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  • Dude! I don't need your secret! I already know it.

    Ready when you are. But don't make me listen to screamo. I'm perfectly happy with my alternative and indie playlists.

  • Omg a live andy and yes LONG LIVE THE BVB ARMY lv them all me and my friend ema are mega fans and well put it this way if anyone is going to get him we will >:D I feel and evil laugh comeing on *mu ha ha ha haaaaaaa........... .cough * soz I have asma

  • ...*sits in the alley way and waits for andy to pass by...*you can imagine how the rest of that would go down...with my 5'6" stature against his 6'2" (that right or did he get taller?)

  • I know you know it.
    Hmph. Fine. Let's go kidnap now~! >:D

  • lol i got yes! mehehe >:)


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