Find Your True Love

We are all looking for luv right? Well, wut if 3 guys, really hot guys, come and kidnap you? Will you fall in love or kill them all?

Mike- who has dirty blonde hair and eyes, Joss who has beach blonde hair and black eyes, or Tyler who has brown hair and green eyes? Which one will you pick? oh, and...they have powers too.......

Created by: Staryie128
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  1. Your in ur room listening to some music when you hear cussing and fighting outside. What do you do??
  2. You look out the window anyways and you see 2 hot guys fighting and 1 just watching them fight. The one watching looks up towards you. What do you do?
  3. You quickly move away from the window. The fighting stops, and so does the cussing. You go back to bed. But as you start to get comfy, the doorbell rings. you go downstairs. What do you do?
  4. (lets say you picked the 2nd one) You answer the door and hit the first person you see, which has brown hair and dark green eyes.
  5. You look up and see the other 2 boys. The one with beach-blonde hair and black eyes helps brown-haired guy and the other, who has dirty blonde hair that hangs over his icy blue eys, come after you. What do you do??
  6. (lets say you picked the 1st one) You start running towards the kitchen. But before you could get there, Mr. Blue Eyes grabs you, says 'Sry miss' and knocks you out.
  7. You wake up and see that ur in a room that is only lighted by a single candle. What is ur first thought?
  8. You start thinking of a plan when you hear footstgeps coming your way...who is it?
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