Who will you love? part 22

Okay, first off. SORRY! I know it's been more than a month but I'm really busy, I'll try get the next one out soon (: sorry that I go on about the decorations loads and also there's loads more characters too so sorry 'bout that, just try to keep up (:

If you haven't done parts 1-21 DO THEM NOW!! Roar.. Well in this part it's Christmas Eve and the night of the masked ball which you're going to as Seths' date. Oh and the guys are scarily rich.. With things like 'Motion Activated Glitter' haha. Put in comments who you love and if there's anything you wanna say to me :D Thanks for taking part.

Created by: Alethea
  1. Your head feels dizzy as you sit up in your bed "What the hell!?" You say looking around your room in amazement, it has been decorated with gold and silver tinsel, paper snowflakes and glitter has been scattered across the room.
  2. You're very curious as to what this is so you jump out of bed and look down the hallway, it's in complete darkness apart from star-shaped twinkly lights all down the hallway, glitter has been sprinkled along the floor so it sparkles all along. Gold tinsel has been wrapped round the stair bannister. As you run down the stairs you notice that holly (the plant) has been put all up the side of one wall
  3. You walk down the hallway toward the kitchen, it's pitch black apart from the dim lights in the floor, you walk slowly toward the light in the kitchen. You causiously look around you and notice that there's glitter falling from the cieling, everywhere is sparkling.
  4. You reach the kitchen, you look down and see you're COVERED in glitter from head to toe. Conneris sitting at the table, he laughs when he sees you looking bewildered. "We decided to give the house a little Christmas makeover!" He says winking
  5. "We did it overnight. The falling glitter is motion activated." He says watching you shake your hair to get the glitter out. "I assume you haven't seen the living room yet." He says grinning. You're preoccupied with brushing glitter off yourself "Not yet.." You say looking down. "Would you like to?" He says, his voice sounds a lot closer than before, you look up and see him standing very close to you holding out his hand.
  6. You take his hand and he leads you to the living room, his hand is cool - it's nice. He doesn't look at you but you can see that he's smiling, although his eyes look tired - they're also sparkling. He stops abruptly and says "Ok, now close your eyes!"
  7. Conner shakes his head at you, but he's smiling. *I don't trust you!" He says putting his hands over your eyes. You hear the door open, Conner leads you inside. He still has his hands over your eyes "Alright!" He says taking away his hands, you open your eyes to a vast array of colour dazzling scarlet, vibrant emerald, shimmering gold. You focus on the tree it's HUUUGE, nearly reaching the ceiling, COVERED in tinsel, baubles, lights and other decorations. You notice that mistletoe has been put all over the ceiling.
  8. He notices you staring at the mistletoe and says "The mistletoe was Gavins' idea.." You nod, of course it was Gavin. "Hey Con-" you turn round to ask him who decorated your room but he cuts you off with a surprise kiss!
  9. It's quick but sweet, he smiles and says "I probably shouldn't have done that, you're Seths' date today. Hehe." He flicks a piece of your hair and says "Alethea will be here soon.."
  10. "We have.. Something to discuss. Oh, and don't use your powers tonight because Gavins date doesn't know about the gifted.."
  11. "I'm taking Elise, she's a good friend of mine. I'm sure you'll like her. She's amazing!" He says smiling brightly. "So does she know about the gifted too?" You ask curiously. "Yeah.. She does.." He says with a sad smile, he leaves the room.
  12. You decide to go before Gavin comes in the 'mistletoe room'. You're about to make your way to your room when there's a knock on the door..
  13. You open the front door to reveal Alethea, carrying dozens of makeup bags as well as straighteners and curling tongs. She also has another bag with clothes in but you already have your dress. She looks at the sparkling hallway and says "Hmm, not bad. This is the first time they've decorated the house at Christmas." She smiles brightly, you can't help but grin in return.
  14. You both go up to your room and she leaves everything in there. "The guys want to talk about Jake and Harley, so we'd better find them." You look confused, Jake? Harley? Alethea sees your face and says "Jake is Gavins' nephew and Harley is Conners' younger sibling, we believe the people that ordered Theo to kill you and Shayne to kill Theo are targeting all our loved ones.."
