Time Less Love part 4

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Last time you, shared a kiss with Drake and now everyone is fighting over you, which happens to be kind of fun. Altough the boys all seem to be desperate and all need your help, let's find out what happens

Drake:Cute shy one who wears all black and has his black hair over part of one of his eyes, huge crush on you Adam:Ego manic sandy bloand hair, frackles, cute smile and totally expects you to chase him around like a deranged fangirl and is surprised that you don't Henry:Adam's fraternal twin(older) brown hair, dimples, hot smile, and has an ego but not as big as his little brothers Ethan:Big, muscular, smart, quiet one, he loves you personality, courage and intelligence

Created by: BlackandWhite
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  1. You can just see how grateful he is and it's so overwhelming. Then Drake begins to lean in to kiss you and as soon as your lips touch the door swings open and ther stands Ethan and Henry, You're thinking?
  2. "Guys I," you begin but Ethan cuts you off, "It doesn't matter, it's fine," and with that he left. Henry just looked from you to Drake and then followed Ethan down the stairs. "I'm sorry," Drake says apologetically with concern in his eyes and with that leaves alone in your room. What are you thinking now?
  3. You just sit there thinking of everything that had just went wrong. You notice it's late and decide to go to bed and fix everything later. You go to get some PJs what do you pick?
  4. What ever you pick you put it on and crawl into bed. You begin to dream of who?
  5. As you dream it changes into a nightmare the ground is torched and there are flames burning everywhere huts on fire and soldiers marching dragging people around. No one seems to notice you and you begin to walk around at the scene. It looks terrible woman and children running to a forest only to be cut off by the soldiers and the men gathered and being slaughtered it's a horrific sight and it's terrifying. What's going trough your head
  6. What ever you pick suddenly you cense someone jump down behind you and you turn to see a girl with pretty long blond hair with a small gold crown, with fair skin and a beautiful purple eyes to match her velvet robe. She looks about your age. She looks at you curiously. Then she begins to smile mischievously, "Hello," she says, apparently she is the only one that can see you, and in less than a second her hand flashes around your neck squeezing tightly. Her eyes are fierce and dangerous looking, and show no mercy. You begin to suffocate and try to scream and in an instant your sitting upright in your bed covered in cold sweat brething heavily, you thoughts are?
  7. "______, are you alright?" Henry asks as he swings open your door
  8. Let's say you decide on, "Yah I'm fine, just a bad dream," "About what," Henry says coming to sit on your bed with a look of concern. You look at him for a second debating on telling him but you do anyway, "Well I saw something," you say hesitatingly, "About what?" Henry asks. "Well ok," You begin to tell him the whole story about the flames, burning houses, soldiers, and the blond girl. When you get the soldiers and girl he seems to get very concerned and restless, he tells you to stay here and runs to get the others. After a few minutes all the boys are in your room, all looking not too happy to be woken up but after you tell them about your dream they all give you full attention, they all seem concerned and a bit frightened, your thinking?
  9. "______, she was blond and had purple eyes, and she choked you?" Ethan asked as he sat down on your bed next to you. You nod your head quietly and all the guys look nervously at each other. "We believe... you might have seen Moral _____, this could be dangerous." Ethan continues, "You have to tell us exactly what you saw, describe the setting." They all look at you with pleading eyes. "Ok I'll tell you, um that was a forest off to the side. Everyone seemed to try to get to the forest, but the soldiers block their way, there were huts a well in the middle of the town and... there was a sign that said "˜Bridge Way year 1896" it was strange. "Wait I know where that is," Drake retorts, "It's not far from here it burned down a few years ago. Your thinking?
  10. "We have to go there," Adam added, "But how?" you ask curiously. They all look at you and they all seem to realize something, "Oh we forgot!" Henry said, "How could we forget? We're all idiots," Ethan put in. "What," you ask feeling a bit left out and lost. "Your training," Adam says aggregately to himself, "We forgot. Do you know how to use any of your powers?" He asks. "Uh no?" you say confused. "Oh well we'll just have to start tomorrow, we'll leave to sleep," and with that he and the others leave. Your thinking?
  11. Oh well that's it for today too bad are you ready for 5? If not comment and I'll make another but you better get ready. Did you like it?

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