Time Less Love part 3

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YAY!!!!! 3 is here comment and rate my quizes and don't worry I have free time for just a bit longer so if you want more say so!!! Ok if you didn't take the first quizes tae them of you'll be lost ok so take them, TAKE THEM NOW!!!! n_n

Guy Disciptions: Drake:Cute short one with black hair over part of one eye, shy and cute, and nervous Adam:The ego maniac like his brother but his biggeer he's the one with sandy blond hair and the one with freckles on his nose and a cute smile Henry:Adam's older brother by like 2 minutes they are twins but don't look alike he's the one with brown hair, dimples, and a cute smile Ethan:The large muscular, smart, quiet one with brown hair and he has amazing intelligence

Created by: BlackandWhite
  1. "Guys that is kind of mean to say," you tell them, and in that instant everyone in the room turned to look at you and you look back, "It was only a joke," said Adam, "Yeah lighten up," continued Henry. "It's still mean," you say firmly and in the next second Drake goes through the door with a forced smile, "I saved it," he said holding a pie and bringing in a pumpkin pie and setting it down on the table with the other food, the twins still throw you glances but you ignore them and notice all the food what do you pick? (This matters)
  2. You all eat quietly and the twins continue to glance over at you which you desperately try to ignore, after several minutes Ethan tries to start a conversation, "So _____, we did promise to tell you what's really going on, so we better start, let's just say your not where you think you are," you're thinking...
  3. *Assuming you picked all the above* "Well," Ethan begins, "Right now your in the past, pretty far in the past really, we brought you here because we need your help. I know this is a lot to take in right now but we need you to hang in there. We need you help to stop an evil presence, it effected the future so we brought here because it's better to stop it now in the past, because it destroys the future." He stops for awhile and all the boys stare at you to see you reaction, your reaction is...?
  4. "Uh,umm" you stammer. "______, this is really important you have to believe us. The world, and future is a stake here just hear us out. "We have powers," Henry says, "I can run fast and fly, Adam can read minds and fly, Ethan has super strength and is really smart, and Drake can turn invisible and perform magic. Adam and I can both fly because ewe both got that from family traits but you see our point." They all sit to see you r reaction you...?
  5. "Ok," you say "Tell me more." All there faces seem to brighten and they continue on, "Well," Adam continues, "We all have powers, but we brought you here because we believe you have powers as well. We believe you have the power to time travel and the power of prophecy; and maybe even the talent to preform magic as well but we're still not sure." You're thinking?
  6. "Ok but why am I really here?"It seems ridiculous to you but at the same time you still seem to accept it. "Well we're glad you asked," said Ethan. "There is an evil presence lurking around our lands and we need your help stopping it, the presence has taken a human form, but she's really an ugly witch who took the form of a beautiful young woman, she is called Moral, though she has none. She is known for kidnapping children and stealing their youth to keep herself young. She also is known for jumping back and forth through time and causing chaos. She stared a lot of wars. She even started World War 1." All the boys watch you as you think what do you think?
  7. "I'll help you," you say and all the guys stare at you wide eyed, "Thank you ______, this means a lot to us Drake stammers. "No problem, you can count on me," you say back. Drake's eyes get wider and his face turns red and turns his head away quickly and looks down, though the other guys don't really notice, Drake is begins to fidget from embarrassment. You all finish your dinner and Adam offers to take you to your room, you're thinking?
  8. Whatever you pick Adam takes you anyway. You walk both walk silently up the stairs you notice Adam keep looking at you though you don't give hints you notice or care. It seems like he wants to talk to you but he can't get the words out. You get to your room and ask where's the bathroom just incase and he points to a door across from your. He laughs at the fact you didn't guess which really seems to get on your nerves you turn to your room door you go in and slam the door behind you, you're thinking
  9. After a few minutes there's a knock on you door and you open it and there stands Adam, "Were there the whole time?" Adam shifts nervously, "I didn't mean to be mean," he says not looking you in the eye or answering your question , "I was trying to be funny." The look on his face makes you have a bit more sympathy, "Well it was mean and you have to be careful about what you say, and try not to be offensive," you say with your arms folded in front of you. "Well I'm sorry," Adam says. "Oh don't tell it to me tell it to Drake," he finally meets your eyes and nods but something in his eyes seems like he's expecting something from you and when you just stay there he just says ok and leaves. "Bye," you say and close the door behind you and go back to your book. You're thinking
  10. After about 3 chapters or your book you decide to explore the house, and you go to the door. As soon as you open it you see Drake there fist raised ready to knock on the door. For a moment you both stare at each other, "Um, I..I..I..I just wanted to, thank you, you know for standing up for me and all," he says nervously. You look at him for a moment his adam's apple bobbing nervously, "Come on in," you say sweetly, "You mean it," he mutters arm still raised, "Yes," you say placing a hand on his arm indicating he can lower it. He blushes wildly and goes in. You gesture him to sit on the bed next to do which he does. You're thinking...?
  11. Thank you for making Adam apologize. That was really sweet of you to stand up for me after what he said." Drake said, "Wait you know what he said?" You say surprised. "Yah I heard from the kitchen, I almost didn't come back out because of what he said but then you called him out and that made me come back out," Drake says smiling at you. You can just see how grateful he is and it's so overwhelming. Then Drake begins to lean in to kiss you and.... CLIFFHANGER!!! Don't forget to comment if you want more n_n

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