Time to flirt! Pt.2

It's gonna be fun!!! And don't forget to be on the lookout for pt.3!!! I'll probably make it tomorrow. Until then, good luck flirting!!!

Sure can't wait for tomorrow eh? Who's your favorite guy? I like Jake :D he's so sweet.. And I already have planned for what he's gonna do next XD.

Created by: Birdsong
  1. Here's what happened when we left off at the cliffhanger! Kate had just jumped out of the bush and was headed for Jake!
  2. Kate leaps out of the bush and heads straight to Jake! She knocked him over and suddenly!!!!!! Starts licking his face :3 Jake started laughing and shoved her off. Your dog sure is a people lover huh? You laugh and help Jake up. Sorry about that, you say. Jake shrugs. Soo.. Before he can say anything you wrap your arms around him and squeeze him. You feel his arms go around you to return it. Thank you, you whisper. Anytime. He whispers back. He suddenly tilts his head and kisses you. It wasn't that long, but you can count it as a kiss. You pull away. Jake looks startled. I I'm sorry he says with a Look that you just couldn't resist. You give him another squeeze. That's okay, you say. Welllll, i guess I'll see you tomorrow at school? He nods. Thanks again, you say. And start walking towards home, Kate by your side.
  3. The next day at school you walk into lunch and walk towards the water machine thingy. As your digging change out of your pocket you hear squeaky footsteps behind you and immediately know it's........
  4. Nick grins and winks at you. How's your day going? He asked. Good so far. Thanks for asking. You smile at him. You turn back to the water machine. Hey, um, ________? Yeah? You answer. Do you have any plans for tomorrow? You look curious. No, why? Oh I was just wondering if you wanted to go to a movie with me tomorrow. Your eyes sparkle as you say yes. Ok then, cya tomorrow! He grins again. Kinda like this, :3. The rest of the day goes by quickly, and your happy that tomorrow's Saturday. A couple hours before Nicks dad and him pick you up you take a shower, put some jean shorts and a t-shirt on, and get ready. Finally you hear a horn beep outside and you run down the stairs. You go outside and open his car door. Hello ________ how are you? Nicks dad greets you. Nick also greets you. On the way there Nick pulls out a small (your favorite flower) and hands it to you. You smile and give him a quick kiss. When his dad drops you guys off he said he'll be back in three hours. So what movie do you want to see? Nick asks. I'm fine with....
  5. Whatever you want. Ok, says Nick. How about a romance? Sure, you answer. He buys the tickets and you take his hand as you go into the theatre. A bunch of yapping couples are towards the top so you and Nick sit in the front. The movie starts and its about a girl who falls in love with a guy but then he dies in a battle but a year after she falls in love again. Halfway through the movie your head is leaning on Nicks shoulder and your hand are locked together. In the end, they both end up dying. You feel a tear slide down your cheek and then feel Nick wipe it away.....
  6. You look at him and he smiles at you. You start to lean in to kiss him but suddenly.....
  7. Someone dumps popcorn over the both of you! You turn around looking for who threw the popcorn. You see a kid crying and had popcorn in his lap. You sigh and smile at Nick. The movie ends and you and Nick walk into the... Lobby thing... Anyway Nick looks at his watch and says, we still have about an hour left, what do you want to do? I think I saw a mall right next to the theatre. Sure, you answer. You end up looking at pets in the pet store, which both of you like, for the next half hour. I'll text my dad and tell him to come and pick us up, Nick said. You agree and before uou know it your both in the car and driving back to your house. Nick walks you to your door and hugs you. But you tilt your head and kiss him.
  8. You tell each other goodbye and nothing much else happens over the weekend. When it was Monday again you get pulled out of class by the principal. _______ do you know a kid named Will? She asked. Erm, yes I do, why? Well, he asked you and 2 other kids to meet him at the principals office. You thank her and start fast walking to the principals office while you think, is Will in trouble again? You reach the office and see Will and Jake sitting in some chairs. Your raise an eyebrow and say, did you both get in trouble? But then you see that Will had his head in his hands again. Jake stands up and puts his arm around your shoulder and leads you outside the door. _______, Will just got kicked out of his parents house. He was home late from getting groceries because he was with Dawn, and when he got home his father overeacted and beat him. Then he threw him out of the house. You gasp, didn't his mom do anything to protect him!?! She's to afraid of her husband to even leave, he said shaking his head. Thats why he called us here, he needs a place to stay.
  9. Nick finally arrives at the office, and winks at you. You feel Jake inch closer to you, but Nick doesn't seem to notice. So what's the meeting about? He asked. You went back into the office while Jake explained the situation to Nick. You sit down next to Will and slip your hand into his. Will, you say, your going to have to look at me. He raises head slowly and your eyes yet again lock with his brilliant green ones. It's going to be ok, you said. You stand up and lift him to his feet, then you hug him. Since you met him while he was dating Dawn, you never got a chance to hug him. And he had surprisingly strong muscles when he hugged you back. Nick decided he would let Will stay at his house until Will could find a better place.
  10. When you got home that day you got a call from Jake, asking you to meet him in the park. Hmm what should you wear?
  11. You put on (the outfit you chose) and asked your mom to take you to the park. When you got there you saw Jake standing near the fountain. You thanked your mom for the ride and got out. You walked to were Jake stood. He smiled and took your hand. Prepare to see something you'll never forget he whispered..... CLIFFHANGER!!! Srry. I'll probably make the next one tomorrow.
  12. Comment and rate? :D (crosses fingers)

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