Does He Like You?

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Love is a crazy thing! You can end falling in love or having you heart broken. But the most complex thing about love for girls is GUYS. I mean they are hard to read but this quiz can pick out there dropped hints!

So does he like YOU? Your here cause you just don't know! Maybe he does....or he doesn't. Either way be happy. So just take this quiz and in a few minutes you will know if he is head over heels for you!

Created by: Sierra
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. How often do you guys talk?
  2. Does he ever play hurt you in any way?
  3. Does his friends ever make fun of him when you are around?
  4. Does he notice when you get some new clothes.
  5. Does he blush when talking to you.
  6. Has he ever tried to make you laugh?
  7. He says ____ when you guys see each other first thing.
  8. Does he laugh at your corny jokes?
  9. Does he ever try to impress you?
  10. Does he act different around other girls?

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