Going to Hogwarts with a twist (World Cup) part 21

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Hello my lovelies! So, I guess I kind of left you off with a cliffhanger there last time, didn't I? Well, you get to see what happens now!!!

So, what happens? Do you die? (no) do you get hurt? (Maybe) does someone you know die? (yes) TAKE THE QUIZ AND FIND OUT!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?

Created by: funniebunnie01

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  1. It's just like you saw in your vision not too long ago. Everything is burnt, or on fire, and there's screams. You have your wand in your hand, and you intend not to let go at any cost, but that's when a Death Eater comes towards you.
  2. "Expelliarmus!" you shout at him, but he easily blocks your spell as if it was childs play. He says a spell that you don't hear and that makes a rope around you, and you fall over unbalanced. You try to break out of the ropes but you know it's useless. The Death Eater looms over you, his wand pointed at your face. "Av-" he starts, but the next thing you know a red light goes past you and hits him, knocking him back.
  3. You feel hands working on your ropes and finally they fall free. You see that it was Hermione who untied you, and Cedric and Ron we close behind her. "River! We felt so bad when we noticed that we forgot to wake you up!" Ron says. You stand up. "It's okay," you say. "Where's Harry? Mr. Weasly? Where is everyone?" you ask. "We don't know, we lost them," Cedric says. You sigh and look around. "Come on," you say. "We have to find them." They nod and then you're all running around the camp, trying to see if you can find anyone. "It doesn't make any sense," Hermione says. "Why would Death Eaters come here, and now? You-Know-Who was defeated years ago!" You shrug. "Who knows," you say.
  4. And that's when it comes. There's this huge sign up in the sky, the sign of the Death Eaters. It's like a skull, with snakes coming out of the mouth. And that's when another vision hits you. First, you see a stone, and then flash, it's back to the mark. Then another flash and then there's a green light, and then flash it's back to the mark. You lose your balance and you put your hand to your head. Cedric grabs a hold of you. "Are you okay River?" he asks you. "Yeah, just a head ache," you say.
  5. "Harry!" Hermione shouts, and she takes off running. You look away from the mark and you quickly run after Hermione, Cedric and Ron fallowing you. You stop by Harry. "Are you all right mate?" Ron asks. "Ye-" Harry starts. "EVERYONE DOWN!" Cedric shouts. You don't know when, how, or why, but you got to the ground as soon as he said it. A bright light goes off over your head and you hear yourself and Hermione scream. "Ron," you hear Mr. Weasly say. "Is that you?"
  6. Everyone stands up and they look around to see several men, including Mr. Weasly, and Amos. Cedric goes over to his dad, and Ron does too. "Oh, we were worried sick about you all!" Mr. Weasly says. "Who set off that mark?" Mr. Fudge asks. Everyone turns towards him. "Fudge, they're just kids," Amos says. "They're not Death Eaters!" You look back up at the mark. Flash, a body, but you don't know who it is... You quickly look away before you throw up. "River, are you all right?" Mr. Weasly says. You look at him and you slowly nod, but you sway to the side so that doesn't look too good on your side. "We just need these kids to get back home," Amos says. "Look, they're not Death Eaters, just let the poor kids go home." Hermione grabs onto you to keep you steady and you sort of lean against her. "Let's go kids," Mr. Weasly says. "We'll see you another time then Amos."
  7. You're all walking now (everyone but Amos and Cedric) towards the portkeys to take you all back to the Weaslys. You all get to the portkeys and everyone holds on and few seconds later you're spinning again. When it stops you landed much more easily than you did last time, and the twins make sure that you're okay. Everyone stands up and quickly makes their way back to the house, though it seemed to last much longer than it did the walk up. Hardly anyone talks on the way there, but when you see the Burrow (the name of the Weasly's house if you don't remember) Mrs. Weasly rushes to all of you. She hugs and kisses you all and she rushes you all inside. "Oh, I was so worried for all of you! New's get's around quickly you know," Mrs. Weasly says. "Yes I know Molly, but we're fine," Mr. Weasly says. You don't care to hear the rest of their conversation and you just collapse down onto the couch and close your eyes. "River dear, are you all right?" Mr. Weasly asks. You groan and nod your head, but you don't open your eyes.
  8. "Fred, George," Mrs. Weasly says. "Yes mum?" they say in unison. "Why don't you two help River up into Ginny's room?" Mrs. Weasly says. "Sure thing," they say in unison, but not in their old happy selves. You go and you sit up and you try and stand up but you keep on losing your balance. "Up you go then River," George says, making you sand up, and the twins put their arms around you to keep you steady.
  9. Fred and George help you into Ginny's room and you lay down in the made up bed that you used to sleep in last night. "'night then," the twins say as their mother shoes them out. Mrs. Weasly comes into the room and then gives you a cup of water. "You need to drink it dear," she says. You do as she tells you and you start to drink it. "I can't imagine what it feels like, with you being what you are and all," she says. You then choke on the water and you spit it out all over the floor. "Pardon?" you ask. "Oh dear," she says though a laugh. "Shouldn't have said that while you were drinking, should I?" She cleans the water up with a simple spell. "Y-You know?" you ask. "Oh, your mother was friends with everyone dear!" Mrs. Weasly says. "Well, you better get some sleep then dear." "Wait," you say. "Does your husband know?" you ask. She shakes her head. "Oh no dear, no. If he did, oh, he'd be asking you all sorts of questions!" You smile a little and relax. "Well, goodnight dear," Mrs. Weasly says, leaving the room.
  10. So. Here is the end of part 21! So... what's with these visions? And the dark mark? what makes it trigger these visions? Will you find out in the next quiz? Probably not. But hey, I hope you liked it! I'm ssssoooo excited for this year! (If I haven't already said that a million times already) and I have soo much planned!! Lov ya! KIT.

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