Twilight Chapters 1,2&3

Twilight is a book that if you haven't read you are definatly missing out. Twilight is a book about two teenagers who fall in love and one turns out not to be so 'human' so to speak. In my opinion Twilight is better than Harry Potter and that takes me alot to say!

This quiz is on the first 3 chapters of the book... enjoy! I will have another quiz out shortly! Please feel free to take the quiiz as many times so you get to know twilight better and you might even like the book better if you just understand it a little bit more! Dont forget to visit my website !

Created by: Amy
  1. Who is the first person Bella meets at Forks High School?
  2. Who's "girl friend" is Emmett's?
  3. When Bella meets Edward what class is it?
  4. When Mike meets Bella, what does she first think about him?
  5. Does Bella like P.E.?
  6. What happened at the end of the day?
  7. Is Edward in Biology the next day?
  8. Is Charlie a good cook?
  9. Does Bella's mom e-mail her at all when she opens up her inbox?
  10. Does Bella think Edward likes him at first when she sees him in the halway after he has been absent?
  11. Is Edward a good student?
  12. What is the last think that Bella was doing before she gets hit by the car?
  13. Who's car hit Bella?

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