what naruto charachter are u?

People think that they can be like a naruto charachter however, this quiz shows if you really are or not! Some spoilers are in the answers so if you have not read far then dont be dissapointed!

Are you a naruto fanatic? Do you think you are a certain charachter? Do yuo know about the charachters and think you will be able to guess which charchter you are? Three words NOt. A. Chance. Have you opinion changed when you take this quiz!!

Created by: nyomi
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. Its morning time! time for you to wake up!! what is the first thing you say
  2. Your awake! finnaly! and your going to train with your squad! What do you do?
  3. You get atacked by a novice akatsuki member while walking you:
  4. What do you think about love?
  5. do you wish you were dead?
  6. you realize that your late for something important! you
  7. What book out of theese choices would you most likely read?
  8. Which female charachter of naruto is your favorite
  9. What is most important in your life
  10. What color describes you the most!

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