  15. You go to the dining room where all the guys are sat at the grand table, you sit down and Seth says "We can now confirm that our loved ones are being targeted, Sienna for Blake, Jake for Gavin, Harley for Conner.. In order to protect them we'll need to fight." Alethea then says "But _____ was targeted too, so whose loved one is she? Seth?"
  16. Blake shakes his head and says "No it won't be Seth. If it's like Sienna, it's likely they've been keeping tabs on you for around a year before they sent Theo. So I'm guessing it was someone you knew before you met us." Conner nods in agreement and says "Yes, that makes sense. But then who's Seths' important person?" Everyone turns toward Seth. "All I can think of is my mum, but she passed away about 50 years ago. I've got no-one else.."
  17. Gavin blurts out "Well we need some sort of plan!!" You know how much Gavins' family means to him. Seth says "Right we need a plan, it should be easy enough to protect Jake because we know where he lives but Harley isn't as easy.." "Why?" You ask. "Well because of incidents in the past caused by me, Harley is on the run." Says Conner.
  18. You discuss strategies etc till around lunch time. You decide to get a shower so your hair is fresh for styling. How do you want your hair?
  19. Whilst Alethea is working on your hair you ask "Are you coming tonight?" She nods and replies "Yeah, Blake's taking me." OW! There's an odd pain in your chest when she says that. She notices the look on your face and stammers "No! No! Not like that, just friends I mean!" She blushes a little and announces "Your hair's finished!" She takes out her dress and you both get changed (carefully so it doesn't screw up your hair!).
  20. You admire the dress you chose [Me: Yah, a from a couple of quizes ago, seems like most people chose the silver sparkly shoes so we'll go with them (:]. Alethea's dress is a little white dress with white heels that have roses all over them, she styles her hair in the half updo and empties the contents of all the makeup bags.
  21. You decide to do your own makeup (natural or the works, it's up to you). Anyways, when you're done applying the makeup Althea grins and says "Ready for your grand reveal?" You giggle and follow her down the stairs..
  22. As you walk down you see all the guys plus 2 other girls. One has her arms round Gavin (He looks very uncomfortable), she has long bright blonde hair, it's very straight - like it's stuck to her head, she's skinny and wearing a tight, short leopard print dress with red very high heels and bright pink lipstick and too much bronzer. She's the one that doesn't know about the gifted.
  23. You look away from the life sized Barbie to Conners' friend Elise, she's kinda short, wearing a knee-length dark purple dress and has a necklace with a music note on it, she has white flats with dark purple bows on them. Her hair is long but she has short bangs and a side fringe, it's dark brown with a blonde streak, she seems shy.
  24. You avert your eyes from the girls to all the guys who all have an expression that looks a little like - :O which seems to annoy the blonde girl when she sees Gavin. Elise looks at you then Conner, her eyes widen in surprise, itKs almost as if you can see a little lightbulb over her head. The silence remains for about 5 more seconds but it's broken by the oompa loompa "Hiya babes! I'm Brandi Tiller, like oh my god! I didn't think you'd be this pretty, like, yeah!" She then starts cackling away and throwing her arms round Gavin.
  25. "Like, we're totally gonna need to sort out who's like going in which car." Brandi pipes. All 4 jaws shut stimultaniously and Seth says "Erm, yes. One car can carry 5, the other can have 3.." "Oh! I'll like totally go with the guys! You girlies have fun, m'kay?"
  26. As they're walking out the door Brandi turns and winks at Seth, then pushes Blake out the door - her hands are VERY close to his butt. She flicks her hair and sings "Let's go Con-con!!"
  27. You're left with Alethea and Elise. Lwell there's no point just standing here, let's go." You walk down to the car, Seth smiles at you as he gets into the other car. You have a driver so all 3 of you get in the back seat with you in the middle. Elise suddenly blurts out "Are you Conners' lover??"
  28. She blushes and looks down "Sorry, I just had to know.. Conner's special to me." "So what's the story behind you two anyway?" Alethea asks curiously. "I've known him my whole life, I often saw him just by chance. He confused me but I wanted to be friends. The man who never aged. He always looked out for me, when I was 8 I asked him his name but then I didn't see him again till I was 15, I was shocked because he looked exactly the same as he did 7 years ago. Those 7 years were lonely, I couldn't believe my friend would leave without even saying goodbye.."
