Twilight Trivia

There are many people who think they know twilight very well but lets just see about that because honestly some people dont know it as well as they think they do. A twilight trivia will help you know if YOU really know twilight.

Are YOU a twilight freak? are you? do you have the guts to take my quiz? do you know how much of a twilight freak you just really are? well there is only one way to find out take this twilght trivia quiz and in just a few minutes you will find out!

Created by: dani
  1. How long has Edward been a Vampire
  2. When was Edward born?
  3. Why did Esme jump of a cliff?
  4. Why did Edward hate Bella so much when they met?
  5. Why do the Cullens drive fancy cars when they wanna blend in?
  6. What is the Cullens inside joke??
  7. What is the one place the Cullens dont have to hide?
  8. True or False: The Cullens dont sleep
  9. Does Edward collect TONS of music?
  10. Can Bella dance?
  11. What is Bella wearing when she arrives in Forks?
  12. What is Bella's homecoming present?
  13. Does mike like Bella And Edward together? Why?
  14. Why does Bella's Mom and Phil go to JacksonVille?
  15. True or False: Vampires like baseball because its the american past time
  16. Is Alice the pitcher?
  17. What is Carlisle's power?
  18. What is Esme's power?
  19. What is Emmett's power?
  20. What is Rosalie's power?
  21. Who has the wicked curveball?
  22. how do you kill a vampire
  23. -no effect- who's vehicle is the coolest?
  24. when does Bella use her pepper spray her dad gave her?
  25. true or false: Rbert fell off the bed in the make-out scene because he got too passionate with Kristen?

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