Are You A #1 Twilight Fan?!

Millions of people worldwide love the Twilight Saga. Some are #1 fans, some aren't and some are in between. Those who think Twilight is messed up...YOU'RE MESSED UP!...Haha just kidding. But seriously, Twilight's awesome.

As I was saying, some are fans, some aren't. But here's the question: Are YOU a #1 Twilight fan?! I bet anyone who are reading New Moon are all, I'm saying ALL, think Twilight is WICKED AWESOME. I mean, then what's the reason for you to even continue reading the Twilight Saga?!

Created by: Janine
  1. What was Edward's eye color before he became a vampire?
  2. In which book did Jacob and Bella kiss?
  3. What does E.J. (Bella's name for the baby if it was a boy) stand for?
  4. What car does Edward drive?
  5. When Bella went dirt biking with Jacob, what accident did she have?
  6. What happened to Emily, Sam Uley's girlfriend's face?
  7. What is Edward and Bella's baby's name?
  8. Who are the members of the Denali Clan?
  9. On the cover of Twilight, what represents the hands holding the apple?
  10. Who turns Jasper into a vampire?

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Quiz topic: Am I A #1 Twilight Fan?!