How Well Do You Know "Twilight"

There are alot of true Twilight fans out there and this quiz is designed to see if you are actually one of them. Before doing this quiz it is recommended that you brush up on your general "TWILIGHT" knowledge. So get out there and watch it again.

Are YOU a true twilight fan? Do YOU have what it takes to get 100%on this quiz. If you don't do well who cares its just another excuse to watch twilight a few more times.Do your very best and have fun.

Created by: Rebecca
  1. What is Bella's full name?
  2. When does Bella first see Jacob?
  3. What is Bella's fathers name?
  4. Who makes up the Cullen family?
  5. How many bathrooms are in the Swan house?
  6. What food does Charlie eat at the diner every thursday?
  7. What colour are the cullens eyes when they have recently hunted?
  8. Where did Bella live before coming to forks?
  9. Who does Renee marry?
  10. Who was watching Bella and Edward dance at the prom?
  11. What is Edwards skin described as in the sun?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know "Twilight"