The 3 Elements Pt. 1

Here is a little about yourself: Your name is Lucy Love. You have jet black wavy hair that's so dark, it could be purple, and brilliant birght green eyes that possibly glow-in-the-dark. xD Anyways, you just moved to Stone Creek from Missouri. You have both of your parents-who don't pay any attention to you-and a little brother-that'll be mentioned soon but not in this chapter- and no friends what-so-ever. Read on to find out the rest! ♥Cassie

There are three boys; Luke, Jake and Cameron. They are all super-super sweet to you (but as you move on to the next chapters, Jake isn't so nice) but they, unfortunatley AND fortunatley, kidnap you. Read on! ♥Cassie

Created by: StarsAndOceans
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  1. I am Lucy Love. I have jet black wavy hair and bright green eyes. My family is moving my to Malibu, right by the beach, because of the tornado that hit here, in Missouri. I am so not happy about this. Even though I basically a low-life here, I love Missouri. The smell of fresh air, the look of the setting sun. Yeah, I could get that anywhere else, but my town, Brookland Falls, is the most natural city ever, as far as I know. Might as well call it a utopia.
  2. Right now I'm on a plane, missing my hometown. My earplugs to my orange iPod are in, blasting songs by Niki Minaj, Maroon 5, Katy Perry, and Taylor Swift. I look out the window to my left ad see beaches. Beautiul, blue oceans with light brown sand. We're here.
  3. **SKIP TO THE FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL** It's my first day at Stone Creek High and I'm already confused. I have on my earplugs, searching for room 3390. Do they really have 3,390 rooms in this historic school? I can believe it. Someone taps on my shoulder and I turn. Oh. My God. This guy has sun baked blonde hair and deep brown eyes that I just want to melt in. I take out my earplugs. "Who are you?" I ask. He chuckles. "I'm Luke. Luke Henderson. And you must be Lucy...?" He says in a smooth voice. Oh. My. God. "Yeah. I'm Lucy Love," I say. God, my last name is so embarrasing. "Love". Ugh. He grins. "Lucy Love? Thats very... memorable."
  4. "Anyways, which room are you looking for?" Luke asks. I hand him my schedule. "Ah. 3390. Mr. Lennon, English. He is deffinatly a character. Good luck to you, I say. Follow me," He starts walking in the direction I came in and heads up the stairs to find an elevator. I raise my eyebrows. "How big is this school?" I ask him, watching his fingers press the "Level 9" button. My God. "Oh, it's huge. 20 levels. It even has dorms for the kids who don't want to go home," He says. "wow," I say and he nods. The elevator dings and we step off. "Just go all the way down the hall and to the right. He's in the only room down that hall. Again, good luck."
  5. **FAST FOWARD TO LUNCH** After periods 1, 2 and 3, I have lunch, which I find perfectly. It's kind of hard to miss, considering its outside. I get my lunch from the consession stand and sit at the nearest empty table. Two people sit down beside me. I look over and see very un-familiar faces. One guy has black hair and blue eyes. I know he's trouble. The other boy is adorable. He has light brown floppy hair and hazel eyes that are so gentle. "Yes?" I say, wanting to be alone.
  6. "I am Jake Masters. And this is Cameron William. I heard you've met my best buddy, Luke Henderson. Isn't he just so charming? Anyways, whats your name?" The black haired boy says quickly. I roll my eyes. "I'm Lucy Love," I say. Jake laughs. "Nice name," He says. "So, where are you from?" Cameron, the boy with light bron hair, asks me. "Brookland Falls, Missouri." I reply. Cameron widens his eyes. "Oh, I heard that a terrible tornado hit there. Was it really bad?" Cameron asks and I just look at him. "Duh," I say. "Sorry," He mutters.
  7. (There is going to be a lot of fast fowarding-just saying.) **FAST FOWARD TO AFTER SCHOOL** This school day is finally over and I'm walking home. It's kind of dark because I thought that my parents were going to pick me up, but around two hours of waiting, they called and said that no, no they were not coming. So I went to the schools' cafe-THE SCHOOL HAS A CAFE, FOR GODS' SAKE-for a few hours and did homework. The around seven o'clock, I went home. And it's already getting dark. All of a sudden, a black van pulls up beside me and three guys hop out. Great.
  8. I woke up in a ivory green room that matches the bedset I was lying in. I jerked upward and was suddenly really dizy. "What happened?" I muttered to myself, holding my forehead while swaying back and forth. Then I heard voices from right outside the door, but I couldn't make out the words. Who were the people who kidnapped me? And why do they sound so familar? The door creeked open and in came...
  9. Luke, Cameron and Jake. "What the..." I say, kind of dazed. "Heyyy, Lucy," Luke says. "How do you feel?" "Oh. Just fu*king great." I reply sarcasticly. "Well, I guess that's good," Jake says. I give a an icy stare. "What the hell is the matter with all of you? Kidnapping the new girl? Really?" I start yelling, sliding out of the bed and walking towards them. "Lucy, we can explain," Cameron says over me. I laugh bitterly. "Hell yeah, your gonna explain!" I scream. Jake puts his hands on my shoulders and backs me into the bed. If we're gonna explain, you have to calm down. Then you can freak out again," He says.
  10. "Okay, so heres the deal. You have an element," Cameron starts. I look at him. "What, like water?" I ask. He nods. "Except we don't know which element you are. The main three are water, fire and earth." Luke says. "What about wind?" I ask. "Wind comes with all three. It's weird. Basically, you need wind to create all three. But wind with earth is the most strongest," Cameron explains. "So... you guys are telling me that I have an 'element'? Your crazy," I say. "Lucy, we all have elements. Mine is fire," Jake says. "I'm water," Luke says. "And I'm water too," Cameron says. Oh. "Well... wouldn't one of you have to be earth? 'Caue that'd make a lot more sense, just sayin'," I say. "That's the thing. Earth is the most powerful and most rare element out there. With earth, we can defeat the Master," Jake says. "Uh, isn't the Master supposed to be a good person?" Luke laughed. "Nah. He lives in the Underworld with Satan," He explains. "Your kidding? Satans real?" I ask and they all nod. "S*it," I say. Jake looks at the other two. "She is so taking this better than I thought," He says and they nod. "So how do you know which element I have?" I ask them. "We're going to test you," They all say. "How?"

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