  29. "When I saw him again when I was 15 I immediately ran up and hugged him, he just smiled and said 'Hello again Eli.' Just that fact that he'd remembered my name made me so happy. I got to know him better and better, I'm not completely sure when my strong feelings toward him became love, but even though I can never be with him, I wouldn't change a thing. I'm in love with him.."
  30. Alethea says "Conner loves you back doesn't he? But it's because he's gifted and you're human, right?" She nods, you look at her sad brown eyes, she's obviously heartbroken. "I can't be with him.. One day I'll be an old woman. He'll find someone younger and prettier. How can he possibly love me knowing that?" She sighs..
  31. 'We're here." Alethea says, the guys and Brandi arrived first "Masks out!" Brandi trills taking out her pink mask with attached bunny ears, she starts cackling away again. Seth walks over and hands you a single red rose, he smiles sweetly and says "You really do look beautiful, oh and sorry about Brandi. She asked Gavin to be her date.."
  32. You smirk at Brandi. Everyone puts on their masks, it's not hard to telll it's them (Afterall they are the fittest guys there:p). You walk toward the building with the masses of masked people. Seth holds your hand smiling, Brandi has her arms round a very bored looking Gavin, Blake and Alethea are just chatting friendly and Conner has his hands in tight fists (trying to stop himself from reaching out to hold Elises' hand).
  33. You enter the hall where all the dancing is, there's also a bar area too. Gavin nudges Blake and says "You wouldn't buy me a pint would ya?" They both laugh and Brandi cackles along with them. You see a lot of people, everyone looks so glamourous. You spend the majority of your time there dancing, Seth goes to get you a drink and you feel a tap on your shoulder..
  34. You turn around and see Howl grinning at you, "Hey there, I said I'd come didn't I?". "What, is that your Dads' suit?" You ask him. "Yup! And this is my date.." The girl standing next to Howl looks plain, not someone you'd pick out in a croud, she looks very ordinary. But strangely you feel quite sick, "I'm just gonna go for some fresh air, bye!" You rush out the hall onto a balcony.
  35. You take deep breathes but before you even realise it you have tears streaming down your face, a date??. You put your head in your hands but you hear the door open behind you, you turn round to see who it is. It's a familiar looking boy, with sandy coloured hair and astonishing orange eyes, a very pretty looking boy. He smiles when he sees you and says "Alright love? It's bloody freezing out here, you gonna come inside?"
  36. "IT'S YOU!" You say pointing at him, "Yeah, I'm me." He says laughing. You stay where you are frozen in shock, he sighs and says "Well, if you won't come inside.. I guess I'll just have to warm you up me'self." He walks over and gives you a big hug!
  37. After a minute of hugging he puts his hand on your cheek and says "hmm, still cold. I guess I have no choice." He then starts kissing you, now you're warm!! When he stops he looks at you and says "Teehee, you're cheeks are all red!" The clock strikes 12 and the boy looks alarmed "Shizz Muffins, gotta go.. But first!" He kisses you again one last time then winks.
  38. "Bye!" He says running back inside, you stand there for a minute looking bewildered, wondering what just happened. Then something in you is just yelling 'FOLLOW HIM' so you run back inside.. He's nowhere to be seen. You spend the rest of the night with Seth and everyone. You get in the cars and go home with the guys, you can't get the oranged eyed guy out your head, at the house you all sit in the living room next to the fire.
  39. Gavin sits next to you and says "Oh look _____! We're under the mistletoe.. Know what that means!" Gavin grins. Blake sits inbetween you and says "Now I'm under the mistletoe too.. Pucker up!" Gavin laughs and says "You're ruining my fun Blake!". Everything is relaxed and happy.. There's a knock on the door.
  40. Everything goes quiet. "I'll get it." Seth says leaving the room, he walks back in a minute later and says "Everyone.. It looks like we've got a guest this Christmas..". He moves away from the door and someone walks in with bright blonde hair and pink eyes, wearing a long white fluffy coat and light pink tights with white shoes. Something looks wrong about her, she says "CONNER!" And runs into him, knocking him to the floor.. "Conner! Who is this??" You ask confused. Conner looks up and says "Well, this is..."
  41. TO BE CONTINUED!! Okay! Who do you love? :3

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