Hogwarts: A Love Story

This is a Hogwarts Love Story inspired by Natuhleegayle's quizzes. This is a work-in-progress. I love writing and I would love if you took this quiz and gave it feedback. Thank you! -Dorksdontlie

If you like these quizzes please comment and rate. Leave suggestions on what I can write and what will happen next in the love stories. I might even do a Percy Jackson series. So please do, and web if no body really likes these, I'll keep making them. So, thanks for viewing and taking this quiz! :)

Created by: dorksdontlie
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  1. Toot toot, toot, toot! The Hogwarts Express started its engine. You stare out the window, summer break felt like it would never end! Hogwarts is your only true home, and you have no idea what will happen after your seventh year! How do you feel?
  2. While you were day dreaming about what might happen, you didn't notice Draco Malfoy come in the train car. He stands like he was waiting for an invite, weird. "Well," you say, "Aren't you going to sit?" He, silently, sits down. What is up with this boy?! Is he shy? He didn't have a problem the last two years being Draco. Oh, well. As long a he isn't bothering you. You continue to stare out the window and braid your hair. You look at Draco. He stares out the window also, then stands. The trolley! You buy a chocolate frog and when you open it, you see your card, Dumbledore. The frog is no where to be seen, though. Well that stinks. You smile, story of my life.
  3. You must have been looking at Draco because he says, "Why so happy suddenly, ______?" You don't answer, why do you have to share a car with Malfoy?! You check your watch its nearly time to arrive at Hogwarts, well at least an hour and a half... Your watch suddenly freezes, weird. You tap the glass and look up ; the whole car is like a giant ice cube. You imagine the car being dropped in some pumpkin juice. You need to get yourself together, its oblivious you can't concentrate... You snap back into the real world, leaving Lala Land behind. By the looks of it Draco passed out, finally something he can do perfectly! But all you are is cold, freezing cold, like all the happiness has been drained from your body. Opening the car door; there has to be a warm vent, blanket, or something to keep you semi-warm. You weren't paying attention, shocker, and ran into a cloaked, hooded, scaly figure and nearly fainted. As it opens its mouth, a man comes from behind and pulls out his wand. Then, a spell spills out of it and the figure is repelled. You collapse and the man helps you up and says, "Face to face with a dementor, you're very lucky that I woke up when I did." Confused you ask, "What do you mean, who are you, and how could you sleep when the whole express froze over?" He chuckled and replied, "I am Professor R.J. Lupin, the new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher. And a dementor is a soul-sucking creature. They suck all the happiness from a person, also. They are supposed to be guarding the Azkaban prison." "Is that because of the prisoner, Sirius Black's, breakout. Were they, perhaps, searching?" "You are a very clever girl Miss...?" "______," you reply. Not responding he gives you a piece of chocolate and when you're hesitant to take, he nods towards it. "Now I've got to get to Harry and his friends, I don't think he handled the dementors very well." Grabbing it, you hope its just regular chocolate.
  4. You head to the bathrooms and change. And break the chocolate in two and walk to the car. Malfoy looks pale and is clutching his stomach. In your mind you're laughing but you put a serious look on your face. "Here," you say. He looks at you and takes it but doesn't eat it. "Oh goodness, Malfoy! Its not poison, just eat it! It will make you feel better. See, look." Popping it into your mouth you suddenly don't feel so sad. Who knew sugar could save lives? Your robes feel more comfortable than jeans and long sleeved shirt. You look at Draco, he is still wearing his rich-boy clothes. "You should change." "Will you leave?" he replies. "If you stop being a baby and be the normal annoying Draco." He smirks, "Do you like the 'normal Draco?'" "You forgot annoying," You smile a little and leave him to his changing. While you wait, you play with your socks.
  5. Its been about five minutes since you left. Taking a deep breath (half expecting a nude Draco) you walk through the compartment door. Malfoy is tying his shoes. "It really takes you five minutes to get ready? I'm a girl and it takes me half the time!" I smirk because girls are known for 'spending hours on their looks'. The train suddenly comes to a stop and Draco's face is right in front of yours. You step back and find your bottom connecting with the seats with a slap. "Was that intentional, Malfoy?" You ask, and his normally pale face flares pink with embarrassment. A jolting shake of his head then his normal colour comes back to his face. He retorts smirking, "Maybe it was maybe it wasn't. See you later _________." Then he left
  6. Heart fluttering, you walk out the compartment, colliding with Harry, Ron, and Hermione. Slurring your words you apologize and help them up. You hug Hermione and say, "Amazing what a summer can do to you! You look so nice today!" She punches your arm and rolls her eyes, "You don't look too bad yourself, ______." Flipping your hair you say, "I have that effect on people." You two laugh together and you glance at the boys who were just watching awkwardly. Oh, Lupin said Harry didn't do so well... "Harry, are you... Okay? Like after the dementors came...?" "Yeah, if you call fainting 'okay'." "Oh my gosh." You awkwardly laugh, "Malfoy fainted as well. He almost lost his lunch too." You check your watch, "We better get going, Filtch will not be happy if we are late..." You four rush to the carriages just as there are only three left. On the ride up, you all are silent and enjoying the ride.
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