, but that just might be you in your bad mood. It's been a while, and finally Viktor comes out at the sound of the cannon.
  8. (So I'm just going to make this part kind of fast, doing crappy descriptions here. LOLZ) So, Viktor ended up getting his Egg in decent time, but the dragon that he had to face fell on it and crushed it. They gave him an egg though for fairness. Fleur Delacour didn't get so well. She wasted time trying to put out her shirt which she caught on fire. She's so far has the lowest score. Cedric did wonderful though. He so far has the highest score, but he resived the lowest score from the Head of Dormstrang. Cedric though did almost get a fatal blow by his head but he seemed as if he was doing okay. Now it was Harry's turn, and your stomach was twisting and turning for him as they brought out the most deadly dragon you've seen yet. Not too much people cheer when he was into the Pitch.
  9. (UUUHHH my computer chose to update so I couldn't type it. Thanks to it I could have gotten it out 5 min. earlier) Harry wasn't doing too well at first. The Dragon was throwing fire at him and he wouldn't do anything to fight back to it. You and Hermione lean over the edge towards the Pitch and shout in unison, "HARRY! YOUR WAND! USE YOUR WAND!" You and Hermione smile to each other a little. The dragon was in mid yell when it stops and turns around. Harry uses this to run after the egg. The dragon heads in your direction and yells as it starts to charge. People scream in fear and then run away. Blake grabs you and pulls you. "RIVER ARE YOU CRAZY?" she yells. "WE'RE GETTING THE BLOODY HELL OUT OF HERE!" She let's go of your arm and then you begin to run after her. Since you were closest to the rails, you were the last one running behind the group of people. The next thing you know you trip and you lose your balance. You hit your head on the stairs and everything becomes fuzzy. You hear the dragon yell again and you turn to look at it. It's broken it's chain and it's now looming over you.
  10. No one notices that you've fallen and that you're too fuzzy to stand up. The dragon opens it's mouth and yells at you and it's foul breath fills your lungs as you forget to hold your breath. You do your best to back up a little but you don't get very far. The next thing you know the dragon breaths fire at you. You think that when it's done with you your body will be a charred mess, but the thing is you don't feel pain. You don't even feel heat for that matter. You look around and you see what seems to be a shield around you. It's a red see though shield and you can hear the screams of everyone, thinking that you're slowly burning to a crisp. The next thing you know, some one distracts the dragon and it slowly walks away. You feel arms pick you up and they're rushing you towards the champions hospital that they set up just in case they got hurt. You look up and you see a man with flaming red hair and a scarred face. "One bloody hell of a show there kid," he says as he rushes you into the hospital. You look at him sideways and ask, "are you Ron's brother?" He laughs and looks down at you as Madam Pomfrey rushes to you. "Let me guess, the hair gave it away?" he asks. You're whisked away from him as Madam Pomfrey has him set you on a bed and she shoes everyone away. She patches up your head but you still feel fuzzy. She then points her wand at your head and then mutters a spell that you can't quite hear and the fuzzyness goes away.
  11. Everyone is rushing around you. News reporters, Harry, Cedric, Ron, Blake, Hermione, even Fleur Delacour is around your bed. Madam Pomfrey shoes everyone away, but you tell her to leave your friends, including Fleur. "Are you alright?" Hermione asks. You smile. "I am now," you answer. You turn to Fleur. "Hi," you say. She smiles. "I just vant to t'ank you 'or 'elping my sister," Fleur says. You get a confused look on your face. "What?" You ask. "My sister, Gabrielle?" Fleur says. You nod and then your eyes go wide. "That was your sister?" you ask. Fleur nods and laughs. "Yes," she says. "T'ank you." You smile and look around. Ron and Harry are talking and it seems as if they're smiling. They look over to you and Ron nods. "Look," Cedric speaks up. "We've got matching patches on our heads." You look at him and see that his head is patched up from facing the dragon and you laugh. (I here quote what Cedric says from aadee) "It was stupid of Harry to leave you to face the dragon by yourself," he says. "You should get his place and Harry should be disqualified!" You laugh at his words and Harry complains about it.
  12. So, afterwords, everyone heads back towards the castle. Blake is practically jumping at anything that comes near you and you assure her a million times that nothing is going to try and hurt you. When you get back to the castle everyone is talking about you. It seems as if no one cares that both Hogwarts champions are in first place, they just want to gossip about you. "You know what this means now Harry?" Hermione asks. "What?" Harry asks. "You have to find out what the second task is," she answers. Harry Groans and you laugh. "And a date," Cedric adds. Everyone looks at him and you all say in unison, "what?" Cedric looks at all of you. "You guys don't know about the Yule Ball they're hosting during Christmas?" You all shake your heads. "Well, the champions have to find a date because we do the opening dance," Cedric answers. Your stomach twists and turns.
  13. So, you all head to the Great Hall to eat dinner and you eat alone. You talk a little after dinner, but not for long. When you head back into your dorm hardly anyone talks. You think it's because that you got the center of attention and they don't even want to make fun of you they're that mad at you. You don't have a restful sleep. Your night's full of horror and nightmares. You keep on seeing stars, and head stones, and a single flash of green light. Though it may have seemed that the First Task was the worst thing that you will ever seen or be in. Take my words. It's not.
  14. (No effect) Heya! Hope you liked it! Sorry it took me so long. My computer got a virus in it and it crashed. yay...... But hey, new laptop and I made a better version of the last one. I feel like I'm rushing the story line though. I think I should add some fluff just to make you guys mad. :P LOLz. ANYWAYS I should be comming out with quizzes more often and I'll try to get the next one out as soon as I can. Love ya! KIT.

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