Another Twisted Twilight Quiz Part 2

okay this is the second part of the series, sorry for the 12 hour wait. if you haven't done the first one yet go do that, this won't make any sense if you didn't do the first one.

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Created by: Vampire Teen
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  1. All except Emmett. You sit on youre bed and he fallows you and sits beside you. You finally ask him " what are your powers?" he replys "i can control the element Earth and the whether." he gives you a slow smile and he leans in to kis you. He kisses you lightly on the lips, then the kissing goes even deeper, until theres a knock on the door. He pulls away and sighs. Stands up, kissing you on the cheek and leaving. After he walks out Seth comes in.
  2. Seth says "______ im going to try to find out what youre powers are, oh and by the way my powers are air and seeing the future." You ask what you have to do. He says " well Just concentrate on one of the elements, comanding it to do what you want it to, do." you first try Air. you close your eyes and concentrate on the element telling it to Push Seth closer to you. (hes standing by the closed door.) he gasps and when you open your eyes he standing right in front of you.
  3. You smile brightly. then Seth says, " okay now try Fire, just don't hurt anyone." you nod and close your eyes and concentrate, comanding it to heat Seth up. you open your eyes and you can see Seth Sweating, you laugh. He looks at you amazed. THen he calls everyone else into your room. They all walk in curious on what h e wants. Seth Then Seth says "________ Can you close the door?" you look confused then, but concentrate on air, comanding it to shut the door. You here the door shut, and you open your eyes. Sam says " okay so her elemental power is air, whats her other power?" but while he was talking you were concentrating on Fire telling it to heat all of them up. then you open your eyes quickly, and hear JAcob Say "Sam knock it off Sam replys"itsnot me." Jacob Says "well your the only one who can control Fire." Seth then says " Jacob thats wherre you go wrong, ________ can control Air and Fire and now i want to see if she can control Water And earth. ___________ concentrate on water telling it to do something."
  4. you nod then concentrate on water telling it to, hit Seth and Sam in the Face. you open your eyes in time to see 2 water balls hit Seth and Sam In the face. Everyone who didn't get hit were laughing at Sam and Seth. You were smiling. Then Seth says "Good one ________." Sam just looks at you in amazment. Then Emmett asks "Can you control Earth?" You shrug and then concentrate on earth telling it to darken a little bit, nothing happens you open your eyes and shake your head. Then Seth says "Well she does the three other elements. Get over it Emmett," Emmett grumbles something , and walks out the room. you hear JAcob asking Sam if he can ever get him wet, Sam says "only if you want to get seriously hurt." Jacob sighs, then you decide to have a little fun instead of closing your eyes you just concentrate on water and Air telling water to make JAcob slip and Air to catch him before he hits his haed. you watch as he steps into the water on the floor and gets inches away from the floor when Air stops him from falling. Every one looks at you, you just smile and shrug. JAcob Stands up asking "who helped her with that?" and everyone but him pointed to you. He looks surprised. They all leave the room except....
  5. Jacob. He walks slowly over to you, and says " ________ my powers are the element Water and mind erading." You say "cool." Then you concentrate on water telling it to splash him. but before you do, you get splashed by water. you look at him, see his grin glares at him and brfore he can say or do anything you concentrate on fire and air to dry yourself off. your about to stand up and walk away when he grabs you and kisses you passionitly on the lips and then pulls away. you look deep into his eyes and....
  6. What are your fav sports? ( its the sports that the guys like.)
  7. What is your fav food? ( again these are the guys.)
  8. Will u do the next quiz?
  9. who are you falling for so far?
  10. shpuld i keep making these?

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