Could You Successfully Kidnap Andy Sixx?

This is an inside joke between me and someone on here *coughyouknowwhoyouarecough* so, on with the next paragraph women! Is what I'm guessing you're thinking...

Do you have the power to kidnap the famous, sexy, talented singer of BVB?? Now is the time to find out. Yes, I'm kinda...a um...fangirl...don't judge me!

Created by: firegirl88
  1. First of all, do you even know who Andy is?
  2. If you were to to kidnap him, where would you hide him?
  3. Why do you want to kidnap him?
  4. How would you kidnap him?
  5. How would you act before kidnapping him?
  6. Do you want kidnap him?
  7. Do you have the nerve to?
  8. Would you like to know the secret of kidnapping him?
  9. I don't have it, google it.
  10. Good luck!

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