going to Hogwarts with a twist (girls only) part 10

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Hey guys!!! So, here's my tenth quiz and I'd like to say thank you to nonojakson101 for saying that my quizzes are interesting! I hope you see this!

So... would you like to see the aftermath of what happened last night... and just to say... you're going to meet someone that you never thought you'd meet!

Created by: funniebunnie01

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  1. "River..." You hear a soft voice say. "River, it's time to wake up." You slowly open your eyes and you hear some low chatter going on. You sit up straight to see that Hermione woke you up. You also notice that Draco isn't near you anymore, and that he went to sleep near Crabbe and Goyle. "Good, you're awake," she says. "It's time to get up, we're aloud to go now."
  2. You smile. "Good, did they catch him?" you ask. Hermione shakes her head. "No, they didn't," she answered. "That's too bad," you say. So, Hermione and you stand up and stretch your arms and legs and backs. "I'm going to go get dressed," you say. "Okay, I will too," Hermione agrees. You both leave to your common rooms.
  3. You walk down to your dorm where you get dressed in peace. You find yet again, another letter on your bed, which reminds you of the letter you got from them last night. You dress in normal cloths and then pick up the letter and open it.
  4. "Dearest River. I don't have much time, but meet me past Hagrids hut, about a half mile into the Forbidden Forest as soon as you can. Don't tell anyone that you're going. With love." The letter ends. The hand writing was messy, and you can tell that they wrote it in a hurry. You sigh and fold the letter and put it in your pocket.
  5. You grab your wand and stuff it in your pocket, just in case the person you're meeting tries anything funny. You quickly get your shoes on and then you pull on a hoddie. You think that this is good enough and then you head out side. When you make it to the entrance hall you find Hermione, talking with another Gryffindor girl. She see's you and smiles. She says bye to the other girl and then walks over to you. "Hey, should we head to find Harry and Ron?" she asks.
  6. "Uh," you say. "Not right now... I promised I'd meet someone." Hermione smiles. "Oh, who are you meeting?" she asked. "Uh..." You clear your throat and look around. Then you look to your wrist as if checking a watch, even though you don't have one on. "Oh, look at the time, I'm running late," You run off. "Bye Hermione!" Hermione looks at you in shock but then shakes her head and then walks away.
  7. You run across the school grounds as fast as you can, and you quickly and quietly sneak past Hagrids hut and you rush into the forest, with your wand out. You slow down to a walk, just so you wont trip over anything and catch un-wanted attention.
  8. So, when you think that you've walked half a mile you stop at a clearing. Sun get's through the thin foliage and shines down on some grass. You look around, but you don't see anyone in sight. "River?" you hear a voice ask.
  9. "Where are you?" you ask. "If I come out, do you promise not to try and shoot a spell at me?" it's a voice of a man, rough, and raw. "I guess it depends if you try to shoot a spell at me," you answer. "Now? Why would I do that?" he asks. You don't say anything. You hear a stick snap behind you and you turn around and watch the man come out of the forest.
  10. The man is dressed in black... Everyone knows who he is... everyone fears him... everyone knows who he's killed...
  11. ha!! fooled you!!!
  12. Before you, stands Sirius Black. Killer of over 12 people, including Peter Petigrew. He is said to have helped kill Harry's parents... "Hello River," Sirius says. "YOU!" you shout, pointing your wand at him. "You have been talking to me? You're a murderer! You killed Harry's parents!" Sirius puts his hands up. "I'm not who you think I am," he says kindly. "Who are you then?" you ask. "I didn't kill Harry's parents," he says. "What about the other twelve people?" you ask, your wand still pointed at him. "Who's to say you killed my parents? Who's to say you're trying to kill me!" He takes a step forward, and so do you.
  13. "I only killed one of those twelve people, and that's only because HE helped kill Harry's parents, not me," Sirius says. Your stance wavers. At first you had boiling anger rushing though you, and now, you're thinking that you should trust him. "River... he's my godson, I wouldn't hurt him." Shock spreads though you, and you let your arm drop to your side. "But- t-they said you killed-" you start. "They lied," he says simply.
  14. Your knees grown weak and you feel like you're about to collapse. Sirius walks towards you, but keeps his distance of a good two yards. "I knew your mother River... In fact, we used to hang out in this same place on the weekends... along with Harry's father, and a few of my other friends... would you like me to show you? to prove to you that I'm not lying?" You don't say anything, you just nod.
  15. You fallow him towards a tree, and you see names that were long ago carved into the bark. "Morella," (Your mother's name) "Sirius." "James." "Remus." "Peter." There were also other names too. "Why me?" you ask. "Excuse me?" Sirius asks. You turn to him and look him in the eye, and you see his soft expression. "Why me? You said it your self, Harry's your godson, why would you talk to me then?" Sirius sighs. "How do you think he'd take it if I asked him to meet me in the Forbidden Forest by himself, to see that man he thinks helped kill his parents?"
  16. "Oh," you say plainly. Sirius looks away. "But you still talked to me," you say. "I talked to you because I needed to know that you weren't dead, and that you were the River I thought you were... to know that you were real," Sirius answers. "What do you mean?" you ask. "That is not a question for me to answer," Sirius says. "That is a question to ask Rob and Gala, when you're older." He looks at you again and smiles. "You look so much like your mother," he says. YOu smile and shrug. "I suppose I've kept you long enough then," he says. "But you have to promise not to tell ANYONE that you saw me here." You nod. "I promise," you say. He smiles even wider. "Come on, I'll walk you to the edge of the forest," he says. "But, the Dementors won't-" you start, but then, all of a sudden, he turns into a large black dog.
  17. You laugh. "You're an animagi!" you say. He barks and you laugh again. The two of you then walk out of the forest. He stops when you both come to the edge of the forest and he barks at you. "Goodbye," you say. "I'll see you soon." He barks again and then he trots back into the forest. You sigh, turn around, and then make your way slowly back towards Hogwarts. You were going to hang out with Hermione anyways...

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