How Well Do You Know Twilight?

Twilight... You either love it or you hate it! Those of you who love it, how much do you love it? How much of a fan are you? If Twilight was a school subject, could you teach it?

Well this quiz is designed to test you on your Twilight knowledge. Some may find they have become a walking, talking, Twilight encylopaedia, while some will be disappointed in realising they're a Twilight novice. Finally, you can FIND the answer to that daunting question: How Well Do You Know Twilight?

Created by: Lynz
  1. Bella is...
  2. Edward is...
  3. How old is Bella when she becomes a vampire?
  4. What analogy did Edward make after Bella asked what he would do if someone dared him to eat?
  5. What happens with Jake and Bella's relationship?
  6. Where did Bella live before she moved to Forks?
  7. Which one of Edward's siblings became a vampire because someone wanted to save them from a vampire attack?
  8. What are the names of the three main members of the Volturi?
  9. What year did Edward die?
  10. What is Bella's vampire power?
  11. Which one of these does not happen during Bella and Edward's honeymoon?
  12. Which one of Jake's werewolf friends imprinted on his sister, Rachel?
  13. Which relationship had been going on the longest?
  14. What kind of animal is Jacob?
  15. How old will Renesmee be when she stops aging?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know Twilight?