Hogwarts love story part three

I love Harry Potter and have wrote a few fan fictions ( that will be posted on Wattpad soon.)but i never though about a quiz until i found calypso and natuhleeg. They inspired me and my writing so please read on

Will you get the Hogwarts boy of your dreams or will this quiz make you realize who you really love? I hope you enjoy the quiz and get the right result if not oh well.

Created by: lostinlove13
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  1. "_____ are you ok?" A friendly voice asks you, you look up and see Harry."Hi Harry, sorry I just had a fight with Ron after I saved his backside."Harry nods for you to carry on,"Draco was going to hurt Ron so I protected him. He is then going on about being a coward."You start to cry harder so Harry just rocks you and holds you tight.
  2. " I know how you feel." Harry says quietly."Cho just had a go at me because I helped pick up her books,oh no people will think where dating."You hug Harry tighter which brings a smile to his lips,making you grin back.
  3. You sit there with Harry for a while but soon get cramp in your legs." I better go."Harry takes your hand and pulls you up. Your so close that his peppermint breath outweighs any other smells.Slowly he leans forward and presses his lips against yours, gently.His kiss take you by surprise and you just stand there in shock.
  4. Fast forwarding to the next day. first lesson potions ans Snape has sat you next to Draco Malfoy. "Please Sir anywhere but there,please." Proffesor Snape looks at you with a gleam in his eye. " I apologize Miss.____ but Draco would be a good help to you in class and I'm afraid that's where your sitting or it's detention."
  5. " Hey ____ you ok?"Draco asks with a snide grin."Drop the small talk I was made to sit here.I don't want to and to be honest your poisoned mind is just killing me."
  6. " Look about last night with Ron,I am not sorry that mudblood scum should be wiped of the face of the earth.But I did like the fire I saw in your eyes." you pull back your hand and slap Draco, hard. "None of my friends are mudbloods.Where not like you Draco!"
  7. "Miss____ head masters office now and twenty points of gryffindor."Snape screeches."Ok sir,I'll do that but I will explain what malfoy said.Because he deserves a fate worse then death." Just as your walking out with Snape Draco says.I will get you back_____ you just wait and see, wait and see."
  8. You glide along the corridors in silence with Snape.Hoping your not going to get expelled or suspended,wishing even."Sherbet lemons."Snape says,must be a password,and the door swings open.
  9. So that's the end of part three.Hope you enjoyed it.I know I did that slap and that kiss.So eventful. Favorite part?
  10. Please Rate or comment.Even it's an idea or a result I like feedback.

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