Does your crush love you?

If there is a guy at school or work you absolutly adore how can he tell. Do you give hints often enough to show that you love him? But the tricky thing is how can you tell that he really likes you too!!!!!

So until now you could wonder over thing question. But now you can answer it in only a few minutes through this great quiz. To find out if he is the man for you!

Created by: Lucy

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  1. Does your crush ...
  2. After you come back from being ill to school or work does he?
  3. When you go to him does he?
  4. When you injure yourself does he?
  5. You ask him to help you with a maths problem does he?
  6. Hes see you crying does he?
  7. You are getting bullied doe he?
  8. Does he touch you?
  9. Are you and him into the same type of thing?
  10. How much do YOU think he loves you?

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Quiz topic: Does my crush love you?