Twilight Love part 5

OK here is part 5 sorry its late but I have tons of math homework and school makes me tired but I'm good on the weekends so most of the quizzes will be out on the weekend

Ok there is someone new later in the quiz but he aint a result & he won't be in long so next time he might be in it more but idk yet so hewre it is have fun

Created by: Tiffany
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  1. You run downstairs followed by all the guys. You race outsideand find Leah lying on the ground badly hurt bleeding
  2. Jake bends down lifts her up & carries her to the couch. You follow & ask"Does she have to stay her?" ~~~~~~~~~ answers"Unfourtnaly"(thats probably spelled wrong) You"Thats great i'm not gonna help her at all ok"
  3. You head upstairs followed by ~~~~~~~~ You go to your room & sit on your bed waiting for ~~~~~~~ Who comes in & gives you a kiss
  4. You too are about to get really heated but one of the other guys call you both downstairs. ~~~~~~~~ puts his shirt back & so do you(for you pervs thats all that was off for now hehehehe) He grabs your hand & leads you down stairs
  5. The other guys do a double take but look away quickly clearly upset
  6. Suddenly you hear Leah let out a painful moan. The guys head over to her. You roll your eyes but follow. She is healing but slowly because of all the wounds & how deep they are
  7. The smell of the dry blood is making you dizzy. You head to the kitchin where ~~~~~~~ folloows you. You sit down & he gives you some asprin
  8. You head back to the others but this time the door falls down and this long headed blond guy walks in
  9. The guys attack him before any1 can say anything. He runs away but the guys don't follow
  10. The guys come back & you look at them & they know you want a explaination so they sit you down & start to explain
  11. Ok thats it the next one will have the explaination & the guys name but if you read the books you already know who it is

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