P.S. I Love You {Pt 4}

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Hello readers! This is IcyDesignns here. Okay, so, I have made a huge decision.....this is going to be the last P.S. I Love You part. The decision was tough because

I really enjoyed writing this story and I know you guys liked it. But I have been really busy lately and I am also working on another story I'd like to put on GoToQuiz.Com

Created by: IcyDesignns

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  1. (Hello reader, Icy here again. So, the character contest was tough, loads of decisions to choose from. Congratulations for the two who made it! RECAP: Daisy is having a sleep over at Allie's house and their in bed together when Allie asks who Daisy's date to prom was.)
  2. "....Jackson," Daisy replies. "Jackson! You mean, the hottest guy in school, Jackson?" I ask. "Um, yeah. Are you mad? I know you've always had the hots for him." "Oh no, I have Zane now." "Oh, right." "Well, we better get to sleep. We have a big day tomorrow," "Wait- Hailey, who's your date for prom?" Hailey sits up and says, "Alex," "Alex?" I laugh. "Yes, Alex." "Isn't he like...emo?" Asks Daisy. "I guess...." Hailey sighs. I groan and pass out, drowning in my own droul.
  3. The next night is the night of the prom. I can't wait, we're getting our make-up and hair done and putting on our dresses, we look beautiful. A few minutes later Zane comes to pick me up in his car. "You look....like Cinderella," said Zane. We're standing in the center of the dance floor, a silver ball hanging over us, couples dancing together. I trip over my foot and smile, "Sorry, I can't really dance." "Oh no, your an amazing dancer." "You too." "Thanks." "Anytime."
  4. I stare at his chocolate brown eyes sparkling in the lights, so flawless anyone could fall into, "This-us...reminds me of another Cinderella story," He murmurs. I smile. I lean over to kiss him when I get a phone call, I reach over to get my cell phone that was clipped to my high heel. "Excuse me," I say, answering the call. He smiles, "Ok," He whispers. "Hello?" I say, "Are you kidding?" I say, "Oh- yeah, yeah I'll be there. Ok, yeah, ok, bye," I hangup the phone. "I'm sorry I-I gotta go," I say to Zane. "Wait, what's going on?" I stare at the ground. "I-It's Hailey...Can you just drive me?" "Yeah, yeah hurry!" We rush out to his car and drive off.
  5. "Turn right there," I say. I run out of the car and into the hospital. "Aaliayah Edwards, I'm here to see Hailey Edwards," "Yes, of course, room 124," Says the girl behind the desk. I walk fastly up the stairs, I can hear Zane at the desk, "Uhh, I'm with her..." He said. I open up the door. "Hailey? I got Daisy's call, are you ok?" I ask, she didn't answer. "She's asleep," My mom said. "Where's Daisy?" I ask. "In the cafeteria," "Oh," Zane opens up the door, "Oh, sorry sir, only two people can come in at a time," Said the doctor. "Oh ok," He slowly closed the door and sat outside in the hall.
  6. "What happend?" I ask. "Her boyfriend was drunk driving, they hit a truck." Replied mom. "Will they be ok?" Mom sighed, "Alex died, but Hailey should be alright. And his car, well, it's completely demolished." "Oh..."
  7. I hear this beeping noise, I'm not sure what it is because I'm not into all that doctoring stuff. "Oh no," Said the doctor. I started crying, "Hailey? Hailey!" I ran towards her crying, "Hailey!" "Allie, get out!" Mom yelled, pushing me out the door, "Hailey! No, Hailey!" She closed the door and I banged on it. "HAILEY!!!!" "Allie, Allie stop!" He stood up from his chair and came to me and wrapped his arms around me. "H-Hailey!" I screamed, my face was turning red. "Hailey," "Shhhhh...shhhhh..." "N-No, Hailey..." "It's ok..."
  8. "I'm sorry we missed prom.." I whisper, still in his arms. "No, no. I'd rather be here for your sister then anywhere else," I smile as he says that. Daisy walks up the stairs, "Is she-" "I don't know." Mom walks out of the room. She starts crying, "I-I" She cries more. We all hug each other. "May she be in the great hands of god..." Whispers Zane. "May god turn her into an angel..." Said Daisy. "A'men..." Whispers mom. I just smile. "I love you guys..." I say.
  9. A few days later and I haven't heard from Zane, but I just got a letter in the mail. I sit on the couch and read it: Dear Aaliayah, Or should I call you Allie? I guess it doesn't matter, both are beautiful. I know times been tough lately, but Hailey will always be in your heart-like you'll always be in mine. My dad called me up the night of your sisters, you know....death. He wanted me to go on a business trip with him, so don't miss me, I'll be back soon. When I get back, how about we go for some ice cream? Write back soon... Much love, Zane. P.S. I Love You
  10. (Ok, so I've decided that this will be the last part to the story. Yes, sadly. So I hope you guys liked this series and ummmm *sniff* I guess this is it...bye...)

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