Which Twilight charachter are you?

The twilight saga is a great series, but would it be different with you as one of the charachters? find out which twilight charachter you would most likely be!

Which twilight charachter are you? are you caring esme? or hateful rosalie? or sweet little alice? enjoy the quiz and hopefully the answers will be quite accurate. have fun taking this quiz!!!

Created by: Lacey
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  1. Do you have the heart to hurt someone emotionally?
  2. Is you main pesonality nice, caring and motherly?
  3. do you like having material things or does that not matter to you?
  4. would you rather be a vampire or a human?
  5. who would you want for your vampire mate?
  6. If you had to be a vampire and had no choice would you want to be a cullen (vegitarean)?
  7. what is your hair color
  8. if your mate had to die, would you not be able to live?
  9. if you were a new vampire and you didnt know about the cullens diet, would yo try to find an altenative?
  10. (this question will not effect your answer) did you enjoy this quiz?

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Quiz topic: Which Twilight charachter am I?