Does he (or she) like you?

There are many people falling in love or thinking that they are falling in love. Sometimes, you love someone who really doesn't love you. Sometimes, you don't like someone who really loves you.

There are so many possibilities as to who loves you or doesn't love you. Do you think that you have a true love? Take this quiz to find out if he really likes you or doesn't like you!

Created by: Coolie33

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  1. Does he laugh at your jokes?
  2. Does he touch you in anyway?
  3. Has he ever asked to be your partner?
  4. Does he ever play with you?
  5. Does he ever sit by you during lunch?
  6. Does he help you with your school work?
  7. Does he ever ask you to come over to his house?
  8. Has he ever invited you to a picnic?
  9. Has he ever asked you over for dinner?
  10. Does he ever ask you to go swimming?

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