Hogwarts love story

I love Harry Potter and have wrote a few fan fictions ( that will be posted on Wattpad soon.)but i never though about a quiz until i found calypso and natuhleeg. They inspired me and my writing so please read on!

Will you get the Hogwarts boy of your dreams or will this quiz make you realize who you really love? I hope you enjoy the quiz and get the right result if not oh well.

Created by: lostinlove13
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  1. It's the beginning of your third year in Hogwarts and I'm afraid to say your a sorry sight. A smart ans shy girl you have no friends and end up sitting alone , a lot. Will this year change that?
  2. Our story begins in Diagon alley. You look at your shopping list and find that you have bought everything you need, but still have an hour to go before the train, you?
  3. No matter what you picked you got to Quality Quidditch supplies. As your looking at the latest brooms someone bumps into you and knocks you over-face first on the floor!
  4. "Hey are you ok?" You look up to find yourself staring ta a handsome seventh year.
  5. He puts out his hand and pulls you up. "I'm Oliver Wood Gryffindor house and captain of the gryffindor quidditch team.
  6. "Can I walk you to the train?" He asks in that wonderful Scottish accent.
  7. You and Oliver talk and talk but then you reach the train and part ways.But, the only cabin with space was with Harry Potter and friends. Who will you sit by?
  8. The sweet trolley rolls by and you go to see when suddenly the train goes dark and all happiness is slipped away. Yo feel ill and fall.
  9. You wake up in your cabin surrounded by seven people: Ginny, Hermione, Oliver,Ron, Harry,Neville,Fred and George.
  10. You watch out of the window as the grand Hogwarts comes into view.This was going to be an interesting year!!
  11. I hoped you liked my quiz. I was inspired by natuhlgee and her Amazing quizzes, So I made one. If you liked this please comment and rate!Thank you for taking this quiz!!!

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