Does someone want to kidnap you?

Are people fallowing you around? Do you constantly see white vans around your town/city? Do you think someone might be stalking you, or even worse?

Is someone trying to kidnap you? Or do you not know? Take the quiz and see if someone is trying to kidnap you or not, but hey, it's just a quiz. It's not always going to be correct.

Created by: funniebunnie01
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  1. Have you ever noticed that cars/and or people have been fallowing you/ you see them near your home/work/school often just being all weird, creepy and stalker like?
  2. Do you know people through family (ex. like parents) who are known felons?
  3. Has (if any) of the people who are fallowing ever offered to give you a ride.
  4. Do you carry any forms of weapons on you when out in a public place that allows them? Ex: pepper spray, guns, knives, etc.
  5. Someone points a gun at your head telling you to get into their truck/car you...?
  6. Do any of your friends have friends who are fellons?
  7. Do any of your friends have family who are fellons?
  8. Do you have a home protection security system? Like ADT?
  9. Do you know the town/city you live in well?
  10. If I told you I was a homeless person, and that I needed help trying to save my poor puppy friend, would you help me?
  11. Okay, so, here's the end of the quiz. Just want to make sure you know, this was just a quiz and that the answers aren't correct. okay, bye. (No effect)

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